Oh, hey there. I didn’t see you come in.

Haha, kidding. Pfft, silly goose. This is a blog.

Now that all that hilarity is out of the way…

We have another pre-trip post to get through…er….enjoy. And hey, good news. This one has some sort of semblance of Disney to it. I mean, its not ALLLL Disney. The first day has us still heading down there. And while Sunday has us getting to Disney, it’s not like we are hitting any parks. But whatever. It’s 2020. You should honestly be happy with whatever you get. I mean, so long as its not COVID.

And yeah – as of right now, we are STILL going to Walt Disney World in November. Everything in this plan is still totally subject to change. So like, this post is not a binding contract or anything.

Anyways, lets get on with the show, eh?

Day 3 – Richmond, VA to Jekyll Island, GA

So, if you recall from my first post, we will be waking up on Day 3 in Richmond, VA, having spent the night at the Hilton Richmond Downtown. Hopefully, we would have gotten a good night’s sleep. Because we have A LOT of driving ahead of us.

I notice there is no mention of breakfast on Nickie’s spreadsheet, probably due to the fact that we have to hit the road hella-early. I assume we will grab something on the road at like McDonald’s or Dunkin Donuts, but…BUT.


If we have the time, I did find a pretttty good-looking donut shop 7 minutes from our hotel. Sugar Shack Donuts & Coffee looks to be a pretty legit donut shop. Great reviews and what looks to be a really nice selection. The red velvet, vanilla coconut, and chocolate & caramel with sea salt all look lovely.

Donut? More like whoa-nut. Take all my dough-nut. Do-WHAT??
Eh, that’s all I have.

Another option, the Greenbriar Café & Coffeehouse is only like a 4 minute drive from our hotel. They look to have like pretty awesome breakfast sandwiches, like the Petey (chorizo, soft scrambled egg w/herbs, goat cheese, tomato, onion, mozzerella, brioche). But honestly, what is really drawing me to this place is this thing I saw listed on Yelp – the birthday cake latte.

I have no idea what it really is. But sprinkles.

So I mean, both look like pretty good quick breakfast options. I can’t see us losing this situation.

After wherever we decide for breakfast, it’ll be time to hit the road. The plan is to be on the road by 7AM. Our drive today? 8 hours.

Let that sink in for a second.

And I mean – I am glad I spent so much time ruminating on breakfast, because I have NO idea where lunch will be that day. If COVID wasn’t like, a situation, I could almost guarantee we would be stopping for lunch at a Waffle House on the way. We love ourselves some Waffle House.

This is legit us at Waffle House.

But I feel like we may search for a place with outdoor dining if possible. Or just grab something to eat in the car. It really depends on how we are feeling things that day. I mean, we have indoor dining plans at Walt Disney World so who knows. Maybe we will find a Waffle House with some tables set up outside?

I know what I’m gonna be praying for tonight.

So I hopefully will have so much more to report from this drive when I write the actual Trip Report, but it’s hard to predict what we will be doing to keep ourselves occupied for this 8 hours. Music? License plate game? Myles and Owen having arguments that lead to tears? Only time will tell.

But the last one. Definitely the last one.

So after 8 hours or so, we will finally reach out ultimate destination – Jekyll Island, GA!

I’ll tell you one thing. This Jekyll definitely won’t make me wanna Hyde. Amiright?
I’m sorry. That was uncalled for.

To be honest, I think the only reason we are heading to Jekyll Island is because they went there on Southern Charm. So I don’t know. I think we should make a whole Southern Charm day out of it.  What would that entail? I was thinking we could drink some white wine, sew some pillows, and generally just act like terrible human beings.

Eh, I guess we could do the wine thing…and maybe the terrible human being thing.

Once we get into Jekyll Island, the first stop will be checking into our home for the night – The Hampton Inn – Jekyll Island. I’ve mentioned it before, but my love for Hampton Inns knows no bounds. I have just always found their service to be top-notch and their amenities to be plentiful. Some of this may have changed due to COVID, but still…I love you, Hampton Inn.

And according to recent reviews, it sounds like the pool is open. So if the crowd level is low, who knows? Maybe we will head there for a quick dip.

But it would have to be quick. Because an 8-hour drive would definitely work up an appetite. And the dinner plan that night is The Wharf (

Which seems like a pretty cool place. During non-COVID times, it looks like they have live music but according to their website, this is not happening at the moment.

But not to worry. They do still have food. AND drinks. So it’s basically Xanadu.

I mean. I had to.

Looking through the menu, I have ZERO idea what I’m getting. Shrimp and grits? Shrimp and scallops? Buffalo shrimp tacos?

The point is…shrimp.

And for drinks? I mean, they have a Rum Runner, which is like always a good option. And they have this Georgia themed peach/bourbon drink, which also sounds pretty good. AND they have frozen Miami Vices (part Strawberry Daquiri, part Pina Colada). So many choices. All of them drunk good. All of them good. But not all of them are…

After dinner, I’m not sure what’s happening. It might be nice to head back to the hotel and walk along the boardwalk down to the beach. Or given the distance we travelled, it might also be nice to just head back to the room, chill out, and watch some TV.

I know one thing for sure – it will be tough to fall asleep I’m sure since we have a pretty exciting drive ahead of us on Day 4.

Spoiler alert – we are going to Walt Disney World!

Day 4 – Jekyll Island, GA to Walt Disney World!

Day 4 has us up super early, hitting the road by 6AM (damn you spreadsheet!)

Now, as I have mentioned, my love for Hampton Inn has a lot to do with the amenities offered. And those amenities begin and end with make-your-own waffles. Unfortunately, due to COVID, make-your-own-waffles are not happening.

You are the suck, COVID.

