Hey everyone!!

Welcome to another installment chronicling our ridiculously long Walt Disney World trip in the summer of 2020.

And this one is another uniquely no-park post. In this one, we spend some time hanging at the resort, exploring the pool areas, and end the night at Disney Springs.

I feel like no-park days are the hardest for non-Disney people to understand. I have had people ask me, “wait, if you don’t go to the parks what is it you do at Walt Disney World?”

But this is obviously a stupid question and you should be ashamed of yourself for asking it.

There is so much to do at the Walt Disney World resort outside of the parks. Plus, on a 16-day trip, you kind of need these days to recover and relax.

So look – just read the post and devote your time to asking more important questions.

Like when the heck does the McRib come back?

Which is a great question.

November 1st. It comes back November 1st.

The most wonderful time of the year, indeed.

Day 12 –  Our no-park/resort/Disney Springs Day!

So even though I was waking up with Nickie, the boys, AND Liam in Walt Disney World, Day 12 didn’t start out all that great for me.

On account of I was having a bad case of the tummy crummies.

Nothing to be concerned about of course. I mean, it’s a normal part of any extended Disney World vacation. All the food and drink and not sleeping and exhausting your body eventually catches up. It’s like you overdose on happy.

Yeah, like that.

So Day 12 was my day.

If there were any day to feel meh on this trip, this was the day at least. Since this was supposed to be the day Liam was coming in originally before we moved to Day 11 due to Elsa, we didn’t have much planned today. No park plans, a late breakfast, just sort of hanging out for the most part.

My plan, therefore, was to skip breakfast in favor of staying in bed a little longer. Which, yeah, normally would not be something I would take in such stride. I mean, skipping breakfast goes against everything I stand for. But today? Everyone was actually going to breakfast at Topolino’s at the Riviera Resort. Which was a location we had already visited this trip, for breakfast and for dinner.

So it was Nickie and the three boys for breakfast today while I hung back at the room. I am gonna try my best to use photographic evidence to recreate what their experience was.

They were out the door at around 9:45AM. And apparently, Myles and Liam were happy.

Both outside.

AND inside.

And as you can see, they were both wearing Mickey ears. But these weren’t any old run-of-the-mill for-the-people Mickey ears. These Mickey ears also said Class of 2022 on the back. On account of Nickie wanted to get a picture of Liam and Myles at Disney wearing them and looking down Main Street as they were going into their Senior Year.

Also though? That picture never happened.

Best laid plans, right?

Back to interpreting the experience from the photos available to me.

In this photo, Myles, Owen, and Liam appear to (I assume) be going over their intricate plan to rob a casino in Las Vegas.

Again, I wasn’t there. But it kind of just seems that way to me.

And it looks like they got to a good place.

I mean, they may have also just been hanging out on the balcony at Topolino’s. But we really can’t be sure based on this photographic evidence. I guess it will just remain one of those “life’s mysteries” kind of things.

Like Stonehenge.

Or why the Griswolds don’t ever notice their kids are completely different people in every movie.

While the food is obviously a big draw at a Topolino’s breakfast, the characters are a big part of the experience as well. In fact, I would say the characters are…


Oof, that was a close one. You see, I said “duck” because there was a duck but also people yell “duck” when something is suddenly coming at them. So it was a doub…


Hrm, yeah. That didn’t work as well.

But Mickey and Donald, you guys. Awesome.

And I have said it before, but I feel like these are some of the best character outfits in all of Walt Disney World. Like Donald up there as a sculptor and Mickey as a painter.

And look at Minnie in her pretty poet’s dress.

Later in the meal, Daisy also visited the table in her ballerina outfit.

She even taught the boys some sick moves.

They’re super cute. But more than that? I am just happy they’ve all finally gotten jobs.

On with the food!

Now, Nickie did not take pictures of it this time around, but I am positive they did still get their pastry basket brought to the table. Nickie is simply just not as talented annoying as me when it comes to taking pictures of her food.

Anyways though – here is a picture of our basket from the other day for reference.

I totally just copy-and-pastry’ed that.


Yeah. Sorry.

On to the meals!

For their mains, Myles and Liam split an order of the Spiced Sausage Hash (with Poached Hen Egg, English Muffin, Potatoes, Pearl Onions, Choron Sauce, Fines Herbes.)

Which I mean. I think they liked. I am pretty sure they said that on Day 12. I’d ask Myles right now but getting him out of his room would be a challenge. It’s just not worth it, guys. I think they also both ordered a side of Sour Cream Waffles (with Roasted Apple, Chantilly, and Orange-Maple Syrup) since I see them in some of the pictures above. 

Owen ordered (again!) the Wood-Fired Butcher’s Steak with a side of scrambled eggs.

Nickie also got the steak with a side of what looks like some kind of omelet.

Looks like a good breakfast was had by all. Though I wasn’t there. So I’m sure it wasn’t “great.” Just, well. I mean, you get it.

Everyone was back at the room by around 11:30 and I was feeling MUCH better. Which worked out because they brought me home some leftovers. Including steak, you guys.

I know. I am pretty lucky.

