First day at Disney today. Whattttt????? But slow down a minute. Took us a little to get here. The day started hella early. We were up at 3:30 in the AM. Yeah let that one sink in. Even the early bird be like, “pfft no worm is worth that.” We got our stuff together, I […]

ITS HERE ITS HERE ITS HERE We are actually on vacation. Now while we aren’t actually in Disney, we are at vacation. And it’s glorious. The day started with us working and doing school. I worked prettyuch up to the moment we left. Like I sent my last email and then ordered the Uber  And […]

OK so I think I am gonna cram both Day 8 and Day 9 into this post since Day 9 isn’t really a day. Its more of….a tragedy. Sounds fun right? Let’s do it. Also, um….we will be heading to the airport Hilton tomorrow!!! So pretty much I think my daily posts from the trip […]

So, here we are. Less than a week until the trip. Wait, sorry. I meant that like… LESS THAN A WEEK UNTIL THE TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111111111ONE ONE Yeah, like a week from right now I will be at the Happily Ever After Dessert Party! I seriously cannot believe it. This has been a weird lead-up to a trip. […]

And now we come to Day 6. Day 6 is like cool because it’s Day 6 but also cool because it’s Nickie’s [age redacted] birthday! Like, it’s not just her” birthday at Walt Disney World” (which means her birthday takes place sometime in the same decade in which we visit Disney) but we are going […]

Welcome everyone to Day 5. Also known as the day in which everyone is together, finally. On this Saturday, we will wake up with the Falzones at Kidani Village. Wait, that didn’t come out right. We will wake up in our room at Kidani Village and the Falzones will wake up in their room at […]

So Day 4 is interesting. Typically, when we have visited the World, we usually only visit Animal Kingdom once. Actually, there have even been trips where we haven’t even gone to the park at all. But this trip? We are going there twice in three days? Yeah, we figured with us staying at KIdani Village […]

OK so Day 3. Pretty. Big. Day. Not only is it all “hey whoa Disney cool” but it’s also Thanksgiving. In Disney World. I know. Thanksgiving is exciting. Disney is exciting. So this is like… So on Day 3 THANKSGIVING we will wake up early, take in the Savannah from our balcony and then head […]

So now we are onto Day 2 of our trip. Well, we aren’t really. I am still in Massachusetts. But I mean, we are onto talking about Day 2 of our trip. If you need to catch up, click here for Day 1. So Day 2 is awesome not only because of Disney and family […]

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a little while since I posted but since my last post, I have gone back to an old job and been SUPER busy. But I thought it time to get back to blogging. I know. You’ve missed me right? So, of course we have a trip planned to Walt […]