But, according to what I have been seeing online, Hampton Inn is still offering their grab-and-go breakfast bags. So eh, maybe we will just grab a few of these for the crew. And if this doesn’t satisfy, I just read the Dairy Queen in Jekyll Island serves breakfast?

Oh Jekyll Island, what wonders you hold.

I can’t find a DQ breakfast menu online, but according to that picture, they have a biscuit sandwich. So I mean. And I did actually find these nutritional facts, which I kind of wish I hadn’t. On account of no one wants to know the nutritional content of their Dairy Queen breakfast. And anyways, who knows if this full list will be available? If it is though, they have something called Lil’ Donuts on there.

And encouragingly, I found this review on TripAdvisor:

  • “Superb breakfast! Eggs, bacon and potato/ hash browns all for only $4.99 great value! Hubby had biscuits and gravy also scrumptious! Best breakfast on Jekyll and awesome value too.” – rockstreesminerals

The fact that this is noted as the best breakfast on Jekyll both makes me excited for the potential of a Dairy Queen breakfast and sad for Jekyll Island. But appreciate the help, rockstreesminerals.

Our drive on Day 4 is comparably short. At least, compared to Day 3. But you know, not compared to normal driving. It’s still 4 hours.

But. At the end of that 4 hours? DISNEY WORLD!!!!111one one

Specifically, we are driving right to Disney Springs.

Because we have brunch reservations.

“But Wayne, you already ate breakfast,” you say.

“Shut up. I am now eating according to Disney rules,” I say.

But yeah, 11AM brunch reservations on Day 4 at City Works Eatery and Pour House. And this is exciting. Not only because the food sounds delicious, but the dish names are all punny rock-and-roll names. There’s a Jon Bun Jovi giant cinnamon roll and a Johnny Hash, for example. They even have a shakshuka on the menu. Which I bet they only introduced to they could use what is probably the best item name on the menu – the Chak Shuka Kahn.

It’s like a Disney version of Jack Rabbit Slim’s. You know minus the dance contest. And cocaine.

The menu looks hella-great and I am gonna have a hard time picking what to get. Thankfully, the Jon Bun Jovi is a shareable. So we can just start with that. But I think (I think) for my main I am gonna get the Mother’s Little Helper (a “hangover bowl” filled with smoked cheddar grits, braised pork belly, breakfast sausage link, fried egg, and smoked tomato charred scallion relish.) That’s a lot of whoa in there. Plus, its specifically designated as a hangover bowl. Which might come in handy. Because if you recall the night before…

But I mean, look how pretty this thing looks.

And to drink? I feel like I MUST get the Flapjack Old Fashioned (Devil’s River rye whiskey, butterscotch Schnapps, candied maple syrup, candied bacon, orange bitters) but their Hot Blooded Bloody Mary sounds hard to pass up (18 oz. spicy Bloody Mary crowned fried onion rings, a celery stalk and a skewer loved with candied bacon, house-made spicy pickles, cheese curd, olive, cornichon, pepperoni, pickled jalapeños, and a hard-boiled egg.)

Oh. My. God.

I am WAY too excited for this brunch.

After brunch, its time to get to our home for the week – Disney’s Boardwalk Villas!

Man, we love us some Boardwalk. The hotel itself is great of course, with some fun (and at times creepy) theming but the location is perfection. Located right on the boardwalk, it’s a walk to EPCOT AND a walk to Hollywood Studios.

And…AND. Given that we had to convert a 2 week DVC studio stay down to 1 week, we are now in a 1-bedroom! So excited!

Once we have checked in, the plan is to hit the pool for a couple hours. Not sure if we will be hitting the quieter Rose Garden pool or this nightmare…

You’ll float too.

…but one thing is for sure. Mai Tais. Mai Tais are for sure.

After pool time, it’s back up to the room to get ready for dinner. After we all have put our faces on and what not, its back in the car to head over to the Grand Floridian for dinner at Narcoossee’s.

And guys, this choice? It’s controversial.

For one, Narcoossee’s only has indoor dining. Which, you know…COVID. I am sure we will be feeling a little odd and awkward and stressed eating inside, but eh. Seafood helps.

Secondly, though, Narcoossee’s has been a hit-or-miss for us. We have been a few times and I have had great food there and meh food. But more importantly? I don’t think I have EVER had good service here. But people legit LOVE this place so this is it. If it’s not good again, this is it, Narcoossee’s. We are done.

On paper, though, Narcoossee’s looks good. I may end up going once again for the surf and turf. But…I may be opting for the scallops over the lobster tail. I know. Blasphemy. But hear me out. For one, I am on a HUGE scallops kick. I mean, I don’t know if I can call it a kick. It’s been going on for a few years now. It’s a lifestyle at this point. And for two, I DID get the steak and lobster before at Narcoossee’s. And the lobster tail was…eh. It just didn’t taste all that fresh to me.

So, scallops it is. Probably.

After dinner, I am sure we will take a little time to enjoy the view of Cinderella Castle before we head out, but we can’t stay too long because the spreadsheet says we are going to play some miniature golf at Fantasia Gardens.

It’s kind of hard to believe that with all the times we have been to Walt Disney World, we have never done any of the miniature golf. I’ve actually played at one of Disney’s actual golf courses, but never the miniature kind. So I am pretty excited for this.

And this course? It looks all kinds of whimsical guys.

I think Owen will still have a meltdown due to his inability to quell his competitive nature, but it might be easier to deal with being surrounded by dancing hippos.

After mini-golf, it’s back to the room to get a good night’s sleep because tomorrow? PARK DAY!!!!111 AIR HORN NOISE.

All in all though, sounds like a pretty good first day at Disney. Hopefully, this all plays out. Catch you in the next post.

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Next post (November 2020 pre-trip Day 5 – EPCOT)


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