Welcome everyone to yet another installment chronicling our March 2021 trip to Beaches Turks & Caicos!

I know it’s been over a week since my last post and for that, I apologize. I wish I could say this was because I was working so hard I didn’t have time to write or something important-sounding like that.


You see, we are often rewatching shows we like with the kids. We always seem to have some show going with them, some show that Nickie and I enjoyed watching either together or separately before we knew each other. We have gone through a bunch of shows with them – The Office, The Wonder Years, Cheers, Scrubs, Arrested Development, Friends, The OC, 30 Rock, Chuck, Seinfeld, Parks and Recreation, Friday Night Lights, Gilmore Girls, Freaks and Geeks, Community, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc. etc.

Yeah, TV is kind of important to me.

To be honest, Myles kind of comes in and out of these. He made it through some of them, but others he showed no interest in. Owen though – he is legit there for it. All of it.

And for years, I have been suggesting Lost. But I couldn’t garner enough interest. We even got so far as to watch the pilot a few years ago. But still….nothing. And then, as we were watching the series finale of Cougar Town last week, with no other immediate binge-worthy shows coming to mind, I suggested it once more. Owen relented and after the full two episodes of the pilot, he was hooked.

Like I said, we started this last week, after I posted my Day 4 post. We are now in the middle of Season 5.

So yeh. I’ve been busy. I am sorry. Can we just move past it?

And besides, now we get to talk about Day 5! We can all get behind that. Know why?

Because Day 5.

Day 5 is….


Beaches Turks & Caicos 2021 trip: Day 5!

So Day 5.

Day 5 was the day we had to get our on-island COVID test so that we could go home. On account of obviously we wanted to go home and get back to work and not be on the beach and not have mac and cheese or Tito’s and sodas whenever we wanted. Riiiight.

I mean, obviously none of us wanted COVID or anything like that, but it’s sort of bittersweet knowing that getting a good result meant we had to go home.

It was like a test where if you pass with flying colors, you’re awarded with a punch in the stomach and an old DVD copy of Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2.

I mean, that’s unfair. It’s not ALL Superbabies’ fault. Nothing was going to match the original film. Lightning never strikes twice.

So yeah. We were up at around 6:30ish.

Our test wasn’t until 8:00AM but here we were. Up. Before 7AM. Like every other day. It may have had something to do with the fact that Nickie insisted on all the curtains being wide open every morning to let the sun in as soon as it showed its bright yellow face. She made it seem like this was so she could enjoy the majesty of a Caribbean morn as she awoke to greet the day.

But I believe she was simply doing it as a punishment to me for making her watch Die Hard so many times.  Yippee-kay-ay mother father.

The COVID tests were being administered at the Nurse’s station outside the Caribbean Village lobby.

We got there, let the nurse know we were there, and took a seat outside.

We went in, two at a time, Myles and I first followed by Nickie and Owen. The nurse swabbed our nostrils and off we went.

I’ve had all the COVID tests – the long swab, the short swab, the one-nostril, the two-nostril, the quick swab, the 10 seconds. All of em. And this one was pretty easy stuff…Super quick, didn’t go too far in. That’s what she said.

Afterwards, the nurse handed us a slip of paper with a number on it and told us to call it in about 15 minutes to get our results.

Before we left the Caribbean Village, we ducked into the lobby.

We wanted to grab some coffee drinks at their nifty little coffee drink machine.

Nickie and I both made some lattes – regular for me, decaf for Nickie.

It was good coffee. And it tasted even more awesome because I made it myself! Look at me. Making coffee for myself. Only 8AM and I had already accomplished so much.

We walked back to our room at the Italian Village and by the time we got there, 15 minutes had pretty much passed so I called the number they gave us to check on our COVID results.

After that, it was time for breakf….


Oh…the results. Riiiiight.

We sure got the results, alright.

And after that, it was time for break….

OK OK. Yeah we were all positive.

That we didn’t have COVID.

