Star Wars.

Give me those Star Wars.

Nothing but Star Wars.

Don’t let them end.

Nothing but Star Wars.

If they should bar wars.

Please let these Star wars.




Yup. Another Star Wars post. Well, specifically, another Galaxy’s Edge post. In my last Galxy’s Edge post here, I talked about the basic details, opening dates, backstory, and major attractions in Galaxy’s Edge. So check that out for sure.

In this post, I am gonna get into everything else – food, merchandise, costumes, cast members, etc. to round out what we know about Galaxy’s Edge so far. Let’s blast off into hyperspace, space rangers!



Or like…whatever.

The food – AKA Will there be blue milk?

BLUE MILK PSA 3-19.jpg

Of course there will. And of course we’re going to talk about the dining locations. Because food.

Oga’s Cantina

Oga’s Cantina is the location receiving the most press. Probably because it’s the closest we will ever get to grabbing a drink at Mos Eisley anytime soon. Which, I don’t know. Do you really wanna grab a drink at Mos Eisley? Place looks rough. I get nervous taking the trash out after dark. So not 100% I would do all that well in that wretched hive of scum and villainy.

So maybe Oga’s Cantina has more of what I am looking for – the appearance of danger without any real risk. Perfect.

Run by proprietor Oga Garra, and much like Mos Eisley, Oga’s Cantina is set up as a shady watering hole where creatures and beings from all over the galaxy can meet, do shady things, and have a cocktail.

OGA 1 GE 2 3-19.jpg

One notable Oga’s employee actually may be familiar to those that have ridden the old Star Tours attraction before, you know…the adventure continued. The ex-Star Tours pilot, RX-24 (also knows as “Rex”) will be the in-house DJ.

RX24 GE2 3-19.jpg
I don’t make robots. I just train em!

And the rumor is Paul Reubens (Pee-Wee Herman) will be returning to voice the robot. I am still considering this rumor but I mean, if Disney listened to reason, this would def be the case.


But enough about robots and villains and Pee-Wee Herman. You wanna know what they’re serving, right? Of course you do.

Oga’s will be focused primarily on cocktails and mocktails. Which are like cocktails. Only less fun.

On the subject of cocktails, Oga’s will be the first-ever place to find alcohol in Disneyland Park. Well, besides my travel mug.

However, it should be noted that no drinks will be allowed outside of Oga’s Cantina in the park.

The alcoholic beverages offered are as follows:


  • The Outer Rim – a margarita type drink with a black salt rim (above picture, bottom row left)
  • Yub Nub – a passion fruit rum punch (above picture, bottom row right)
  • The Bespin Fizz – a Cosmo-type fizzy, bubbly drink with yuzu and rum (above picture, top row left)
  • The Fuzzy Tauntaun – a creamy lemon cocktail topped with foam (above picture, top row right)
  • The Bloody Rancor – A Bloody Mary-ish drink topped with an edible bone garnish (middle picture, bottom row right)
  • The Jedi Mind Trick – a grapefruit tipple that starts sweet yet turns savory and botanical
  • Dagobah Slug SlingerNo description available just yet
  • Jet JuiceNo description available just yet
  • Spriran CafNo description available just yet
  • Toniray Wine
  • Bad Motivator IPA
  • White Wampa Ale – a wheat beer
  • Spice Runner – a dark cider

OGA NA GE2 3-19

The non- alcoholic beverages offered are as follows:

  • Black Spire Brew – a spiced cold brew coffee drink (middle picture, top row right)
  • Blue Bantha – a glass of BLUE MILK topped with a bantha-horn cookie (middle picture, top row left)
  • Moogan Tea – which I assume is some sort of iced tea beverage (middle picture, bottom row left)
  • Carbon Freeze – (bottom picture, top left)
  • Cliff Dweller – a fruit punch based juice drink (bottom picture, top row right)
  • Tarine TeaNo description available just yet
  • Hyperdrive Punch It!No description available just yet
  • Jabba JuiceNo description available just yet

Like I said, Oga’s will primarily be focused on beverages, but there will be some light fare available. I love the term “light fare.” It’s way more sophisticated than saying “alcohol-soakers.”

  • Cantina Mix – basically, a snack mix but like a plussed-up Star Wars-y snack mix. I’ve heard talk of wasabi peas and freeze-dried chocolate. So.
  • Oga’s Obsession – this is the novelty dish I am sure most people will be looking to try. This is a little petri-dish filled with some kind of gelatin, popping pearls, fruits, and pop rocks. Seems weird, so I mean I am sure I will try it (bottom picture, bottom row)
  • Rodian Ration – no real description available, but I am hoping this is some sort of expanding bread thing like the rations Rey “enjoys” in The Force Awakens. Plus, if its good enough for Greedo (a Rodian), it’s good enough for me.

