Disneyland Day 2!!! Get excited.

We woke up guess when.



Yup. Early.

Truth Buddy.

So we woke up like before 6:00 super excited to get our super exciting day started.

We woke up and walked over through Downtown Disney once again making our way to the Grand Californian.

This hotel? So pretty.

We made our way to Storytellers Cafe for our 7AM breakfast.

The food was pretty standard buffet stuff, though there was an omelette station and eggs Benedict. So.

The reason we came was CHARACTERS. We got Chip, Dale, Pluto and Kenai from Brother Bear.

These characters were fine (I mean I lurve me some Pluto, Chip and Dale) if a little bit of a hodgepodge but we were really hoping for Brer Bear, Brer Fox and maybe even Meeko. So eh…but owen did start playing rock, paper, scissors with the characters. So that’s fun.

I wasn’t too impressed with this breakfast overall. It was fine enough but the Plaza Inn was the better choice.

After breakfast, we walked to the Disneyland entrance just as the park was opening and headed straight down Main St.

And walked right through the castle into Fantasyland. The plan was to jump in Peter Pan’s Flight but even though the park just opened, the wait was already 40 minutes. Eh, roll with the punches.

So we walked over to Snow White’s Scary Adventures. 5 minute wait. Score.


Since they took it out of WDW a while ago, it’s been a really long time since we rode this one. And you know what? She really did have some scary adventures. I can see why Myles was so scared of this ride when he was younger.

Oh wait, I wasn’t supposed to say that.

Moving on.

Having not ridden it yet (and with it actually not being temporarily closed at the moment) we definitely wanted to check out the Storybook Land Canal Boats.

I kind of dug this ride. I mean nothing life-changing but it was relaxing and they had an actual human narrator so that was cool.

After we got off the Canal Boats, we ran into this dude. Honest John!

And he did play rock, paper, scissors with Owen. Well sort of. Every time Owen said “shoot…” Honest John pulled a finger gun. Heh that guy.

And then….STAR TOURS!!11

I mean, same ride as the WDW version but still awesometown. We got the pod racing scene on Tattoine and then Yoda sent us to Coruscant. Man I love that ride.

So, we heard Toontown was going to be closed by the time we got here. But guess what?

It wasn’t. I would have thought you would have figured that out.

Toontown opened up at 9:00 so we walked in just as it was opening and look who was waiting for us when we got there.

He was so fun. Man, Goofy rules. Overall, I do really like how the characters are just sort of walking around the park here. I mean they are only around for a little bit at a time but just running into them (as opposed to lining up at a specific time) makes it feel like they actually just live there. There are still scheduled times to find them in the parks but I do like the more organic interactions.

Then we rode Roger Rabbit’s Car Too Spin. Yay. I was soooooo excited this one was still open. Super fun. And super spinny.

We then explored Toontown a little bit. Digging the relaxed pace of this morning. This section of the park was relatively empty so we felt like we kind of had the place to ourselves.

Next up – Gadget’s Go Coaster

We even saw Gepetto!!

And then…we ran into this guy. Pluto is THE BEST.

It was now back to Star Wars time. We walked over to Launch Bay and got right in line to meet Chewbacca.

Ugh favorite Disney character followed by favorite Star Wars character? Yes please. Owen played rock paper scissors with him too but on “shoot,” he pulled a crossbow. Amazing.

On our app, it said Boba Fett would be showing up in 20 minutes. So we explored Launch Bay.

And as the time approached we walked over to his cantina to wait for him. And we waited.

And waited.

He never showed. The cast member informed us he wasn’t going to make it during that time and thus a negative of the whole organic interactions thing was revealed. Oh well.

To make up for it, we needed some Star Wars. So we walked over and sat down to watch Star Wars: Path of the Jedi.

Also a film shown at WDW, it has all kinds of star wars clips and battles and lighstabers and lasers and PEW PEW PEW

We walked over to Adventureland and jumped on the Jungle Cruise.

Pretty much the same ride and awesome corny jokes with a few minor exceptions like the man-eater piranha and MONKEY WITH A GUN. I wish I got a picture of this guy but I missed him. Thank God for the internet.


At this time, I was lucky to be able to grab an Indiana Jones FastPass for after lunch.

