Aw yeah disney crazy up in here …Disneyland today. This is REAL time Disney. California Adventure was just an appetizer folks. This right here be Disney. And I apologize in advance for all the WDW/DL comparisons but I can’t help myself. It’s hard to not compare this place to our home park. So we woke […]

Ok brace yourselves. First actual Disney post. I know. Much excitement. We woke up this morning at like 6AM. And for breakfast we had the muffins I got last night at Mimi’s. They were delicious  The coffee though. We brought our own french vanilla creamers and coffee pods to use in the room. However, the […]

Today we woke ip in California! And it’s kind of a cool feeling knowing we will be waking up in the same place for the next few days. We haven’t experienced that in a while. Not that we won’t miss the old family truckster but it’s all of a sudden super relaxing up in here. […]

Miles driven -3766.5 Hello hangover. Whoosh Vegas did s number on us. Nickie and I woke up not feeling…great…today. And we pretty much just drove today for the first half. So like a five hour drive. Hungover. Awesome. We packed up and hit the road at around 7:30. After a quick stop for gas and […]

Miles driven – 3416 So this morning I did wake up with Nickie to see the sunrise. I swear I did but the kids did not want to make it down. They wuz sleepy. So I stayed in the room with them and fell back asleep while Nickie ernt off and saw the sunset. I’m […]

Miles driven – 3167 Wow today was a big day. One might even call it.. … Grand.  Get it? Eh you will. Anyways, we started the day today in Albuquerque. The alarm went off at 5:45. I know. Early but we haz’d a ton o stuff to see. So. Lessgo. Since we had so much […]

Miles driven – 2800 So today was another long driving day but we did still manage to squeeze in a ton o fun. You know. Like we do. A bit of a disclaimer though. While yesterday was a day where we didn’t care about time, today we really wanted to leave some room to explore […]

Miles driven – 2200 Whoosh today was A LOT of driving. We crossed three states and saw A TON. You can tell it was a big day because of ALL THE CAPS I AM USING.  But seriously, 12 hours including stops. Yeah let that sink in. We woke up, got packed up and sadly said […]

Total miles driven – 1615. As I am sitting down to write this post, I’m a little overwhelmed. I mean, we did a TON today. But let’s just get into it and hopefully I get it finished before we have to leave in the morning. I don’t even know if I’ll have time to post […]

Total miles driven – 1147 So kind of an epic day today. We crossed the 1000 mile mark, ended what I kind of saw as the first leg of the trip AND got to see some Goody’s!! But eh I’m getting ahead of myself.  We woke up at about 6:30, showered, packed up the car […]