OGA NA 2 GE2 3-19.jpg


Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo

Docking Bay 7 will most likely be your primary focus when looking for a meal in Galaxy’s Edge.

DOCKING BAY 7 GE2 3-19.jpg

This location is the main dining area in Galaxy’s Edge, run by Chef Strono “Cookie” Tuggs, a former cook for Maz Kanata. The dishes offered here are mentioned below, each with both ingredients and what they represent in the Star Wars universe so you can feel like you are being adventurous when you are really just eating chicken.

Main dishes:

  • Braised Shaak Roast – beef pot roast with cavatelli pasta, kale, and mushrooms. In the Star Wars universe, Shaak are a large, round, herboivore species found in Naboo

SHAAK ROAST GE2 3-19.jpeg

  • Smoked Kaadu Ribs – smoked country sticky pork ribs with blueberry corn muffin and cabbage slaw.  In the Star Wars universe, the Kaadu are large, flightless birds. Jar-Jar Binks (groan) and the rest of the Gungans rode them in Episode I. Interestingly, these birds were initially native to Tatooine but the creators of the film transported them to Naboo for Episode I and replaced those shown on Tatooine with Eopie in the older films. Wait, did I say “interestingly”?

KAADU RIBS GE2 3-19.jpg

  • Fried Endorian Tip-Yip – fried chicken with mashed vegetables and herb gravy. In Star Wars speak, the Tip-Yip are a species of bird that reside on Endor. Which begs the question – where is the roasted Ewok on this menu?

TIPYIP GE2 3-19.jpeg

  • Oven Roasted Tip-Yip – roasted chicken with mixed greens, roasted vegetables, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, and green curry ranch dressing. Wait, two Tip-Yip dishes and still no Ewok?


  • Oven Roasted Burra Fish – Dijon-crusted sustainable fish with mixed greens, roasted vegetables, quinoa, pumpkin seeds, and green curry ranch dressing. In Star Wars, the burra fish are native to the planet Dathomir, home planet of Darth Maul. I read these fish are edible to two near-human species – the Kaffir and the Dathormirians. I’m wiling to risk it though.

BURRA FISH GE2 3-19.jpg

  • Yobshrimp Noodle Salad – a marinated arrowroot noodle salad with chilled shrimp. It seems as though they import a lot of their food in from Naboo here as yobshrimp reside in Lake Paonga in the Naboo abyss.

YOBSHRIMP GE2 3-19.jpeg

  • Ithorian Garden Loaf – a plant-based “meatloaf” dish served with roasted vegetable mash, seasonal vegetables and mushroom sauce. As this is meatless, there are no “species” in the Star Wars universe, but this recipe is enjoyed by the Ithorians (the “Hammerhead” dudes.)

GARDEN LOAF GE2 3-19.jpg

  • Felucian Garden Spread – another meatless dish, this is a plant-based kefta “meatball” dish with herb hummus and tomato-cucumber relish with pita bread. In the Star Wars universe, this dish is made from a protein from the jungle planet of Felucia. I am gonna go ahead and predict an onslaught of “Bye, Felucia” captioned Instagram posts.

FELUCIAN GE2 3-19.jpg

This location will also offer a couple kids meals for younglings turned off by the idea of eating fried large, flightless birds or ewoks (eh, one last shot…):

  • Fried chicken with macaroni and cheese
  • Chilled shrimp with vegetables and rice noodle salad

And there will be a couple non-alcoholic specialty drinks offered here as well – Phattro and Moof Juice. And I don’t know what they are, but here is what they look like. See? Colors. I do know that in the films, phattro is alcoholic. So already, I am less than enthused with the remake.


And for dessert, you can opt for the raspberry crème puff or chocolate cake.

DB DESSERT GE2 3-19.jpg

Ronto Roasters


Ronto Roasters is an open-air “meat on a spit” type place run by Bakkar and his droid 8D-J8. Being a huge podracing fan, this place is decked out with podracing paraphernalia and Bakkar has even fashioned an old podracing engine into a meat roaster. The meat being roasted? Ronto, of course. Ronto are a huge herbivore species native to Tatooine. You can see them throughout the films, most notably as an add in the new edition of New Hope.


RONTO GE2 3-19.jpeg
Looks delicious!

This is a place to grab something quick to eat, so offerings are minimal but nonetheless look pretty good:

  • Ronto Wrap – this wrap will be filled with grilled sausage, roasted pork, coleslaw, and peppercorn sauce.
  • Turkey Jerky – this will be turkey jerky. Duh.