But first – lunch. We had a noon reservation at Cafe Orleans. Such a pretty location in Orleans Square.

We got the pommes frites to start. And that remoulade? Yep.

And this thing…

We got two Monte Cristo sandwiches to split between the four of us. As you can see these things are HUGE so splitsies is totez doable. Also the Betty puree is awesome for dipping. It was glorious.

Then for dessert? MICKEY BEIGNETS!!

Owen got a special one for his birthday.

I really really liked it here. The location was awesome, especially at the outside tables. And all three courses – appetizer, entree and dessert – were delicious. Also I got this incredible shot.

Then it was time to redeem that Indy fastpass. And now I remembered to take pics!

Love this ride.

After Indy, we left the park and headed back to the room to officially pack. Womp. And get some relaxing done at the pool.

Once we were nice and relaxed, we headed back through Downtown Disney on our way to the Disneyland Hotel for dinner.  On our way we snapped this. Potentially our last feet pic of the trip.

Then we made it to the Disneyland Hotel.

And dinner tonight was the one I was looking forward to most – Steakhouse 55!

And it did not disappoint. Soooooo nice in here. It’s like super old school

We started with some drinks. The boys got some sort of glowy strawberry thing.

Nickie got a Captains Mai Tai – a Disney standard.

And I got this wonderful piece of wonderfulness. The bourbon flight.

It was a pour of Makers, Buffalo Trace and a special Disney blend of Knob Creek. The choices weren’t all that varied but I was excited for the special Disney bourbon and the pours were rather generous. This thing lasted me all dinner.

Speaking of dinner. We did splits since we all did steak. The awesome part? The kitchen will split the steak for you at no charge.

Nickie and Owen split the New York Strip.

And Myles and I split the rib eye.

Please notice all the bone marrow. Each plate got some and no one wanted theirs. All the more for me I suppose.

For sides we got the truffle Mac and cheese.

And the scalloped potatoes. Which was like half potatoes, half cheese. So good.

And while we didn’t order dessert they of course brought Owen a chocolate mousse.

This meal was definitely my favorite of the entire trip. I mean the food (and drinks) were great but maybe because it was our last night. We finished our dinner and just talked about what we have done over the past couple weeks. Our favorite moments. Our favorite places. I gotta admit – I got a little teary. I am sad it’s coming to an end for sure….but also just felt so grateful in that moment. Grateful that I have been blessed with these three amazing people in my life and to shate in this and so many more adventures to come. I really love these three people.


But the night is not over.

After dinner we headed out into Downtown Disney and made a line right to Build-a-Bear. I know we have these places at every single mall, but for some reason, hitting a Build-a-Bear in Disney is way more special.

Owen got a Chewbacca and Myles got a Rocket Raccoon. OMG with that Chewie.

Also when the girl behind thr counter saw it was Owen’s birthday, she asked him if he wanted the store to sing Happy Birthday to him…and she brought him up the stairs and announced it was his birthday to the whole store. Then all the employees started singing and customers were clapping.

He was embarrassed but I think deep down he was super into it.

Then it was back to Disneyland. It was close to like 8:30 when we got in the park so everything was lit up so pretty-like.

We went over to the Matterhorn and grabbed a FastPass that we could use right away.

Such a different experience at night. I mean, I liked the Matterhorn during the day too but it was much cooler riding in the dark. It felt actually faster for some reason in the dark. Maybe because we couldn’t always see where we were going.

And just as we were getting off, this was finishing up.

Then we rode Autopia for the first time. And no matter what, I wouldn’t put this attraction in my top ten or anything but again the Disneyland version is better than the Tomorrow Speedway in WDW. It felt a little longer and the theming felt a little better. It felt more like it belonged in Tomorrowland.

Plus the fireworks started going off while we were driving. Double cool.

After that, there was a 20 minute wait on Big Thunder but the fastpasses being distributed were for immediate use. So….score. And we all know Big Thunder kind of rules at night.

By now, it was getting close to 10:45 so we decided to call it a night because of an early breakfast reservation tomorrow morning.

Once again though, such an incredible day and night. These days are making it harder with every minute to end this trip. Why does it have to be SO amazing.

Last day tomorrow. Let’s make it amazing.

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