Alright so we have some to yet another “getting there” movie – a movie focused on the journey, not just the destination. You know, a road trip movie. We have already gone over this.

And man is this movie great. It really is. I’m serious. Stop fighting me on this. Will you please just listen to reason?


I love that story.

Cross-Country Trip: Day 3 (morning)

We will wake up in Niagara Falls, grab breakfast (probably at IHOP….because I mean, its international) and then hit the road on our way to Detroit. Relatively speaking, it’s a pretty short drive at about 4 hours so we may just do it without stopping for lunch or anything since we will be trying to make an afternoon ball game at Comerica Park.

The food

So I mean, you probably know by now but for this portion of the road trip we watched Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure. Dur.

So of course when one thinks of food one can have whilst watching Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, this situation must always come to mind. Always.

I mean, Nickie freaks if I leave the toaster out on the counter.

Yep. The breakfast machine. Which of course is a Mouse Trap style, egg-crackin, Abraham Lincoln flippin way to get to this…

mr breakfast gif.jpg
Don’t give me no jibber jabber.

BREAKFAST!!!!111 Now I am not all that bright NOR could I get my hands on some Mr. T cereal (I am a pitiable fool) but I did manage to put together some pretty good Mr. Breakfasts. With added sausage eyebrows. I took an idea. And made it better.

Fine yes. It was turkey bacon. Believe me, that was NOT my choice. We went to literally 4 different convenient stores. One had turkey bacon. What is the DEAL with not having bacon?

The activity

As said before, for these road trip movies, we will be doing some local road trips. With it being fall and us living in Massachusetts, we kind of have to go apple picking at some point. For the record, I think apple picking is a total sham. We pay like 20 bucks a bag. For apples. That we pick ourselves. I could walk into Market Basket and get a pound of apples for like, I don’t know. Less than that, I guess. I don’t really know how much apples are.

Also, I don’t really eat all that many apples. So a big chunk of those apples end up thrown away.

HOWEVER. We did change up orchards this year. This year, we went to Nashoba Valley, which is an orchard that is also a vineyard. Which means wine. Now wine? I can get behind that. We were joined also by our next door neighbors, the Chagnons (George, Stephanie, Courtney and Emily) and our friends Assaf, Bar and Ben. Friendship!

AND when George and I stepped up to the bar with our wine coupons for our tasting, they kept not taking them. So I mean….wine. I literally ran the reds that day, my friends. And they had whiskey. And wine slush. WINE. SLUSH.

Here are some pictures (lots of em):




The movie

So I mean. This movie.

When I was a kid, I was obsessed with Pee-Wee. Like I remember seeing his HBO comedy special long before any big adventures or playhouses were happening. Back in the early days of VHS, I would rent that special at least monthly for about a year down at Avenue Video in Malden. And I always thought the coolest part was as much as I would laugh at it, my mom would laugh just as hard as I would. In fact, I think it was my mom that first introduced me to Pee-Wee.

Then this movie came along. And same thing. There are a lot of movies I watch these days that I watched when I was a kid. But for the most part, I watch most of them differently. Through my “adult eyes.” Even Disney movies. I mean, you guys have seen it. I write so often about what these movies mean to me now in comparison to what they meant to me then.

But Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure? Nothing has changed. I laugh at the same jokes. Love all the same moments and characters. It’s like I am a kid again. And not like it transports me to a time when I was a kid watching this movie like many other films I have talked about. This is different. I enjoy this movie just as I did when I was a child. It’s a rare movie that even as time passes, the experience remains almost exactly the same.

So many kids’ movies these days try to appeal to both kids and adults. Often, this is done by appealing to kids on the surface with some underlying humor for the adults. And I have no problem with that whatsoever. But it’s also nice to watch a movie with my kids where we both are sharing in the same exact experience. Pee-Wee (and Tim Burton) made a movie here that could honestly be enjoyed equally by kids and adults. And this was during a time when this wasn’t even really a thing. This movie is pretty much ALL surface. When Pee-Wee says “I don’t make monkeys, I train em” to Francis at the beginning of the movie, I know we all find it hilarious for the same reason.


Even Nickie, who pretends to hate this movie, couldn’t help from laughing at the “Paging Mr. Herman” bit towards the end.

mr herman.png

So yeah, Pee Wee is awesome. Deal with it.

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