Sooooo we all got our bathing suits on and went over to the pool. The big pool, guys.

And being that I was feeling better and it was just after noon, Nickie and I got some drinks at Leaping Horse Libations

Right back on that horse, you guys.

We wanted to continue to get their specialty cocktails so we got a Tilt-A-Whirl (Absolut Citron Vodka, Chambord and Minute Maid® Premium Lemonade) and another Roller Coaster Meltdown (Parrot Bay Coconut Rum and Plantation Original Dark Rum blended with flavors of Coconut and Pineapple.)

Both were good, but the winner continued to be the Roller Coaster Meltdown. Tropical AF.

The Tilt-A-Whirl, btw? LOTS o’ vodka in that one.

Nickie and I spent a little time in the hot tub while the boys went swimming, as you can see from this “I took it from the bushes, but I am not a stalker” angled picture I took of them.

Oh and we took this chance to introduce Liam to one of life’s simplest pleasures – the Mickey Bar.

We also took this chance to re-introduce ourselves to one of life’s simplest pleasures.

Yeah, at this point I was like, “screw you, tummyache.”

We had some waterslide races. Which I believe I won but Myles was not the most trustworthy timekeeper.

And to rest their competition-tired muscles, the boys also gave the hot tub a spin and I obviously went back to my stalker-bush to snap a pic.

Today was a resort day for sure. So after we left the big pool, we walked over to the quiet pool.

To play some…pool.

It was Liam and Myles vs. Owen and me.

And if I recall, it was a pretty close game coming down to the very end, with us both going after the 8-ball.

But I think Owen and I ended up victorious due to the other team scratching. I mean, I think that’s what happened. Look guys – this trip was months ago and I neglected to mention the pool game in my diary. Cut me some slack.

Oh. We also brought some snacks.

I remember REALLY enjoying those barbecue chips that day. I dunno. Sometimes barbecue chips just hit right.

But yeah, we spent some time hanging out at the quiet pool – swimming, eating barbecue potato chips, having a good time. Like, all in all, from the big pool to the quiet pool, we spent a total of 4 hours or so just hanging out.

It was a good time.

But eventually, we had to get back to the room to get ready for the night.

Which, for Liam and Myles, apparently meant washing their feet only.  

Hey, at least it’s something. You take what you can get.

After everyone was ready and feet were washed, it was off to Disney Springs!

The plan tonight was to meet up with Kayce, Bella, and Lani for our reservations at Splitsville for some dinner and bowling. Super fun, right?

We arrived in Disney Springs at around 5:30PM and Liam was awesomely still sporting his “Class of 2022” Mickey ears.

Liam is quite a sport, man. I don’t care what anybody else says. So just stop you guys. Stop saying Liam isn’t a good sport.

We were at Splitsville within 10 minutes and got in line to check in for our reservation. Even though our reservation was for later that night, we wanted to make sure everything was all sett.

It wasn’t. All set that is.

But when we got up to the hostess station, she told us that we had made a food-only reservation, so bowling wasn’t covered.

And while usually this wouldn’t be the biggest deal, tonight a big chunk of the lanes were booked for an event so we couldn’t book anything.


Oh Splitsville. How you mock.

The squad didn’t want to eat there if we couldn’t bowl so we decided to cancel our reservation and try our luck elsewhere.

Famous last words, huh?

There wasn’t much available on the MyDisneyExperience in terms of available reservations but we figured we would walk around and see if we could get a table somewhere. But first? I needed some walking-around fuel. So I stopped in at the YeSake Kiosk for a Kirin Frozen Draft Beer.

I mean, the whole beer isn’t frozen. Just the head. But still. Good stuff.

Wait. Frozen head? This beer is obvs squad Disney-themed.

You know.

Because of the whole “Walt Disney had his head frozen” situation thing.

I know.

This just got dark.

We checked in at a couple places nearby. No one seemed that interested in going to House of Blues. City Works had no times available. And Planet Hollywood didn’t take reservations but said we could come back later to try a walk-up.

Our options were limited for sure.

But we’ll figure something out, right?


In the meantime, well. I mean. No big deal.

But sort of kind of a LIFE CHANGING EVENT OCCURRED. But well….we will get to that in a minute.

First off, we told Kayce, Bella, and Lani we would meet them over near the main stage. And since it was, like, right there, we got some Wetzel’s Pretzels.

As you can see, we grabbed some seats by the stage and while the boys were scarfing down pretzel bites…well…magic? It started happening up on stage.

Up there on that stage? That there is Drey-C and he sings songs.

Sorry. Did I say he sings songs? I meant he owns songs.

Soon enough, Kayce, Bella, and Lani met up with us and sat down to enjoy the show.

Drey-C rocked out up there.

And we were 100% there for it.

I mean, yeah – I suppose a rando music act in Disney Springs may not seem all that life-changing to you but Drey-C hit us just right that night. We all sang along, danced in our seats, clapped along. I don’t know man. It was all kinds of awesome.

And he’s become a big part of our relationship with Kayce and the girls. In fact, Bella and Lani made us all Friendship bracelets Drey-c-lets over the summer. Check this bit of incredible out.

