Day 5 you guys!

This post right here puts us at like somewhere around the 1/3 point of the entire trip.

Wait really? That’s all? 1/3?

Woof, this was a long trip.

Like, it was so long that we all started feeling like, “oh, this is our life now. We just like live at Walt Disney World.”

Which would be nice – on account of all the Mickey waffles and roller coasters. But would also be bad – on account of going broke and the large rodent infestation.

Ahem, I say, “the large rodent infestation.”

But man, Day 5 is pretty great. It’s a park day, we hang out with both family and friends, eat good food, ride fun rides, sing fun songs…

Day 5 is…



Day 5 – Hollywood Studios Day!!!!1111

Day 5 started as many Disney days start – with me getting up, getting my sandals on in a dark room, and heading out in my Golden Girls PJs to get coffees and hot chocolates in our refillable mugs for the room. I mention this not to come across as some sort of hero or anything.

Oh wait. No, that’s exactly why I mention it.

I must be celebrated.

When I got back to the room, I opened up the curtains to wake those sleepyheads and we all got ready for the day and had a quick in-room breakfast once again from our Storybook Delights breakfast box.

Mmm keesh.

I also had to be up before 7AM today to handle a VERY important situation. Since today was a Hollywood Studios day, securing a boarding group for Rise of the Resistance was going to be key.

At 6:59AM, I pulled up the MyDisneyExperience app on my phone, went to the Virtual Queue section, and just kept refreshing. Once 7AM hit, I clicked “Join”, added all auto-selected parties to the boarding group, and viola…

Anyways, we got Boarding Group 71.

Wellll… most of us did. For some reason, I can’t seem to get Shannon in my Family & Friends list. I have Jeff in there no problem but I can’t seem to get her. So technically Shannon wasn’t in our Boarding Group. But we were pretty confident when we explained the situation to the cast members in Galaxy’s Edge, all would be well.

The park was scheduled to open at 9AM which meant, things being the way they are right now, they would be opening the main gates closer to 8AM. Oh Disney, you make no sense.

So the four of us hopped in the car to head over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios, with plans to meet up with Jeff and Shannon in the park.

As we expected, we were definitely let through the gates at around 8AM.




They held us at the end of Hollywood Boulevard until around 8:30AM.

Heh, remember when COVID was happening? Phew, good thing it’s not anymore.

He said sarcastically.

But yeah, at around 8:30AM we were let in and we made straight for Toy Story Land.

While Nickie would be sitting out our first ride of the day (it being a coaster and all), we did meet up with Jeff and Shannon to hop on Slinky Dog Dash!

Dude. I LOVE Slinky Dog Dash. I remember thinking when I first saw what this attraction was gonna be and I was like, “oh, looks like Barnstormer. Big whoop.”

But how wrong I was. Such a fun coaster.

But I mean, I am used to being wrong. I remember thinking Pitch Perfect was going to be enjoyable.

Or when I thought Donald Trump was simply a mean, rich dude on The Apprentice and not a misogynistic, racist jerkwad that would threaten to unravel the very fabric of our democracy.

We were off before 9:00AM. Which, you know, feels like a win since the posted park opening time was 9:00AM. It’s like, “take THAT, Disney.” You may have given me blisters and put me in debt for the next year, but I got to partake in an attraction that required me to wait longer than the actual duration of the ride before your posted opening time which, in fact, was completely orchestrated by you.

I am your willing puppet.

After we hopped off Slinky, we took the short walk over to meet Nickie at Toy Story Mania! Which had a posted, like 45 minute wait but given that we saw no line we decided to give it a shot and see what the real wait time was.

The actual wait time ended up being closer to around 12 minutes so I mean. #winning.

Now, as you saw, I rode with Myles this time around. And I had fully planned on lying and saying I won.

But I mean, I know based on where we were sitting, some eagle-eyed nerd (probably at would have completely been able to figure out our scores based on where we were sitting.

So yes, Myles won. But whatever. I make more money than him.

Toy Story Mania, for a very long time back in the day of paper FastPasses, was THE ride at Hollywood Studios. I remember going to get a FastPass first thing in the morning and like, not even be able to ride until 6PM. Simpler times.

But the attraction still rates high. It’s a fun one. Plus the acronym is TSM. Which is super close to TCM. Which, like, is short for the greatest horror movie ever made – Texas Chainsaw Massacre. So every time I write the acronym for Toy Story Mania, this is always in the back of my head…

And I imagine Leatherface dancing around like that because he got the high score in his vehicle.