Ah right. I can see how that would be confusing. We were negative. Right, sorry.

As were the rest of our party. No COVID up in here. COVID? More like NO-VID. You know, on account of none of us had it.

Right, ahem.

Time for breakfast!

For breakfast today it was us, the Falzones, and Jeff and Sheila. The Siggins were packing up because they were moving from the resort to an AirBnB on the island for the next few days. But don’t worry – you haven’t seen the last of them!

But yeah – breakfast time. Breakfast today was at Bayside once again. Let’s commemorate the occasion with a picture. Everybody smile!

Actually, you know what? Scratch that. Nickie, Larissa, and Jeff smile. Everyone else – look bored or annoyed with me for taking your picture so early in the morning.


Nickie also snapped some pictures of people at the table. And sure – you all smile for her.

Mia, Myles, and Owen (and Candy Heart) were meanwhile posing for their next album cover.

We literally could not stop taking pictures of ourselves.

We’re so vain.

I bet we think this blog is about us.

As with any other successful breakfast, this one started with some sort of breakfast drink. This time around, I went Mimosa over Bloody Mary.

Since we had already visited Bayside for breakfast earlier in the trip and the dishes ordered hadn’t changed too much, I didn’t take a pic of a ton of breakfast plates. I did grab one picture of Nickie’s All-American breakfast thing.

Which was pretty much the same thing I took a picture of last time we ate at Bayside. Eggs, bacon, sausage, home fries. Not sure what compelled me to take a picture of this repeat dish specifically but here it is. I blame the siren song of those hash browns. I can’t stop taking pictures of you, you magnificent beasts.

Also, as you may recall from my Day 3 post, I already posted a picture in that post of my breakfast entrée from today. It was a picture…


1.21 gigawatts!

Flux capacitor.

Mom has crush on son.  

But yeah – a bunch of us ordered this breakfast sandwich with salami, gruyere, and eggs. We ordered this based off some insanely high praise for it by Artie earlier in the week.  

It was a very good sandwich. I mean, was it the best sandwich? Well, no.

KFC once had a sandwich where the buns were replaced by pieces of fried chicken.

Oh no. I don’t think that’s the best sandwich. In fact, I think that’s actually disgusting. Sorry. Those two statements were completely unrelated.

Annnyways. That was pretty much breakfast at Bayside.

After breakfast, we walked back over to the Italian pool.

And along the way, Mia made a new friend.

But for some of us, our time at the Italian Pool was limited today. Because it was time to make good on a promise we made the kids earlier in the week. Tony, Jeff, and I agreed to play a 3-on-3 basketball game with Myles, Owen, and Liam – adults vs. kids. And I was…looking forward to it?

As you can see, I was wearing a Celtics jersey. But don’t let that fool you. I play basketball a lot like I play golf. By which I mean, I look like I can play, but I don’t follow-through on that visual promise.

That’s the only picture I took of any sort of basketball “action,” but eh…it’s probably for the best. It was not our finest moment. It was like that movie, White Men Can’t Jump.  Myles, Owen, and Liam were Wesley Snipes. And me, Jeff, and Tony were Woody Harrelson. Except we were Woody Harrelson pretending he was bad at basketball. Minus the pretending.

And you don’t wanna see the sweaty, bloody mess that was me, Jeff, and Tony. If you do, it looked a lot like this.

And yeah, I said “bloody.” I am pretty sure both Tony and Jeff sustained physical injuries during this display. I sustained emotional ones that I am still getting over. I still wake up some nights in a cold sweat, babbling on and on about “bricks” and “pick and rolls” and “please can we play to five and not to eleven.”

While we were off proving that time stops for no one and every day is just one more step in the slow march towards death, Nickie and Larissa went down to the beach.

And despite things being a little rough out there, Nickie and Larissa still ventured out into the water.

Whatever. They’ll do what they want.

