I thought it might be a good idea to update you guys on our upcoming Disney trip. A LOT has changed (regarding not only this trip but our trips in 2019) since this post. But honestly, a lot more could change. The problem with constantly planning your vacation is that change is inevitable. If we didn’t […]

Welcome back to another installment of HEALTHY DISNEY NIGHTS!! So we have been a bit slack in our Weight Watchers. With the coupling of both Turks & Caicos and Cape Cod in the last few months, we have been much more “vacation” than weight loss. But I mean, it’s summer so back off. I wasn’t […]

OK so this post. Hold on. This post. I have been thinking about writing this post probably since I started writing this blog back in 2015. Yeah, three years. But this is like THE post you guys. I mean, ranking the Pixar movies is not an easy task. With a super small number of exceptions, […]

Yup, another Healthy Disney night. And I have been a bit lax as this one happened like over a week ago. But to be completely honest? I just stopped crying from watching it. Nah, just kidding. I am still a little weepy. But yeah, we are continuing on our Healthy Disney Nights to shed those […]

Ah Disney. The only vacation where 180 days out is considered a milestone. There are those of us that know what 180 days from a Disney World vacation means. Those of us that plan for weeks leading up to the 180 day mark. Those of us that are rethinking every decision on the 185 day […]

Although we’ve come To the end of the road Still I can’t let go It’s unnatural Yeah, last day in paradise. Day 7. And I know it’s sad. I’m sad too. But I think back to advice I once received from my great-grandpappy Goodreau. He said, “dude, it’s just a blog. Get over it.” Wise […]

And so we come to Day 6. Our last FULL day on the island.  And it was a FULL day for sure. I know it was sad to think about this vacation coming to an end, but we definitely crammed a bunch of stuff in today and we were feeling happy looking back on the […]

On Day 5, we woke to the realization that at this point we had less days left in paradise than we had spent. We were over the midway point. Womp a domp. I feel like I am going through that all over again writing these posts. When I typically do a vacation series of posts, […]

So hey before I get into Day 4, I want to send a big shout out to my peeps in the Beaches Turks & Caicos Unofficial Facebook group. I have really appreciated all your kind words and views. I love knowing when people enjoy my posts and the FB love has been…I dunno…#rightinthefeels. OK, enough […]

So even though it wasn’t my birthday, I still enjoyed Day 3. I mean, I am not some selfish jerk who only cares about having all the attention on him or anything. I know there are some people that simply crave attention and need their egos to be constantly stroked. But not me. Now, please […]