Yeah. My mind is a dark, fantastic place. Full of magic castles and blood-covered chainsaws.

On our way out of TC…TSM…I of course made everyone stop in front of the Popsicle Stick wall.

On our way out of Toy Story Land, we made a quick snack stop. Owen opted for one of the most signaturest of signature snacks at Market – the Jack-Jack’s Num Num Cookie!

And Owen not being Myles? He shared! So of course I had a piece. And this cookie was as good as I remembered – super soft, full of big chocolate chunks, and delicious.

And. AND. I paired it with an iced cold brew from the Joffrey’s stand next door.

Which was NEEDED because Day 5? It was hawt.

It was so hot that we tried to duck into One Man’s Dream for a little bit of A/C and Walt Disney history but given that we were snack-carriers, the cast member at the front wouldn’t let us past the lobby.

Which I get. Some people, not naming names, may be so messy they get Oreo crumbs everywhere when they eat those delicious, perfect sandwich cookies. And I mean, that’s not their fault. Those cookies are VERY crumbly sometimes and I am so excited to eat them, I just can’t control myse…


They are so excited, they just can’t control themselves. What did I say? Myself? Ha, I am such an idiot sometimes.

Like when I make such a big mess eating Oreo cook…


Anyways though. Even in the lobby, there is all kinds of history. Like, look at this picture.

Hey, did you know Walt Disney created Mickey Mouse?

Welp, now you know.

As I mentioned, it was HOT. Soooo, we made our way over to this fountain.

Pfft, NO we didn’t go in it. What do you take me for? I would NEVER disrespect Walt Disney World that way. It’s a place I hold near and dear to my heart.

And also, Nickie told me I couldn’t.

But thankfully, that fountain was right next to a place with A/C – Muppet Vision 3D!

And this was one attraction where we were so glad pre-shows were back! There are so many little hidden jokes and puns and Muppety stuff. Like, for instance, right near the sign that says the key is under the mat? The key is under the mat, as demonstrated by my lovely assistant, Myles.

Which, get it? The sign says there is a key and then there is a key. Wocka Wocka.

I know. It’s not one of the better Muppet jokes.

Rizzo dressed up as Mickey Mouse, though?


Anyways though -it was time to play the music.

It was time to light the lights.

It was time to meet the Muppets.

And I know. This attraction is definitely showing a little bit of its age. But I love it so much. It has so much of a Muppet feel to it – all punny and zany and what not. I know someday it may go away but I am dreading that day.

Also though? Sweetums.

Since we were nearby, we decided to stop in at Galaxy’s Edge and just ask about the whole Shannon situation and her not having a Boarding Group with us.

They, of course, said it was fine.

Probably because I’m a blogger.

While we were in Galaxy’s Edge anyways, we decided to walk around a little bit and check out some of the shops.

And we spotted the entrance to the new Star Wars: Galactic Cruiser hotel/experience situation thing.

I CANNOT WAIT for this hotel I won’t ever be able to afford to open.

Anyways. By this time, it was around 11ish. Not quite lunchtime and we were still waiting for our Rise of the Resistance boarding group to be called. So, being that there was a show at 11:30, we decided to head to For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing-A-Long.  

For those that don’t know, this show is AWE-SOME. It’s probably become a must-do for me every time we are at Hollywood Studios. Basically, while Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff (and Olaf during the holidays) do make appearances…

…the show mainly features two Arendelle historians telling the story of the first Frozen film. Scenes from the movie are projected up on the screen.

And during the musical portions, the audience is encouraged to sing-a-long.

The historians are usually very funny. Like I LOL a lot at this show. I also even LMAO sometimes. I may not ROTFL or anything but I have maybe even LSHILOALF.

Oh that one was “Laugh So Hard I Let Out a Little Fart.”


And I kind of love to sing Disney songs at the legit top of my lungs.

So…yeah. This ride is all me. In that it allows me to completely be an embarrassment to my family.

The show ends with a big finale where Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff come out and join the historians.

And end the show with a rousing rendition of “Let It Go” while…get this…it SNOWS. Inside. Oh technology. Is there anything you can’t do?

It’s just such a good show.

And all that singing? Really works up an appetite.

For lunch today, I really wanted to try a spot that I have not liked in the past but heard since the menu went through a change, has really improved – ABC Commissary.

I put in a mobile order and off we went.

To ABC Commissary.

Keep up.

When we got there, our order wasn’t quite ready so I waited near the front with Nickie and the kids while Jeff went to scope out a table. We didn’t wait too long AND they brought us our beers while we waited.

Things were already looking up.

