Well hey everyone!

Welcome to another post in our series focusing on our superduperlong summer 2021 trip to Walt Disney World.

As you guys may or may not remember, this full trip (including travel days) lasted 16 days. But the plan is for Days 15 and 16 to make up one post since Day 16 is a lot of flying and “I’m tireds” and “the real world sucks” and all that.

So this post is essentially the penultimate post.

And like, everyone knows the penultimate episode is often the best episode of a season. I mean, right?

Think about it.

“Long-Term Parking” – The Sopranos

“The Rains of Castamere” – Game of Thrones

“World War III” – Night Court

So obviously, this post is going to be THE BEST post of this entire series.

Eh. I wouldn’t say “obviously.”

You know. Beauty in the eye of the beholder and all.

I’m just saying. Don’t get your hopes up or anything.

Anyways. On with Day 14!

Day 14 – A day at the Magic Kingdom and hopping around the monorail resorts!

I started Day 14 off as a man with a mission.

If I chose to accept it.

Which I did.

Accept it.

In order to complete this mission, I was up at 6AM so I could be showered, dressed, out the door, and on the BoardWalk by 6:40.

Only to find that I couldn’t actually complete the mission until 7AM. But eh, at least I had a nice view to keep me occupied.

Mornings on the BoardWalk are real nice. If you’re staying at one of the resorts around Crescent Lake, I highly recommend getting down there at least one morning before the rest of the resort wakes up. It’s a super peaceful and relaxing way to start the day.

But once 7AM hit, it was back to the mission. Because that was when the BoardWalk Bakery opened for the day.

Inside the BoardWalk Bakery there was, as always, all kinds of yum happening.

But donut let those treats distract you. Because we donut have any time for that sort of thing.

Do you know yet what I was trying to get?

You donut?

Donuts. It was donuts.

You see, these donuts at BoardWalk Bakery a special kind of situation. They put them out when the bakery opens but they only put out whatever they’ve made that morning and once they’re gone, they’re gone.

So, like…even if these donuts sucked butt, they’d suck butt a little less because of their limited availability. Like those Halloween-shaped Reese’s Peanut Butter cups. I mean, come on. They’re smaller than regular peanut butter cups and they look NOTHING like bats OR pumpkins.

So like – here’s the donut.

And yeah, it was tasty. Was it the best donut I’ve ever eaten? No. But was it the most exclusive?

Hrm. Maybe?

I grabbed a bunch for the room and brought them back along with some hot chocolates and coffees. Because yes, I am some sort of angel.

After we all ingested that delicious poison that is donuts, we got our stuff together and headed out. Our destination today required us to take the bus. Which meant we had to mask up.

Oh, our destination today? It’s only THE MAGIC KINGDOM!!!

We arrived at the park gates at 8:20AM this morning even though the park didn’t officially open until 9:00.

Why do we do such things? Well, you see, while the park doesn’t officially open until 9:00AM, they do still let you through the main gates. Which gives us some time to take the all-important “walking up Main St.” and “in front of the castle” pictures.

Also, the rope-drop strategy at this point is to get through the gates early enough so you can get in a “line” at the land of your choosing, thus giving you a leg up on those later risers for getting on those harder-to-get-on attractions.

Our early-morning attraction of choice today was Seven Dwarfs Mine Train so we headed towards Tomorrowland. I know – the mine train is technically in Fantasyland but the Tomorrowland entrance is actually where you should line up.

Also, I put “line” in quotation marks because really, this isn’t much of a line at all – it’s more an overwhelming crowd.

We were in the crowd by around 8:30. Which put us relatively close to the front. And put A LOT of people behind us.

I should also note this is NOT Nickie’s strategy. On these mornings, she usually hangs out in front of the castle until the park opens and we meet her after we get on our first attraction.

Point being, she is much smarter than us.

Because not only was it crowded, but it was hot as [expletive deleted].

Also, soon after we lined up, Kayce, Bella, and Lani came to meet up with us as well. And we all just sort of stood there. On the hot concrete. In the blazing hot Florida sun.

But we did have fun. We spent our time noting how Liam’s mirrored lenses showed us exactly what he was looking at and loudly cheering at random times.

To the chagrin of the people around us, who thought every cheer meant the ropes were being lifted.

I know. Ain’t we a buncha’ stinkers.

