Miles driven – 3416 So this morning I did wake up with Nickie to see the sunrise. I swear I did but the kids did not want to make it down. They wuz sleepy. So I stayed in the room with them and fell back asleep while Nickie ernt off and saw the sunset. I’m […]

Miles driven – 3167 Wow today was a big day. One might even call it.. … Grand.  Get it? Eh you will. Anyways, we started the day today in Albuquerque. The alarm went off at 5:45. I know. Early but we haz’d a ton o stuff to see. So. Lessgo. Since we had so much […]

Miles driven – 2800 So today was another long driving day but we did still manage to squeeze in a ton o fun. You know. Like we do. A bit of a disclaimer though. While yesterday was a day where we didn’t care about time, today we really wanted to leave some room to explore […]

Miles driven – 2200 Whoosh today was A LOT of driving. We crossed three states and saw A TON. You can tell it was a big day because of ALL THE CAPS I AM USING.  But seriously, 12 hours including stops. Yeah let that sink in. We woke up, got packed up and sadly said […]

Total miles driven – 1615. As I am sitting down to write this post, I’m a little overwhelmed. I mean, we did a TON today. But let’s just get into it and hopefully I get it finished before we have to leave in the morning. I don’t even know if I’ll have time to post […]

Total miles driven – 1147 So kind of an epic day today. We crossed the 1000 mile mark, ended what I kind of saw as the first leg of the trip AND got to see some Goody’s!! But eh I’m getting ahead of myself.  We woke up at about 6:30, showered, packed up the car […]

Total miles driven – 910 So a little bit of prologue. As you remember from last night’s post, we we’re getting ready to have dinner but because of Myles’ stomach and our need for some rest, we decided to eat in. I ordered some food from across the street at the Irish Embassy. Owen and I split […]

Total miles driven – 630. So hey. Remember yesterday? When we were like oh Canada? Meh. Remember that? And we were wondering if today would save Canada for us? Well you will have to read on to find out.  Also… It did.  So we woke up this morning bright and early (like 5:30 again!) On account […]

Good day, eh? And welcome to Day 2. Ok so when we set out on this adventure we said there would be great days and eh..not like the greatest days. This was one of those. This morning, Nickie, Sharon  and I woke up before the alarm (5:30 I think?) I know. But we were pretty […]

So I know technically yesterday was like the first day. And today is technically the second day. But yesterday wasn’t planned and was therefore day 0 and today was planned so is technically day 1. Even though today is the second day. And yesterday was the first day. And… And… … So we woke up at the […]