Once we got our food, we sat at the corner table Jeff procured and let me tell you – the legends were true. ABC Commissary was good. We all really liked our lunch. I know I am putting the review before the actual food pics but whatever. It’s MY blog. I’ll do what I want.

Fine, I’ll show you the food.

A bunch of us got the Buffalo Grilled Cheese (Grilled Sourdough toasted with Buffalo Chicken, Monterey, Provolone, Cheddar, and Cream Cheese served with a side of Buffalo Sauce and your choice of Side) which was REALLY good. I loved having the side of buffalo sauce to dip.

Nickie got the Chicken Club Sandwich (Marinated Chicken, Bacon, Provolone, Avocado Ranch, Lettuce, and Tomato served on a Toasted Brioche Bun with your choice of Side).

Owen got the kids’ Grilled Cheese with fries and a cookie.

And yeah, the experience was great. I mean, it’s a counter-service so don’t go in expecting gourmet meals or anything. But the food was tasty for sure.

While we were finishing up our meal, I got a notification that our Rise of the Resistance Boarding Group was…well…boarding. Soooez, back to Galaxy’s Edge we went.

And this whole situation.

OK. So we got in line at around 1:15. At least according to what I can surmise from the timestamp on the photo we took here.

And we walked pretty much continuously through a good chunk of the queue…meaning, no stops.


Until we got close to the end of it. Then? We stopped.

And waited.

And waited.

No announcements. Everyone just sort of stopped.

Around 30 minutes (yeah, 30 minutes) into this waiting, a cast member came through and asked if everyone was holding up ok. People started asking her what was going on and she said there were technical difficulties…just like the announcement said.

We informed her there had been no announcement and she seemed pretty shocked by that and said she would look into it.

It was also at this point that she started offering to take anyone who needed to go the bathroom out of the line to go.

It was pretty much like a hostage situation.

Like literally – this was the scene.

And we sat there for about…an hour maybe? Yeah.

But eventually, things started moving. And we made it into the attraction itself.

This attraction pretty much remains, in my opinion, the best theme park attraction I have EVER been on. I have gone into detail about the experience itself here so I won’t bore you with every little detail again, but man. Seriously, there is just so much going on here. It’s a dark ride. It’s a simulator. It’s a walk-through. I just…there is A LOT.

And while I won’t bore you with details, I will bore you with pictures. I live to bore.

It’s fantastic. And spoiler alert – we ride it again on this trip so get excited for legit like the same pics again in a later post.

I live to bore.

By this time, it was around 2:45 which meant it was time to head out and sadness was just around the corner.

But first. Look! A cavalcade.

Sully, you big lug.

I WANT this car.

Though I find it odd that Buzz doesn’t drive an Infniti.

On our way out, I decided today would be the day I would pick up my popcorn bucket for the trip. On account of (A) getting it early in the trip meant getting more $2 refills and (B) this park is the only one where I could get THIS popcorn bucket.

The Millennium Falcon popcorn bucket, you guys. Look at this thing. It makes me happy even just looking at pictures of it.

Plus, it lights up!

And the best part – they will give you the popcorn refills separately. So like, I didn’t have to dirty up my popcorn bucket.

With popcorn.

That’s some warped Disney thinking right there.

Also by the way, I was completely hemming and hawing about getting this bucket. The whole time in line, I was asking Owen whether I should get it or just opt for the standard but still cool Star Wars bucket, which was cheaper and looked easier to carry around. Everyone in line was giving me advice…some saying to buy, some saying not to.

In the end, I obviously went with the Falcon. And I never once regretted it. On account of literally every day for the rest of the trip at least one person a day would ask me about it and what it was. And like, I love attention as much as I love popcorn.

Like I said earlier, though, there was some sadness waiting for us around the corner.

It was at this point, we had to say goodbye to Jeff and Shannon. Which is always a super sad event. Literal tear-time. We always have so much fun with them at Disney. I mean, obviously because they are my family and I love spending time with them but they are also Disney people. Which helps.

So yeah, it was sad. But we did feel super blessed to have had 3 days with them and being that we would be back in the parks sometime soon I am sure, we always know a visit isn’t too far off.

But hey Jeff and Shannon, thanks for adding so much awesome to our vacation.

After we said our tearful goodbyes, we hopped back in our Crapmobile and drove back to the Wilderness Lodge.

And our plan for the rest of the day included…MORE FRIENDS!!!

Missy and Olivia were meeting us for dinner at our resort!

You know, Missy and Olivia. The Hills.

You guys.

