Man, have I been SLACKING with the posting and video-making lately. I am THE WORST. And here’s the even worse part – I made this video like a couple weeks ago. And am just posting it. Which means I am at least doing worse with my video-making than blogging. On account of I have at […]

Hey everyone, figured I would give you all a break from my non-Disney videos of the cross-country trip (which will be delving into Disney territory soon) to provide a super too-late take on announcements from D23. I did this for the last D23 back in 2015 and remember then? When we were like, whoa…wow….Star Wars land? […]

This new video shows our cross-country trip as we leave Canada and head back into the states. It covers MIchigan, where we meet up with friends and see Cars 3 at a drive-in, and Chicago, where we meet up with family and see animals at the zoo. So lots of meeting and seeing. As always, […]

Hello to all my readers. Erm, all my reader. Hello to myself. I have some super exciting news. And it’s all kinds of Interwebz. So in addition to writing mediocre blog posts, I am also making mediocre YouTube videos. Which is impressive, considering how much time I spend being a mediocre husband, father and employee. […]

So while this post is meant to be magical and filled with joy, it is touched with a bit of sadness. Yup, last day. Womp a Domp.  But eh. ..let’s make the most of it, right? Also today is the actual day we celebrated Owen’s birthday. Which I know is like…what? On account of all […]

Disneyland Day 2!!! Get excited.  We woke up guess when. Guess.  C’mon.  Yup. Early. Truth Buddy. So we woke up like before 6:00 super excited to get our super exciting day started. We woke up and walked over through Downtown Disney once again making our way to the Grand Californian.  This hotel? So pretty. We […]

Aw yeah disney crazy up in here …Disneyland today. This is REAL time Disney. California Adventure was just an appetizer folks. This right here be Disney. And I apologize in advance for all the WDW/DL comparisons but I can’t help myself. It’s hard to not compare this place to our home park. So we woke […]

Ok brace yourselves. First actual Disney post. I know. Much excitement. We woke up this morning at like 6AM. And for breakfast we had the muffins I got last night at Mimi’s. They were delicious  The coffee though. We brought our own french vanilla creamers and coffee pods to use in the room. However, the […]

Today we woke ip in California! And it’s kind of a cool feeling knowing we will be waking up in the same place for the next few days. We haven’t experienced that in a while. Not that we won’t miss the old family truckster but it’s all of a sudden super relaxing up in here. […]

Miles driven -3766.5 Hello hangover. Whoosh Vegas did s number on us. Nickie and I woke up not feeling…great…today.  And we pretty much just drove today for the first half. So like a five hour drive. Hungover. Awesome.  We packed up and hit the road at around 7:30. After a quick stop for gas and […]