So Day 14… Sorry. What I am trying to say is today… Deep breath. Today is the final full day of the trip. Yeah. But have no fear. We have a really awesome day planned for our last day. And since Day 15 is our takeoff day, I am also gonna hit on that whole […]

So I know with all these blog posts detailing a trip yet to happen, we are all kind of living in the pew-pew-pew future. But before I continue with Day 13, I’d like to note that at this point, as of posting this, I can say we are going to Walt Disney World NEXT WEEK. […]

So Day 12 is cool, like, on a bunch of layers. Like, it’s fun to begin with. Then, other cool stuff happens. And then more cool stuff. It’s like taking a bite of cake and being like, “oh, this is pretty good.” And then you get a bite with frosting on it and you’re all […]

Remember after the last post? Remember when you were like, “pfft, there is no where to go from the awesomeness that is Day 10?” Well… Because Day 11? Oh, it’s just Nickie’s birthday. Yeah. I just said that. And we have tons of fun stuff planned for the day. A birthday in Disney World is […]

And we have come to Day 10.  Can you believe we are at Day 10 and we still have more vacation to go? That’s kind of an insane thought. I will let you in on a little secret about me and vacations. At about two weeks or so before the trip, I typically already start […]

At Day 9, I assume we will all be looking back on the trip and thinking, “wow, it’s already been a week since we have been away from home.” And then we will most likely think, “Man, we really miss Lilo. I hope she is having a fun time with Amanda, our dog/house sitter.” And […]

Day 8 is super cool-town because not only are we in Disney, doing super cool Disney things and stuff but we also get to meet up with friends. And do super cool Disney things and stuff. No, no….like real-life friends. Not my friends from the 90’s. Wait, that came out wrong, I think. Did you […]

Day 7 is not just Day 7. It’s also Thanksgiving. And Day 7 is not only Day 7 and Thanksgiving. It’s also EPCOT day. And Day 7 is not only Day 7 and Thanksgiving and EPCOT day. It’s also when we check into the Beach Club. So the point is Day 7 is gonna be […]

Before I get into the Day 6 post, I have to for sure share some… So remember here when I said we weren’t gonna do the Disney Dining Plan? And then I said it here again? Remember all that? Well…. So as I was saying, we are TOTALLY doing the Disney Dining Plan this trip. As […]

So Day 5. Can you believe it took us this long to actually get to a Disney park? I bet you are all really enjoying yourselves. And not only is there a park but there is also an actual real-life Advanced Dining Reservation (ADR) so I mean. But yeah, finally we have made it to […]