Hey everyone – yep, another post in our “watching across America” series. And this one is great because it’s not only a road trip movie but it’s also a Disney movie. So you know, 2 birds one stone. And according to legend, that is THE BEST way to kill birds.

Wait, was that the point of that saying? How to kill birds? Yes. Yes, I think so.

2 birds one stone.gif

As I mentioned in my original post, in between “destination” movies, we will be doing movies focused on “getting there” – road trip movies. Those movies focused on the challenges of travelling across the country. You know, the fights, the exhaustion, the weird smells coming from the back seat. Wait, why are we doing this again?

Cross-country trip: Day 2 (morning)

So yeah, as you recall, we just hit Cooperstown on the trip. The next day we will wake up and hit the road for Niagara Falls. About a 4-5 hour drive but thankfully we have the kids committed to watching Seinfeld from beginning to end on this trip so that should keep them busy. Yadda Yadda Yadda.

As the final destination IS Disneyland, it seemed fitting the first road trip movie would be a Disney one. AND it was one we had never built a theme night around before so SUPER exciting.

so excited.gif

The food

Anyone who has seen the movie can probably guess the staples we had for this here particular night. To commemorate that moment when I am sure we all shed a little tear. On account of the sometimes-strained love between a father and a son.

Kills me, every time.

Yeah, we had some “Hi, Dad soup.”

This right here did not happen as organically as in the movie.

And we also had some foodstuffs to commemorate another moment when I am sure we all shed a little tear. On account of the fact that Pauly Shore doesn’t get much work these days.

cheeza movie.png

Yep…SPRAY CHEEZ!! CHEDDDARRR!!!!!1111 And I mean, this stuff gets a bad rap. But Spray Cheese, you are so delicious.

No need for refrigeration. So you know its good.

And tried my best to make a leaning tower. But I didn’t do it bare-handed. I decided to use some crackers. To be fair, Bobby Zimmeruski wore gloves. So.

Impressive. And oily.

Oh and we also had Powerline Punch. Which is green Powerade. Yah.

The activity

So for our road trip movies, we are trying to incorporate road trips we can take around here as activities. For this one, we had to drive down to Needham for Owen’s soccer tournament. So this was our road trip. To Needham, MA.

I know. I am a dsappointment.

The movie

Though it doesn’t often make it into the “Disney classics” category for most, A Goofy Movie is a pretty awesome movie. For sure, it has that whole 90’s direct-to-video feel to it but I mean first off – it’s Goofy. Who the crud doesn’t like Goofy? Do you not have a soul?

And I mean, the music is like…awesome. The brilliance of Powerline aside, songs like “After Today,” “On the Open Road” and the awesomely touching “Nobody Else But You” are SO GOOD. “On the Open Road” is obvz squad on the Road Trip playlist.

Oh and of course – “Stand Out” by Powerline is sheer awesome. Especially when combined with the perfect cast.

perfect cast.gif

But this movie. Right here. This movie is what I knew I would hold in my heart to get me through those tough parenting moments. Myles is just entering into that age where these moments traditionally become more and more present. And Owen is not too far behind. And while I always fear the day maybe my kids don’t like me or see me as cool (hrm…I think that day has already come), I like the idea that I can still be a big goof and eventually everything will pan out. Goofy loves Max despite what a little turd he is. And this love carries him through those times when maybe our kids don’t fully appreciate how much we as parents would do anything for them. And while I don’t expect Myles or Owen to send my car over a cliff into a river, I do expect we won’t always see “Eye to Eye” (see what I did there?) I think if we continue to just love, push and expect the best of them, they have the best chances of becoming better people.

So yeah, Goofy is my parenting idol. There. I said it.

aw shucks.gif

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