No, so the Hills are Missy, Eric, and their daughter Olivia. Unfortunately, Eric couldn’t join us today. Fortunately, Missy and Olivia could.

We made plans with Missy to meet her and Olivia before dinner at the quieter Boulder Ridge pool.

Though pretty much as soon as we got in the pool, the sky darkened and the lifeguards told us they were closing up because there was lightning in the area.

So, thinking for some reason the weather would be better there, we walked over to the main pool to try our luck.

No dice.

Soooooo. We still met up with Missy and Olivia but instead of swimming, the kids got some scavenger hunt sheets from the front desk and went off on an adventure of their own.

I believe, for completing these hunts, the kids got some buttons and stickers? I dunno. It’s a bit of a blur since while the kids were off on their own adventure, us adults also decided to have an adventure as well.

An alcoholic adventure.

Missy, Nickie, and I went over to Territory Lounge for some drinkypoos.

I, not being one to buck tradition, got myself an Old-Fashioned.

Look how much fun me and Missy are having.

Let that be a lesson to you. Drinking? It’s a good time.

We also ordered up some of the Lounge’s House-Made Potato Chips and Chimichurri Ranch Dip.

This is one of the reasons I love Disney so much though. I love that the kids could be off doing their thing and having a great time while the three of us adults could sit and laugh and drink and eat potato chips.

Yup, it’s a pretty specific thing to love I suppose. But I did. I loved it.

After the kids finished their Scavenger Hunts, we still had some time before dinner so we went back to chill in the room and get prettied up for dinner.

Of course, Myles and Livi needed no prettying up. So they just laid on the sofabed and watched cartoons.

By this time, it was about 7:15 PM and while our dinner reservation wasn’t until 8:00 we thought maybe we could get down there and get seated early. Oh right. Dinner tonight was at Whispering Canyon Café, located right off the lobby.

When we got there, I put our names in and we sat down in the super comfy seats in the lobby.

And no. Myles is not picking his…

Wait, is he? Maybe he is. Olivia definitely seems unsure and disapproving of the whole situation. As you can tell from this zoom-in.

And while we were sitting in the lobby? Armageddon took hold.

By which I mean it rained an INSANE amount of rain.

I guess I can now understand why they kicked us out of the pool.

At around 7:50, I walked up to the podium to ask if we would be seated soon. And just as I was uttering the question, my phone went off telling us our table was ready.

So erm…I guess we were seated early.

I started my meal off with a glass of the Knob Creek Disney Select Single Barrel Reserve on the rocks.

To start off, we ordered some of the ‘Burnt Ends’ Nachos topped with Beef Brisket, Barbecued Pulled Pork, Cheese Sauce, and Salsa.

These were…alright. Nothing super special honestly. I mean, they were fine as far as nachos go but like, I don’t know. I was expecting more.

They also brought out some cornbread and butter. Which was good.

While we were sitting there, enjoying our drinks and apps, Livi started telling riddles. Which. Was. Incredible.

They started as pretty normal riddles but quickly evolved into stories of murder and intrigue and restaurant bathrooms. Seriously? Olivia was a high point of this meal.

As they do at breakfast, Whispering Canyon serves skillets family-style for dinner. And we went with the Traditional (Oak-smoked Mustard-Barbecued Beef Brisket, Maple-Chipotle Pork Ribs, Slow-smoked Pulled Pork, Citrus-Herb Chicken, Western-style Sausage, Smashed Potatoes, Buttered Corn, Sautéed Green Beans.)

Again, this was…fine. I love barbecue and I don’t know. Nothing here was overly special. Nothing was awful either. It just sort of was there and we ate it.

I will say the sausage was probably the standout. It had a nice spice to it and a good, you know, sausagey snap. Oh and the green beans were nice as well.

But yeah, overall dinner at Whispering Canyon was just kind of ok. The service was lacking, the food was so-so and if we weren’t staying at the Wilderness Lodge and trekked out here from the parks or whatever, I probably would have regretted it.

Now, I get that it’s COVID times and a lot of the charm of Whispering Canyon is in the antics of the waitstaff, which really wasn’t a thing tonight. But still, the food is the food.

Wow. Pretty deep there, Wayne. The food is the food.

Confucius I am not.

After dinner, it was time to say goodbye to Missy and Livi. For now, at least. Don’t get too upset. We see them quite a bit on this trip.

Like, a lot.

Like, they were straight-up Goodreau stalkers on this trip. But you know. In a good way.


That was Day 5 you guys. Pretty fun stuff, huh?

Last post – Day 4
Next post – Day 6

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