I thought it might be a good idea to do another coming attractions post to let you all know what the Goodys have planned for the next year or so. On account of it’s a lot. I am pretty sure I have mentioned this before, but we pretty much only work so we can go on vacation.  Our TV is old. We need some new furniture. And that garage door still needs to be replaced.  I am sure there are so many more things we could spend our money on, but we definitely see the family time we get on vacations and the memories we make as so much more valuable than anything we could buy. I can’t think of a vacation I have returned from and said it was a waste of money. I feel like I am investing in my childrens’ (and our) memories. And that’s a solid investment.


So anywhat, where are we going?

Oh and NOTE: we will have house/pet sitters during all trips mentioned here. So no burgling, burglars.

May 2018  – Beaches Turks and Caicos

At the beginning of May, we are heading down to Beaches Turks & Caicos This is very exciting as it’s our first Goody beach vacation. I mean, we have been to the beach before, done the whole cruise thing, and spent weeks on the Cape – ooh, foreshadowing – but have never taken the kids to an all-inclusive resort like this. Nickie and I did a beach vacation once before we were married, but that was obviously a long time ago. People still had flip phones, so.

T and C.jpg
I looked all over for a Beaches Turks and Caicos meme. Couldn’t ind one. I don’t think you can make fun of this place.

And this place? Looks bomb.com. We are staying in the Caribbean Village and are pretty pumped to have a somewhat relaxing vacation compared to all our other trips. I mean, we plan on enjoying as much of the resort as we can, but it’s nice to just sort of have a vacation without a plan.

Pfft, you thought I was serious? I mean, of course we have a plan. Nickie has even created a spreadsheet for this one. To be fair, though, it’s definitely a “looser” spreadsheet than our typical plan. We don’t really make reservations (except for one we make when we get there) and we are going in with the idea of also going off-plan if needed. But we have restaurants we want to try and activities we don’t want to miss – like Owen and I are for sure parasailing on my birthday.

And beyond the parasailing, we have some fun other stuff planned as well. We booked a private boat to take us around and see the sunset through Island Vibes , which should be a ton of fun. They will take us wherever we wanna go and the boat has a bar, diving board, and water slide. Which usually all go really well together. We are also participating in the “Reading Road Trip” program while we are down there. Through this program, we are going to visit a local school, bring them some much-needed supplies, and spend some time reading to and playing with the kids there.

This is the trip that has us all Weight Watchers and what not in preparation. Because yeah, I want a beach body but also my plan is to have food in one hand and a frozen drink in the other during all waking hours. Well, unless I am parasailing….then I may have to put some snacks in my pocket. But yeah, the plan is to take a break from Weight Watchers when down there. Though I do plan on taking advantage of the gym and other ways to stay active as pretty much everything is included. So as to counterbalance all the umbrella drinks.

Once we are back, we will resume Weight Watchers to counteract the other vacation fooding.

Weight Watchers.jpg

Disney connection? Well, there ARE characters walking around. All the Sesame Street characters are there so technically, they ARE Muppets. Which, technically, IS Disney. So there you go.

big bird
Cool if I ask Big Bird to recreate this with me? kthx.

I also should mention the Falzones are joining us (Tony, Larissa, and Mia – they were on our last Disney trip) as well as Nonnie and Papa! Whoop Whoop. Party in Turks and Caicos.  And there is a lot of special-ness going on too – we are celebrating our 15th anniversary, Nonnie and Papa are celebrating their 20th, and it’s my birthday too! Which obviously means karaoke.

July 2018 – Cape Cod

We have booked our usual house on Cape Cod in Dennisport for the first week in July so we can spend the 4th down there. We love this place. It’s got its own private beach and Dennisport is a pretty prime location for enjoying everything the Cape has to offer.

We will be doing our usual, I am sure. Hanging on the beach in the morning, cooking out, going out to eat, go-karts, bumper boats, mini-golf, the drive-in. Oh and lobster. Lots of lobster.


Now, full disclosure, I may have to do a little work while I am there but still, working on the Cape? Better than working most places.

And I am pretty sure at least Nannie and Nonnie will be joining us for a couple days, which is awesome. Because THEY are awesome.

Disney connection? Eh, that’s tough. I mean, I am sure we will have at least one Disney night while we are there but ummmm…well, we will be visiting the drive-in and while I am sure we won’t be able to wait to see The Incredibles 2, we may be able to see Ant-Man and the Wasp. Which is Marvel. Which is also Disney.

