Hey everyone! Super short post here but it’s time to introduce you all to the newest member of the Goody Fam Squad. World, meet Stitch. Stitch, meet the world.

Yup. We got a new puppy.

I know.

We aren’t the smartest.

But I mean, he IS insanely cute.

Fine. We kind of really like him. Even if he is a handful.

Like, literally. Dude pretty much fits in your hand.

That’s on account of him being a Micro Mini Double Doodle. Yeah, a pretty long name for a pretty tiny pup. But he is part Golden Doodle and part Aussie Doodle. I think. I don’t know. I feel like he’s kind of made up.

Now. As you guys know, we already have a dog – our girl, Lilo.

And from the start, Lilo has been AWESOME with Stitch. She isn’t always completely ready to play at his level but when she’s had enough of him, she doesn’t like bark or bite or anything like that. But when Stitch bothers her too much or she just doesn’t want to be bothered with his nonsense, she just simply gets up and walks away.

Lilo is like the “Wayne’s co-workers” of dogs.

How in the crud did we get here?

We got Stitch from Sugarshack Doodles in Sugar Grove, IL. Initially, we weren’t even in the market for a puppy. My In-Laws Sharon and Alan, however, were looking for a small pup after their dog, Jamey, passed away. And we hooked them up with Sugarshack due to a friend of ours recently getting a dog from them and having a great experience.

And well. Sugarshack said their dog, Marley, was due in February. Our In-Laws signed up for one annnnnnd Sugarshack said they had a couple more spots available.

To be honest, I wasn’t completely ready to take on the responsibility of having a new puppy. The long nights, the training, the constant trips outside to pee regardless of what the weather was. Having a puppy is a lot of work, for sure.

But Nickie and the kids wanted a puppy.

So we obviously put a deposit down.

Nickie and the kids be like…

Stitch was born into a litter of 5 on February 18, 2021. February 18th also happens to be Myles’s birthday as well. And actually the 19th was our other Golden Retriever’s, Daisy’s, birthday.

So we like February. Is what I am saying to you now.

Look at these little poops.

We originally had 4th pick out of a litter of 5 but moved up due to some other potential families dropping out. We also knew we wanted a boy since we had heard having two females in the house could be problematic.

So we picked this little dude.

And Sharon and Alan picked out their girl, Abby…

They kind of were BFFs immediately.

I will pause for a second so you can get all your “awwwww”s in.

So yeah, I am bit late introducing him…

We officially took Stitch home on April 20th, 2021. It was a Tuesday. The breeder was coming in on an 11ish AM flight and since we were both in Massachusetts, Sharon and Alan could also meet us at the airport to get Abby. Bonus? It was their anniversary as well.

So yeah, April 20th. Over 20 days ago. I know. I suck at the whole keeping you all updated thing. But in my defense?


Back off. Is what I am saying.

Anyways. The first order of business after getting him home was introducing Stitch officially to Lilo. When we first arrived, Myles grabbed Lilo and took her for a short walk while we took Stitch out of the car and got him ready for the whole “Dog Meet Dog” situation.

We let Lilo into the yard and kept Stitch on the other side of the fence to introduce the both of them. Once we saw that Lilo wasn’t all that interested in eating him, we brought Stitch into the yard and let them get all the butt sniffing out of the way. We heard it was good practice to let Stitch into the house first and then have Lilo come in to officially welcome him to the house.

And as you can see from the below picture, Lilo was not at all unsure of what this little ball of energy was going to bring to the house.

She has since warmed up to the little fluff ball and has actually become pretty protective of him. If he is outside trying to do his business and Lilo sees another dog coming down the street she goes nuts inside the house, wanting to get out there to get between the oncoming danger and Stitch. And while yeah, she does occasionally leave the scene if she has had enough of him but I have also seen her play with him and even bring him some of her own toys to play with.

But yeah, the initial intros went well so we were ready to get to know the newest member of our family…

And since then? It’s been so easy. He’s been chill, totally easy, and…


Nah. I couldn’t say that with a straight face. He’s a puppy. The first week was a lot of sleepless nights, constant trips to go outside, and a lot of whining.

But, I will say, since then, he’s becoming a better dog with every day that passes. He’s pretty much doing all his #1’s and #2’s outside, sleeping through the night and only has the occasional “I’m an insane person” outburst.

I think we’ll keep him.

What’s that? You want more puppy pics? OK.

Wish us luck!

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