After swimming around for a little bit, they obviously worked up quite a thirst. And it was then that Larissa discovered an awesome little drink – the Frozen Mojito. This one made by Rosa at the Iguana Pool Bar.

They brought their drinks over to the Adults-Only Hot Tub.

And that amazing little drink (I know because I ended up trying it as well later…and yeah, good stuff) and that jacuzzi set off what I can only imagine was a drink-stravaganza on account of how…erm…happy…they seemed when we met up with them after the game.

We met up with them at the hot tub, grabbed some cocktails and mocktails for the crew, and had a little bit of the Bella Napoli pizza they had ordered. I would have taken pictures of all that noise but it was difficult to do that while dying. From the basketball playing.

After this, the day got a little convoluted so I am trying to piece the events together based on memory, a scant few photos/videos, and texts from that day.

Let’s see how this all goes. It will be like an episode of CSI, but far less interesting.

We all made plans to meet up near Pirate’s Island (the waterpark) after all us ballers went back to the room to clean up and change into our bathing attire. I am pretty sure though, back at the rooms, the kids simply changed while the adults showered to wash off the stink of defeat.

So I am kind of maybe certain the kids met back up with Nickie and Larissa earlier than us and went over to the waterpark. While at the waterpark, according to the pictures I have access to, Myles and Liam got some bodyboarding in over at the surf simulator. Don’t fret. We get some actual surfing in as well a little later in the week.

Were you fretting?

Well, don’t.

Anyways, here they are.

Mia made use of the nearby splash pad.

On our first visit to Pirate’s Island this trip, we definitely hit the bigger slides but we neglected the smaller ones closer to Bobby Dee’s. Today, most of us hit these slides at some point. And though small, these two slides pack quite a punch. The blue tube slide is especially surprising in its intensity. Once you enter the tube, you immediately get air and pretty much drop to the bottom before shooting out into the pool.

I think Liam’s complete flip on his way out tells the complete story.

Rock n’ roll.

At some point, there was also a stop at Bobby Dee’s for some cotton candy.

Meanwhile, back at the rooms – Jeff, Tony, and I finished getting ready and headed over to Pirate’s Island. And of course, we stopped off at the French Pool bar for some Tito’s and sodas before heading into the waterpark. We’re not savages, you know.

When we got to the waterpark, we met up with Sheila, who had secured a cabana near the lazy river. We soon spotted Owen, who was heading into the lazy river and heard the other kids were nearby somewhere as well.

However, Nickie and Larissa were nowhere to be found. Apparently, they left and went back to the Adult Hot Tub area. According to texts I found, this was due to Liam wanting to go in the ocean?

They were in the hot tub because Liam wanted to go to the ocean. Makes sense.

I’m sure it had nothing to do with a desire to have drinks in a hot tub.

Yeah, definitely the ocean thing.

Also, as already established, Liam was at Pirate’s Island. So I mean.

After talking with the crew back at Pirate’s Island, it was decided that we would stick around. Another cabana had become open so we set up camp, let the girls know, and Tony, Jeff, Owen, and I headed over to Bobby Dee’s to grab some lunch for everyone.

We ordered up some wings, burgers, and chicken sandwiches for the group and while we were waiting, Nickie joined us as well.

Quick time check – at this point it was around 3PM. Point being, lunch was late as heck. And being that things were a little harried at this point, I took pretty much no pictures of the meal.




The chicken sandwich at Bobby Dee’s? Hard recommend. Seriously. Thing has this honey mustard aioli on it. It’s good stuff. You should get it. Come on. Just get it. Don’t be such a…

Scared person. Don’t be such a scared person.

While I didn’t get any pictures of us people eating lunch, I did get some pics of this cute little freeloader.

Ha, no. Not Jeff. I mean, he’s cute and all. But he paid his own way.

No, the little kitton. Oh little kitton you are so good. You love food and I love you.

We made up a little dish of chicken for this little guy to enjoy.