RR FOOD GE2 3-19.jpeg

And a few specialty non-alcoholic beverages will be offered as well:

  • Sour Sarlacc – being described as a fruity drink with notes of raspberry and watermelon
  • Tatooine Sunset – being described as a fruity mix of lemonade and sweet tea
  • Edge Meiloorun Juice (pictured, above)

Kat Sakas Kettle

Kat Sakas will be fashioned as a grain stall in the marketplace at the outpost, where the proprietor sells Outpost Mix (sweet and salty popcorn with a bit of spice.)

POPCORN GE2 3-19.jpeg

Bubo Wamba’s Milk Stand

MILK GE2 3-19.jpg

This is where people will be going to get their blue (or green) milk fix. Unlike the blue milk used in the Blue Bantha at Oga’s Cantina, these beverages are frozen and frothy, direct from Bubo Wamba Farms.

According to early descriptions, these will be like milkshakes in texture and rather than being based on actual dairy milk, these will be plant-based milks. So even if you have no patience for lactose, you can enjoy them.

And yes, the green milk is…ewww….this…


But, for what it’s worth, I hear it has a nice tropical flavor. Ew.


Great. But how ELSE can I spend my money (AKA what about the merchandise?)


I mean, OF COURSE there are gift shops. It’s Disney. But in keeping with the whole theme of Star Wars immersion, these are like hella-gift shops:

  • Toydarian Toy Shop – run by Zabaka, a Toydarian (think Watto in Phantom Menace), everything here looks to have a handmade feel. You can find plushies, action figures, musical instruments, and other toys. I mean, she is a Toydarian so.

TOYDARIAN GE2 3-19.jpg

  • Bina’s Creature Stall – this place sells mainly plushies and creatures – tauntauns, porgs, wampas. But, the cool thing here is while shopping for smaller versions, I hear there will also be life-size animatronic creatures in cages throughout the shop. Man, that tauntaun is insanely cute. I am all for the ethical treatment of tauntauns after Empire Strikes Back.


  • Mubo’s Droid Depot – here, you can build your own droid based off R models (like R2D2) or BB units (like BB-8). And, to give the place character, life-size droids will roam the shop as you build.

DROID DEPOT GE2 3-19.jpg

  • Savi’s Workshop – this is the place where you can make-your-own light sabers. But unlike the current experiences in Disney Springs and Tatooine Traders, this will be extremely plussed-up. The process will be a very intimate one. According to reports, guests will be brought in 14 at a time to go through the building process. And it’s an involved process. First, you will be asked to choose from 4 different light saber styles (Peace & Justice, Power & Control, Elemental Nature, Protection & Defense) and then choose from 4 different Kyber crystals to determine the color of your blade. From there, those two choices will decide which other pieces (salvaged from ships and fallen temples) can then be added to your saber. The whole experience will be intensely interactive and incorporated a number of special effects. I think of it as Disney’s answer to the wand experience at Wizarding World of Harry Potter. And these sabers are super high-quality with metal hilts and light-up blades.

  • Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities – this place is run by Dok-Ondar, an Ithorian (mentioned above…again, hammerheads). Dok-Ondar, represented as an in-store audio-animatronic, has collected a bunch of artifacts from before the Empire, when Jedis and Sith used to battle. This place will probably be a browsing-only opportunity for most guests as there will be higher-end stuff here, like high-end pre-built “Legends” light sabers. There will, however, be holocron cubes (Jedi archives) available that I think may interest some. Not sure how much they will cost, but you will be able to place different kyber crystals inside them to hear different teachings (recorded messages) about the Force.


And there will of course be places to buy apparel, like Black Spire Outpost Fashion, where you can buy First Order and Resistance outfits, pins, water bottles, etc.

FIRST ORDER GE2 3-19.jpg



Anything else I need to know?

Yeah, of course. One of the big components of what has everyone excited about Galaxy’s Edge is the level of immersion that’s expected. You will legit be surrounded by Star Wars, from technology you can access via your smartphone (check out this article on the Disney Food blog for more information) to a brand new John Williams composed (!!!) score for the land…

..it’s gonna be bananas. You are really going to feel like you’ve landed on a whole new planet.

You will interact with cast members in a brand new way, too. Each cast member in the land will be fully outfitted in some pretty sweet costumes.

COSTUMES GE2 3-19.jpg

And they will be schooled in being able to converse completely in-character. From roaming cast members to the ones manning the registers at shops and dining locations, reports say they will be trained not only in their job duties, but also in improv so they can carry on a conversation with anyone willing to ask a question. Plus, they will know who you are and how you have been interacting with the land. For example, they will know how you fared on Smuggler’s Run, as alluded to in my first post.

And this is just the tip of the asteroid. There is so much more we don’t know, I’m sure. And there is so much more to come. I mean, I haven’t even touched on the Star Wars hotel coming down the line.

So. Much. Star Wars. I can’t frakkin wait!!!!!!!!

DONT FREAK GE2 3-19.gif


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