But guys, don’t fall for any of that if you end up line alongside jerkbutts like us. Because they are STICKLERS at the Magic Kingdom. The ropes will lift at exactly 9:00AM.

Once they were lifted, the 7 of us made our way, at the briskest of paces, to the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train queue.

We were in line by 9:10 and on the train by 9:20. So I mean. Shizz worked out.

While we were mining for diamonds and living the scene right before Snow White takes an apple from a creepy old lady even though SHE KNOWS someone is trying to actively kill her (doy), Nickie took a ride on the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover.

Which, I mean. Yeah I wasn’t not jealous.

Being that this was Liam’s only day in the Magic Kingdom, we wanted to make sure he got on Space Mountain and at this point, the wait was about 20 minutes or so. So into the line we went.

And I think the wait ended up being more like 30 minutes and yeah it was hot. Deceptively hot, some might say.

We distracted ourselves with conversations centered on sexy fish and Liam’s questionable crushes, which helped.

The photo plan on this ride was for one car to spell out L-I-A and the other car to have someone spelling an M and one person pointing at Liam. We had 7 people, so I sat this one out. And erm also? We only got the photo back for one car.

So I mean. For all the Lias in the audience. This one’s for you.

Nickie was still doing her own thing but she was at least doing her own thing a little closer to us in Tomorrowland. She first paid a visit to Uncle Orville on the Carousel of Progress.

Annnd she stopped to say hi to Stitch. Again, jealous.

The rest of us were off Space Mountain by 10:00AM.

And we FINALLY met up with Nickie at this point. As I mentioned, she was in Tomorrowland so the meetup was pretty easy.

And being the selfish jerks we are, we made her ride a ride she had already ridden that morning – the Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover.

But eh, it’s worth another ride no? Who doesn’t love a 10-minute advertisement for other rides you could instead be riding?

Obviously not us. We don’t doesn’t love a 10-minute advertisement for other rides we could be riding.

We love it.

Is what I am saying to you now.

Heh, I was an English major btw.

Annnyways. After we hopped off the PeopleMover, we all decided to head across the hub. Which meant we had to walk past the castle.

Which meant we could get pictures of the squad in front of the castle.

On our way over to the Adventureland bridge, we stopped off for a now-pretty-iconic Disney World snack at the Spring Roll cart.

You: Oh cool. The Spring Roll Cart. What did you get?
Me: Quizzical, judgy look.
You: What? What’d I say?

We got Spring Rolls. Obvs.

OK fine. I guess it was kind of a valid question. Since, like, you don’t know what kind of spring rolls I ordered.

At the time we visited, they had two different rolls on the menu – the tried-and-true cheeseburger rolls and the buffalo chicken rolls. I can’t remember what everyone else ordered, but I went with one of each.

So behold. The Cheesburger Spring Roll.

And the Buffalo Chicken Spring Roll.

Both rolls were good, honestly. But I still give the edge to the Cheeseburger one even though as evidenced above, the Buffalo version is more photogenic. The cheeseburger one has that awesome McDonald’s-cheeseburger-type feel to it that I just cannot deny. 

They also came with some dipping sauces. As you can see in the earlier picture above, I got some blue cheese for the Buffalo Chicken Spring Roll and this mayo-based, pickly, aioli-type sauce for the Cheeseburger Roll. Both complemented the rolls well.

Onto Adventureland.

By the way. The Adventureland entrance sign? One of the best signs in all of Walt Disney World.

Change my mind.

But regardless of how awesome the sign was, the wait for Big Thunder Mountain in Frontierland was too short to pass up. For most of us at least. This was yet another attraction Nickie doesn’t enjoy so she was going to sit this one out again. But don’t worry – believe me, Nickie will be featuring heavily once the afternoon hits.

Plus, she stuck around in Adventureland and got to visit the Enchanted Tiki Room, guys.

Again, not gonna lie. Kind of jealous. I love me some tiki birds.

But ok…I mean. Big Thunder IS my favorite of all the Magic Kingdom attractions. So it’s not all bad. Onto Frontierland!


And yeah, as you can see in the picture above, the wait time was at 35 minutes. I guess that may not seem all that short but look, this was Liam’s ONLY day at the Magic Kingdom, ok?

Seriously, why do you hate Liam?

We ended up boarding our train at 12:01 after getting in line at 11:30 so the wait time was pretty accurate.