Yeah, we take our fandoms seriously. And yes I am waring that while I write this.

Eventually and unfortunately, Drey-C had to leave the stage (boo!) but no worries  – we will get to see more of him soon (yay! Drey!)

But eh, the next show wasn’t for another 20 minutes or so.

So we decided to duck into the World of Disney for a little bit.

We walked around a lil, checked out some of the new merch, had a good time just sort of…


Yep, back to the stage. But this time, as you can see above, we kind of hung back in the Standing Room Only section.

Which worked out, since it gave us the room we needed to, you know, get jiggy with it.

Yeah, we were kind of KILLING IT.

And I was kind of BALDING IT.

Seriously though. Seeing yourself from the back? It only gets worse as you get older.

Remember that, kids.

But bald, schmald. We were obvs loving us some Drey-C.

But, you know the old saying – man cannot live on hard rockin’ tunes alone. So yeah, dinner was becoming a necessity.

We had a choice to make here. Do we head back to Planet Hollywood? House of Blues? Somewhere else? More Wetzel’s Pretzels?

We put a vote out to the group and finally landed on a place to dine.




We decided on T-Rex is what I am saying to you now.

A few trips back, the four of us had been faced with a similar dining decision and no reservations at Disney Springs and T-Rex ended up being able to seat us on a walk-up within like 20 minutes. So eh, we figured why not try again?

Will it work again?

No. No, it won’t.

Spoiler alert.

We arrived at around 8:15 and put our name in for a table. And decided to just hang by the entrance until we were called.

Well, some of us just kind of hung around. Others? Eh. They went digging around for something else to do.

As you can see, they did end up unearthing some kind of creature. It’s a…oh wait. It’s just Owen.

At around 8:40 (yep, it had been 25 minutes at this point…things weren’t working out as we had expected), it started raining. And I was the hero of the day because I opened up the umbrella outside. You’re welcome, SOCIETY.

Also, apparently, at some point according to the picture below Owen watched the videotape from The Ring.

7 days, Owen. 7 days.

We ended up being seated at around 9:15ish. So yeah, like an hour. I suppose that’s not too bad given this is Walt Disney World and given that we didn’t have a reservation.

Let’s. Get. Prehistoric.

The inside of T-Rex still gets me. I mean, dinosaurs are cool you guys. Don’t try to pretend they’re not.

Oh what? You’re too cool for dinosaurs now? Because you’re an adult or whatever?

Guys – Indiana Jones was an archaeologist. So I mean.

Also, it’s scientifically impossible to see a Wooly Mammoth and not imagine he sounds like Ray Romano.


We were seated over near the back (good call, T-Rex).

And this was the view from our table.

Prettay Prettay Pretty good.

To start, I ordered a Bud Light. Which like…looks insanely refreshing in this picture.

Oh also – all the kids ordered Dr. Peppers. Well, that’s not entirely true. The plan was to all order Dr. Peppers. It went like this…

Waiter: What would you guys like to drink?

Bella: Dr. Pepper

Lani: Dr. Pepper

Myles: Dr. Pepper

Owen: Dr. Pepper

Liam (turning red, starting to sweat): Oh. Um. Well. Hrm. Uhhhhhhh.  Eh. Um. Uh LEMONADE.

Yeah, he froze. A classic case of drink paralysis.

And hey – a quick apology. I did a really bad job of taking food pictures tonight. I only got my meal – which was a Bronto Burger (pretty much just a standard cheeseburger) and Fries.

And Owen’s meal – Mini Corn Dogs and Fries.

I don’t know what was wrong with me. But I can assure you it wasn’t the fact that I was so scared of the dinosaurs and periodic indoor meteor showers that I forgot to take my normal amount of dinner pictures.

No no. It definitely wasn’t that.

Nickie, thankfully, did manage a video though.

Being that it was Liam’s birthday tomorrow, we of course told the waitstaff to embarrass him as much as possible.

They obliged.

But don’t think that’s the only dessert situation we found ourselves in that night.

Did you?

Did you think that?

Heh. Idiot.

There was a big push to head to Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Ice Cream Shop for some ice cream. And well.

We obliged.

And I took the opportunity to continue to spread word of Liam’s impending birthday in the foggy Ghirardelli glass.

Shout it from the rooftops, you guys.

So even more shocking than me not taking food pictures? I didn’t even end up getting ice cream on Day 12. I don’t know what was going on with me. I must have still been feeling the effects of those tummy crummies maybe from that morning.

Who knows?

But these guys definitely got some ice cream.

And while I didn’t have any ice cream myself, I did love watching these guys at their table. They were all laughing and talking about their lives and having so much fun. I dunno. It felt like a pretty awesome end to the day. I felt really lucky in that moment. Even without ice cream.

But eventually, Day 12 had to come to an end. We said our goodbyes to Kayce, Bella, and Lani (but don’t worry – you guys will be seeing a lot more of them) and we headed back to the car.

We were back at the room at around 11:30 and we all fell asleep pretty fast. We were either exhausted or excited to get to Day 13.

Or maybe a little bit of both?

Last post – Day 11
Next post – Day 13

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