40 Years, 40 Disney Movies: Counting Down to Daddy’s Birthday Night 14 – The Incredibles

Hey everyone, it’s incredible to see you.

I hope you find this post incredibly fun to read.

I had an incredible time writing it.


Yerp, it’s time for another OHEY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY FUN MOVIE TIME THINGAMABOB. And from the above,  I am sure you guessed what our movie was this time. That’s right! Finding Nemo, a father fish’s sea-wide journey to find his…

confused dory

Hm? Oh, right…The Incredibles.

Sorry, I’m a little tipsy.

But Wayne, it’s only ten in the morning.

Fine, I’m A LOT tipsy.

So this was sort of a haphazard affair. Last weekend, we had literally like 4 free hours on Saturday afternoon due to soccer and hockey games and decided to have a Disney-themed lunch. We actually went between a few different ideas and landed on a movie we thought lended itself nicely to lunch. And that movie? Finding Nemo


mad nemo

Right, no…The Incredibles. And since this was somewhat of a last-minute situation (and by “somewhat of” I mean “completely”), it was just the four of us. Well, and Daisy. But she didn’t pay attention to the movie AT ALL. Her shunning is almost complete. We shunned her good.

The food

As mentioned, the reason we picked this movie was because we could sandwich it in between soccer and hockey. So we had…erm…sandwiches.

Hero sandwiches to be exact. This is what people in other parts of the country call subs. I believe they are also called hoagies. And grinders. Hoagies and grinders. Navy beans. Navy beans. Meatloaf sandwich.

Sorry, what?

So yeah we had some hero sandwiches. Nickie and I both got meatball parms, Myles got a steak and cheese and Owen had himself a ham and cheese (with literally nothing on it…this is in fact how he rolls.) Heh, rolls. I am Big Pun today.

Ohai, look at mai sammich.
Ohai, look at mai sammich.

The activity

Pretty proud of myself for this one. We each had to come up with our own superhero or supervillain complete with name, costume and super power using items we could find around the house.

Our cast of supers…

Owen was Lightning Bolt

Designation: Hero Super Power: Super speed. Also, he had some sidekicks – Bob and erm, that bear over there.

Designation: Hero
Super Power: Super speed. Also, he had some sidekicks – Bob and erm, that bear over there.

Myles was The Disney Kid


Designation: Hero
Super Power: Master of the keyblade. Which is some sort of thing. Oh and he also had some sidekicks – Steamboat Willie and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

Nickie was Glitter Girl (AKA The Glitter Princess AKA Queen Bee AKA et cetera et cetera)

Designation: Hero
Super Power: Magic glitter that would make people freeze…or fly…et cetera et cetera

And I was The Hillbilly


Designation: Villain
Super Power: The shovel…OF DOOM. Also, I apparently eat sandwiches.

The movie

I am a pretty big fan of superhero movies so The Incredibles already had me interested when I saw it was coming out. I love the whole superheroes vs. supervillains storyline. And the “superheroes as normal people” storyline is pretty great as well as it shows a different side of being a superhero and turns the whole narrative on its head. And I particularly liked the scorned superfan-turned-supervillain origin of Syndrome. But as with most movies on this list, there is so much more at work here.

There is a strong undercurrent of “you are who you are” running through this film as we watch all the Incredibles struggle with suppressing their super powers to try and fit in with normal society. Dash can’t go out for sports because his parents are afraid of him going too fast. Violet’s inner struggle enhances her already awkward teenage years. Bob is so frustrated that he’s taken to saving civilians behind his family’s back. And Helen is just trying to keep everyone together. And then there’s Jack-Jack.

Who is awesome, obvs.

He's heating up... HE'S ON FIRE!
He’s heating up…

But only when they are truly who they are, who they are meant to be – superheroes – are they happy. Trying to fit in never made them as happy as they were when they stopped ignoring their true selves and felt free to be themselves. This is a common message in a bunch of Disney movies but that doesn’t diminish its importance.

And the thing I love most about The Incredibles is the focus on family above all else. What puts this family in the most danger is when one of them puts their needs above the family.  When Bob travels to Nomansian Island behind Helen’s back, he puts the entire family in danger. Of course, this all needs to happen in order for him to realize what’s important and gets his family working together properly. Yes, Mr. Incredible is super strong but the strength that saves them all in the end is the strength of family. Working together.

Oh and yes…I am SUPER EXCITED for The Incredibles 2.


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