After we exited the attraction, we met back up with Nickie and pulled a Scooby-Doo.

You know a Scooby-Doo.

Come on, you know.

Right. We split up. Nickie and I decided we wanted to leave the park for lunch. Kayce wanted to head back to her resort. And the kids, of course, wanted to stay in the park for a little bit longer.

Also, this was a moment of complete sadness as Kayce and the girls were heading home to St. Louis today. So at this point, Nickie and I were saying goodbye to them.

Sad face.

We seriously had so much fun with Kayce, Bella, and Lani this trip. The laughing. It was a lot. And it’s become kind of hard to imagine a Disney trip without them. Which is why I don’t see that happening ever. Thanks to the three of them for making our trip even better.

Sooooo…..Nickie and I grabbed a monorail to Disney’s Grand Floridian Hotel & Spa.

See? That’s us. There in the window.

See? That’s us there. Staring straight into the camera.

Along the way to the Grand Floridian, we snapped some pictures of the passing – and magical – scenery.

And at a little after 1:00PM, we were walking into the always-impressive, too-good-for-us Grand Floridian lobby.

Yeah. We obviously don’t belong here. Maybe if we washed up?

Whenever we stop off at the Grand Floridian, it’s pretty much an imperative that we stop off at Basin. Which is a store that sells soaps and what not. And yeah, sure…I suppose that’s not all….

Wait. Let’s start that again.

And yeah, sure…I soappose that’s not all that exciting. Much better.

But this particular soap and what not store also has samples. Of soap. But not that normal everyday bar soap nonsense. Oh nooooo….this is that salt scrub shizz. Like all gritty and sandy and what not and it all smells super good and leaves your hands feeling all kinds of soft.

It’s like a fancy Lava soap.

But yeah. Look at all this…

So. Much. Soap.

I am pretty sure I started with the Unicorn Sugar Souffle in the picture below but didn’t love it so I switched to the lemon in the picture above.

I bet you’re so glad to have that much information about my hand-washing habits.

Anywhat. While we were getting our hands wet, nature was getting Disney wet.

It was raining. Is what I am saying to you now.

I know.

Worst. Segue. Ever.

Since it was raining, we thought it best to check in on the kids, who were in line for the Haunted Mansion. They were getting wet, but informed us they were being entertained by another guest doing some sort of belly dance or something? I am not sure. Ask Liam.

Oh well, onto lunch I suppose.

We took the elevator down to the first floor and…

Ugh, I love this floor design right outside the elevator.

Sorry, I get easily distracted by shiny things.

Nickie and I wanted to have lunch today at the Grand Floridian Café so we put our names in at the front and they said it would be about a 10-15 minute wait.

We decided to fill our short wait time by visiting Curiouser Clothiers, the apparel shop next door. And Nickie ended up buying me a supes dupes cute Tommy Bahama Mickey shirt, of which I did not take a picture of at the time but thanks to the magic of techmologies, I can take it now. So here, look at the awesomeness of this thing.

Oh my wife? She’s the best. And I love her.

Not just because she buys me shirts.

But that doesn’t hurt.

At around 1:40, we received the text that our table was ready so we made our way back to the Grand Floridian Café and were promptly brought to our table.

And as we were walking over, we walked by this awesome CHOCOLATE sculpture.

So cool.

Once we were seated, our waitress took our drink orders. Which is like one of my favorite types of orders ever in the history of orders.

Nickie got her usual – a Cosmopolitan – and I ordered the Ultimate Long Island Iced Tea (Bacardi Superior Rum, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Hendrick’s Gin, Corazón Blanco Tequila, Cointreau, and Sweet-and-Sour with a splash of Coca-Cola.)

Nickie said her Cosmo was very good and my Long Island Iced Tea? You know, I used to think these were only for underage girls trying to score drinks at a Bennigan’s but I have grown to appreciate their simple “all the alcohol” wonder.

For her entrée, Nickie ordered the Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken.

Which she really enjoyed. At least that’s what she claims. I mean, you can choose to believe her or not.

For my main, I went with the Buttermilk-Fried Chicken and Waffle (Hand-breaded Chicken Breast and Malted Waffle with Sriracha-Honey Drizzle).