November 2018  – Walt Disney World!!

I mean, of COURSE we are going to Walt Disney World. And November has become our time to go, it seems. We will be once again staying over Thanksgiving and we have already booked our stay at the Beach Club.  YES!

Beach Club
Aw saddity kitty.

And we will once again be able to celebrate Nickie’s birthday while we are down there. As of right now, it’s just us going. Which is novel. I don’t think we have done WDW just us in, literally, like…wait. Have we ever? I think our first trip when Owen was 8 weeks may have been the last one. LOL, wow.

And we are doing this one slightly different than we have been doing our Disney trips. We are going to move down a level on the dining plan.


But yeah. As you might recall from our last Disney trip, the Deluxe plan just was too much food. I mean, we have said that every trip since we started doing the Deluxe Dining Plan, but now I think it’s time to move down a level. The kids are older and those 2 hour meal breaks that used to be a nice respite are cutting into park and pool time for them. Plus, with the advent of mobile ordering, counter service is all of a sudden not so much of a nightmare. And a lot of the counter service locations are now pretty great – Skipper Canteen, Sa-Tuli Canteen, Be Our Guest for lunch – So we are doing the Basic Dining Plan this trip.

For those that don’t know, this plan gives us 1 snack, 1 Counter Service Credit, and 1 Table Service Credit each day of the trip. And just as we could with the Deluxe Plan, we can save credits if we want to apply them to signatures. Because I love me some signature dining. And maybe now I will actually be hungry when we sit down to a meal.

Also, every meal comes with an alcoholic drink now. Or a non-alcoholic drink if you’re lame or, like, a child. Or a lame child.

Don’t look at me like that, Deluxe Dining Plan. You know I love you.

The plan looks great and I am kind of excited to be doing something a little different this time around. And by “a little different” I mean “a lot less expensive.”

Oh and also – we get to see Toy Story Land. Whoop whoop!

Jessie is gonna get super tired holding up those lights forever.

Disney connection? Seriously? It’s Walt Disney World. Are you alright?

June 2019 – Another road trip?


Yup. We are doing another over-two-week road trip with the kids. ‘Cept this time, we are going to be doing the east coast and back again. We want to hit a lot of beaches (man, this is a theme it seems), boardwalks and other super cool places.

While we have a plan in place, I am sure it will change over time as we really sketch it out. For now, these are the planned stops:

  • Atlantic City/Wildwood, NJ
  • Ocean City, MD
  • Virgina Beach, VA
  • Hilton Head, SC (2 nights)
  • Walt Disney World (Obvs squad) (4 nights)
  • Savannah, GA
  • Myrtle Beach, SC
  • Williamsburg, VA/Busch Gardens (2 nights)
  • Washington DC
  • New York City, NY

It should be a great trip and much different from our cross-country road trip last July. But really cool stuff to do. I mean, obviously, Walt Disney World. I think we will be staying at the Boardwalk Inn Resort to keep with the theme of the trip but not 100% on that just yet. But in addition to that, we will be staying at Disney’s Hilton Head Resort in Hilton Head, trying to see a show in New York City, Busch Gardens, and a ton of other different diversions along the way.

I am sure I will be posting a more detailed pre-trip report for this one in the future, so stay tuned.

Disney Connection? I mean, yeah, Walt Disney World. But beyond that, we have Disney’s Hilton Head resort and other Disney-ish stuff along the way. For example, we really wanna visit Lucy the Elephant in New Jersey (of whom there is a picture hanging in Disney’s Boardwalk Resort lobby.)

November 2019 – Walt Disney World again?

We haven’t fully gone official on this one, but we are leaning towards another Disney trip next November as well. I know that is A LOT of Walt Disney World in one year. I mean, not that we haven’t ever done two (or even three) Walt Disney World trips in a year but we have been trying our best to branch out.

However, 2019 is a relatively HUGE year for Walt Disney World. Star Wars Land (aka Galaxy’s Edge should be up and fully functional by that November and will probably NOT be up and fully functional by the time we get there over the summer.

I mean, it’s Star Wars. So we kind of have to go.


Disney Connection? Please. Stop.

So yeah. LOTS of fun stuff coming up for us. I know. We ARE pretty great.

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