We hung at the water park for a little bit and then headed over for a quick drink n’ dip in the French Pool. Yeah, a “drink n’ dip.” That’s what I’m calling it. When you drink and dip. Feel free to use it. #DrinkNDip.

But soon enough, it was time to head back to the room to get ready for the night.

On the way, though, we stopped off at the Red Lane spa in the Caribbean Village because we wanted to check out the hot and cold plunge pools.

Full transparency, that picture above was taken when we visited the spa for our massages. I didn’t really take an “establishing photo” this time around.

When we arrived today, there were actually a few people in the hot tub section. They were all really drunk friendly.

So we all sunk down into the hot tub to get our body temperature up and then I hopped over first to take a plunge in the cold water. It was cold for sure, but it felt nice. Got the blood flowing, all that.

There is however no footage of me doing this. I guess Nickie didn’t wanna waste her battery.

On account of she needed to save it.

So she could record Larissa doing it.

And honestly? I’m fine with her choosing to film Larissa over me. No one wants to see me proving how water displacement works like some sort of Dad Bod Mr. Wizard.

As I mentioned, the Siggins were moving into their AirBnB today, but as you’ve seen, the kids were still hanging around. What happened was Artie and Suzanne headed over to get their rental Jeep, check into the AirBnB, go grocery shopping, etc. while the kids stayed back at the resort with us. So after our time at the waterpark, Liam and Ayla came to chill in our room for a little bit before dinner, where we were gonna meet back up with the parent Siggins

And this resulted in, obvs squad, a cute pic.

While most of us were gonna be together for dinner tonight, Jeff and Sheila were being all kinds of “YOU’RE SCHMOOPY.” On account of Jeff had pre-booked a private romantic dinner for the two of them on the beach.

I think they were picked up at around 6PM or so. Their host came to their room to escort them and brought a rose for Sheila. Really swank.

And while things were romantic enough on their own, we obvs had to plus up the situation. As they were leaving, Nickie and I serenaded them with a rendition of Elvis’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love.”

Yeah, we are kind of romance experts. NBD.

But after Jeff and Sheila headed out, I don’t know. I was feeling a little left out. I wanted a little romance too.

Thankfully, Tony showed up just in time with a bottle of Basil.

You had me at bourbon.

You had me.

At bourbon.


We walked down, made a quick stop at the Italian Village bar for a drink, and then set up camp at the roundabout outside the Italian Village lobby.

This is a really good spot to catch the parade. We actually watched the parade from here last time we visited Beaches and we weren’t even staying at the Italian Village. I will say, last time we were here, the parade wound its way around the roundabout completely but this time they turned the corner before it. But still, a cool spot.

Apologies in advance for the blurry pictures. I was obviously Beatles-on-Ed-Sullivan levels of excited to see Cookie Monster.

I think this video really captures everyone’s excitement during this parade. And when I say, “everyone’s” I mean “Larissa’s.” I think this video really captures Larissa’s excitement.

The excitement was also a lot for the kids. So after we left the parade behind, they had to sit down for a little bit to come down from that Muppet high.

We all relaxed on the chairs and couches for a little bit outside the Italian Village lobby while we waited for our dinner reservations and for the Siggins to arrive.

While we’re waiting, let’s check in on Jeff and Sheila, shall we?

Jeff and Sheila’s dinner was in one of the gazebos down by the water.

So nice.

I might as well go through the food pictures Jeff provided me with. I gotta be real with you though. I don’t fully know what everything is. I’ll try my best to fill in whatever blanks I can. I will say this, though. Jeff and Sheila both said it was a great meal.

This right here? Soup.

And I am no food scientist, but I am pretty sure this is some type of salad.

OK I am doing really good here. Let’s hope this streak continues. This next thing…




Oh wait, though. This…is definitely chicken.

And I distinctly remember Jeff talking about this bit of surf and turf (lobster tail and steak) and how much he liked it. Seriously, that’s a big piece of lobster.

And for dessert?


And…erm…cup of cake?

