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OK so this post. Hold on. This post. I have been thinking about writing this post probably since I started writing this blog back in 2015. Yeah, three years. But this is like THE post you guys. I mean, ranking the Pixar movies is not an easy task. With a super small number of exceptions, […]

Ranking the Pre-Infinity Wars Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Movies: 9-1

In my last post, I started going through a ranking of all the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) movies that I watched (in chronological order…GLAYVIN) in preparation for Avengers: Infinity Wars. Being that there are a crap-ton of Marvel movies here, I had to split this ranking in half, ranking nine in the last post and […]

Ranking the Pre-Infinity War Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) Movies: 18-10

In preparation for the release of Marvel: Infinity War this Friday, I have been watching all the Marvel movies in chronological order to prepare. Well, with the exception of Black Panther. I watched Black Panther first at the movies. But chronologically, it’s last before Infinity War. But really, if you’re not first, you’re last. So. Look, […]

Pete’s Dragon was pure and unadulterated magic. Magic, I tell you.

SO ok. I feel like most of my posts lately have started with an apology. I know this summer, I have been a little lax in posting. Summer has been busy y’all. And hot. And that combination has led to a lot of sitting on the couch with my mouth agape and my forehead sweaty […]

I am sure you already know, but Finding Dory was pretty great

Note: very minor spoilers here but spoilers nonetheless. I saw Finding Dory the weekend it came out and am now just getting to the review. Sorry. Life has gotten in the way. Oh please. It’s not like you even comment on this blog. Back off. … Wait, come back. Please don’t go. I didn’t mean […]

Oh the Jungle Book? It’s good.

OK so I saw the live-action Jungle Book recently. And so did Nickie and the kids. AND we saw it with our friends Assaf, Bar and Ben. And I figured I would give you my review. Because people love listening to other people tell them if a movie is good or not. Since we established […]

Is Pixar’s Inside Out amazepantz? Uhm, Yah.

A little background So look, we all know Pixar puts out quality stuff. Right? Since 1995, they have been putting out (for the most part) some of the highest caliber animation of all-time. In fact, I have already talked about how they really changed the animation game when they introduced Toy Story to the world […]