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Hey hey everyone. So with this post, I wanted to continue my Top 5 attractions series. You know, the one where I did that other post where I talked about Top 5 attractions at Magic Kingdom. And since I am doing another one, this is now a series. Congrats – you just got yourself a […]


OK so if you recall from my last Top 5 here, I mentioned how difficult I thought it would be to do a Top 5 attractions at Magic Kingdom Top 5. So I totally just abandoned it in favor of alcohol. Story of my life, right? But sitting here with a 40 of PBR in […]

Disney Top 5: Wayne’s Top 5 Disney World Cocktails

OK so I decided to do another Top 5 today, but my original intent has, erm, blurred a bit. I started with a Top 5 Magic Kingdom attractions but found that much too difficult. Keeping that to just five is much too difficult. I may have to extend that one to ten or so. On […]

Top 5 Sit-Down Dinner Restaurants: The Rest of the Fam

OK I finally got the rest of the Goodys to sit down and talk a little Disney dining with me. Well, actually Myles stood and Nickie cut Owen’s hair but it was probably the best I was going to get. Maybe next time, I will just give my top 5 and if they want to […]

Disney Top 5: Wayne’s Top 5 Table-Service Dinners

OK, so I thought it was time to try something different on the blog here. I know you all obviously LOVE the Disney theme night posts, but I did promise that we would also write about other Disney-related thingamabobs (I got 20…LITTLE MERMAID!!!1111one one) so here we go. I thought it would be neat if […]