Remember when you came here looking for information regarding a vacation at Beaches Turks & Caicos? And now also remember when I just said that dessert may have been a cup of cake? Yeah, bet you’re rethinking some life decisions right now.


Dinner for us commoners was at Barefoot by the Sea, right in our own Italian Village. We met up with Artie and Suzanne and we all headed over.

Barefoot is a neat little place. Situated right on the beach in the sand, it has a super chill vibe to it.

Look at all of us. So chill.

Actually, quick caveat. The adults were all chill and what not. But the kids? Eh, they weren’t really feeling the menu so they all decided to go to The Cricketer’s for dinner. This is the beauty of Beaches though, no? I mean, the kids could just get up and head over there no problem. Thanks Beaches. For indulging our picky children.

But for the rest of us, the meal started with some bread and butter. And like much of the bread served at Beaches, it was served with both normal, boring butter and exciting, herbed butter.

And I mean, of course I started with a martini.

Nickie and Larissa got a bottle of Kim Crawford. Look how happy this makes Larissa.

Nickie and I tried to take a selfie at this point. Like, multiple times. And for some reason, every picture kept coming up blurry. This was literally the best we could do.

Nickie is so pretty, I just get so nervous sometimes and my hands shake. That’s obvs it.

Eventually, I made it through the martini and onto the old Beaches standby – the Tito’s and soda.

We started the official meal with appetizers. Some Coconut Shrimp…

…and some Conch Fritters.

Both of which were delicious. I actually can’t decide which of these were my favorite.

Larissa also got a bread bowl of their Caribbean Spiced Seafood Chowder.

Oh, we also had visitors!

Jeff and Sheila came over to slum it with the commoners and hang out for a little bit after their dinner. They only stuck around for a little bit, but any time with Jeff and Sheila is magic.

For my entrée, I got the Shrimp Surf & Turf (Grilled shrimp kabob, Boston cut strip steak, whipped potato, market vegetables, port wine reduction, cilantro & scotch bonnet relish).

Which was REALLY good. The shrimp was very fresh, the meat was super tender, and the port wine reduction added just the right amount of flavor.

I didn’t get pictures of everyone’s entrees but since she was sitting next to me, I got a picture of Suzanne’s dish as well – the Line Caught Snapper (Sautéed snapper, roasted corn & potato succotash, smoked paprika & lime brown butter.)

The temps had dropped by this point and everyone said they were getting a little chilly. So, in the absence of blankets, I walked over to the pool area and grabbed towels for everyone.

And it seemed like the towels had just come out of the dryer because they were all warm. Honestly, these towels kind of saved the night. So at the risk of seeming immodest, I am pretty sure I was everyone’s hero that night. Women loved me, men wanted to be me.

Being as awesome as I am is both a blessing and a curse.

For dessert, Nickie and I did splitsies so that we could each try a little bit of each of the desserts we wanted to get into our tum-tums.

We got the Sunset Beach Coconut Cake with Stewed Berries and Cinnamon Tuile.

And the White Chocolate Cheesecake with Mango and White Chocolate Crumble.

Of the two, I definitely think I preferred the Coconut Cake. Overall, neither were mind-blowing or anything, though.

After we finished up, we met back up with the kids for some billiards at The Cricketer’s.

There were even some attempts at playing Snooker on the bigger table in the hall.

And also this. This was happening.

We kind of owned the pool hall tonight.

And of course. Of course. We did some karaoke. I sang a duet with Nickie – “The Gambler” – and I mean. Yeah, I sang “Purple Rain.” Listen, if I am doing karaoke, there is a 99.99% chance I am singing “Purple Rain.” Let’s just all face that fact and move past it.

I think we ended up leaving karaoke a little bit before 11:30 and headed straight to bed. It was a long day, Day 5. And we were tired.

Stay tuned for Day 6, which is a legit roller-coaster of emotions.

Last post – Day 4
Next post – Day 6

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