Hey hey everyone. So with this post, I wanted to continue my Top 5 attractions series. You know, the one where I did that other post where I talked about Top 5 attractions at Magic Kingdom. And since I am doing another one, this is now a series. Congrats – you just got yourself a backstage tour on how the blogosphere works. You’re welcome. The more you know.

For this post, I am going to continue working my way through the parks at Walt Disney World and we might as well do it in order of park opening. This series is the best.

So yeah we are going to be talking about the Top 5 attractions at the Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow. No wait. I mean, Epcot Center. Erm. Wait. EPCOT? That’s where we landed? With the caps? Like Disney is yelling at me every time I visit? It’s not top of the muffin TO YOU!

top of the muffin
“No. It is!”

Anyways. With EPCOT, things are a little more difficult (or easier depending on how you look at it.) There aren’t as many attractions at EPCOT as there are at Magic Kingdom. But I still think there are enough to have a top 5. And for the purposes of this post, I am not considering the actual pavilions themselves attractions but if they do have an attraction within the pavilion, then I consider that attraction an attraction. Now that I have fully explained that, it doesn’t seem like it needed explaining. Oh well…

scream EPCOT

Also, a couple more caveats. I am NOT including Soarin’ here. I LOVE Soarin. LURVE it even. But with the Soarin’ I know currently closed and the new Soarin’ being something I haven’t experienced yet, it just didn’t make sense. I am assuming the new one will be on here but I can’t with a good conscience include it. And if I can’t blog with a good conscience, what kind of blogger would I be? Also, obvz I am not including the new Frozen attraction in Norway either. On account of I have not done it.

And Maelstrom would have made it. If it hadn’t dieded.

And finally, as always, these are in no particular order. Because I am wishy. And washy.

Test Track

Obviously, Test Track is here. Especially with the absence of Soarin’ this is pretty much THE attraction in EPCOT. I do love this ride for a few reasons. One definitely being that this is one of the few “thrill” rides that Nickie will actually ride with me. She isn’t what you would call a thrill seeker. Or even a thrill enjoyer. Or even a thrill I’ll put up with it-er. So I gotta take what I can get.

But beyond that, this ride is just all kinds of fun. It’s all science-meets-thrills-meets-car-commercial. And yeah I mean I do miss some of the old Test Track. Like the hot and cold tests. And the dude from Best in Show. But I love creating the car and competing with the boys on whose car is better. I typically lose but still. I make more money than them.

Where was I?

Oh right. Test Track. It’s fun.

test track
That’s my mom. Having “fun.”

Mission: Space

I am not 100% but I think this may be the only ride in Walt Disney World that comes with a barf bag. So obviously this ride made it on the list. I mean, it IS pretty intense-town during take-off and the slingshot on account of CENTRIFUGE. It’s intense. Did I mention intense?

I mean, there is a less intense version. But I mean, what’s the point. Wuss.

Also, it has Lieutenant Dan. Post-magic legs.

forrest gump astronaut.png

sinise mission space.jpg


Spaceship Earth

Man, I love this ride. This is one of those comfort food rides for me. Everytime I ride it, it just feels like home to me. The animatronics. The narration. The smell of Rome burning. And of course, the end where we can see our future.

future us.jpg
I look so thin in the future.

Plus I mean it’s inside the giant golf ball. This ride IS EPCOT. If you don’t like this ride then I AM going to scream EPCOT in ur face.

American Adventure

This ride? Gets me right in the feels.

I feel like for the longest time, we avoided this attraction because I mean. If I wanted to learn, I would have taken a vacation to the library, right? But it’s SOOOO good. The animatronics are great but the movie and the story of America. Forget it.

And the song….ugh the song. Americaaaaa spread your golden wings. MUCH better than that awful “Proud to be an American” song. Yeah, you know the one.

Plus it has Mark Twain AND Benjamin Franklin. HISTORICAL CROSSOVERZZ

AA gif.gif
What up, homie?

Journey Into Imagination

I really struggled with the last spot here. To be fair, I was between this and Living With the Land. I love both attractions pretty equally but you know what gives Journey Into Imagination the edge? The song, obvs squad. Sticks with ya, that song for sure.

And also, Figment is pretty dope. He’s like the mascot of EPCOT and what not. He’s got two tiny wings. Eyes big and yellow. Horn of a steer. But a lovable fellow. From head to toe he’s royal purple pigment. So. Yeah. Figment.

figment gif.gif
Goodbye for now. From Figment. And Bob Ross. Happy trees.

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