Oof, guys. I know this may come as a bit of a surprise considering everything we ate this trip but this was one of the best things I had the entire time. That chicken was INSANELY good and the sriracha-honey drizzle added a ton of flavor. Plus I mean – it was a Mickey Waffle. Which is always welcome. But it hit especially hard because it was a complete surprise.

Yeah, I ordered this thing thinking I was getting a regular waffle and they gave me a straight-up Mickey waffle. Disney magic. Amirite?

Seriously though – this was a great meal.

AND our waitress gifted us a free cupcake because we were talking about how we just celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary.

While we were finishing up our meal, we got back in touch with the kids who by this time had enough of the rain so Myles, Owen, and Liam wanted to come meet us at the resorts. So we decided to make an event of it and initiated a spontaneous resort hop! Do some shopping, some snacking, maybe I don’t know…some drinking.

You know. If we have enough time.

We told them we would meet them over at Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

Back to the monorail!

We met up with the boys on the Grand Canyon Concourse. Home of this super duper Mary Blair mural.

We spent some time walking around the shops on the concourse, like BVG.

BVG, as everyone knows, stands for Buying Veryexpensive Gifts.

Wait. Sorry. I’m getting something in my earpiece. Ah, ok. Yes, according to my producers, BVG actually stands for Bay View Gifts.

Hrm, that’s less descriptive.

While we initially wanted to grab a drink at the Outer Rim lounge up on the concourse, they weren’t serving at this point. So Nickie and I decided on grabbing a drink at The Wave, which is down off the lobby of the hotel.

The kids wanted to hang out a little bit longer, looking through the shops and what not, so we told them to just meet us down there.

Also, beeteedubz, I would have totally linked to the page for The Wave, but unfortunately it’s gone by now. In fact, it took its last reservation the week after we visited. So you know. Wave goodbye.

To The Wave.

As you can see, the bar was pretty empty. Which was great. Because it allowed for us to have what is, without question, the best seats at the bar. The corner seats.

I love the corner seats because you can both sit next to each other and across from one another. The corner of the bar seat may be the best seat in the history of seats.

Well, I mean. Next to the Iron Throne.

Ha hey. Remember those Bernie Sanders memes?

I am current.

And this corner bar seat was made even betterer because of the beauty I had sitting next to/across from me.

For our drinks, Nickie got a Captain’s Mai Tai and I went for the Forever Young (made with Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Cedilla Acai Liquerur, muddled blueberries, agave nectar and fresh lemon juice.)

Nickie’s Mai Tai was obvs squad good. But that Forever Young was delightful. It was very good.

And very vodka. Whoa boy.

The boys came down to meet us and once we finished our drinks and paid the bill, we decided it was onto the next monorail resort. So up we went, back to the Monorail station.

Which overlooks the Grand Canyon Concourse. It’s a cool view for sure, to watch all the hustle and bustle. And tussle. And rustle.

Let’s get on that monorail!

Next stop? The Polynesian Resort.

We stopped in at some shops to look for some gifts for people back home. Places like the Bou-Tiki.

Heh, Bou-Tiki. See, it’s usually called a boutique but they went and put the word “tiki” in where it would usually say “tique.”

And we also stopped in at the less punny Moana Mercantile.

Pfft look at these two.

Silly gooses. Go back to your respective ponds.

Our main stop at the Polynesian on Day 14 was the Tambu Lounge.

And by “main” stop, I mean “drink” stop.

On account of the Tambu Lounge is home to one of my favorite drinks on Disney property – the Lapu Lapu.

Behold it. In all its glory. In terms of details, this one is Plantation Original Dark Rum and Tropical Fruit Juices served in a fresh Pineapple topped with Gosling’s 151 Rum. So like, yeah. It’s alcohol and what not. But it’s juice inside a pineapple.

So I mean. Healthy.

Oh, and get this nonsense. This was Nickie’s first-ever Lapu Lapu. I mean, wait what?

And yeah, Lapu Lapus? Still delicious.

The boys all got some sodas as well and we spent a bit of time there as I recall. I mean, of course we did. We had to drink a whole pineapple. But we had some pretty deep conversations actually. None of which I am going to talk about on here but suffice to say, we all got pretty real at the Tambu Lounge.

But of course we did. The Polynesian is where things get real. It’s where Lennon signed the document that officially broke up the Beatles.

After we finished up, the five of us walked down to the dock on Seven Seas Lagoon to catch a ferry to our next stop.

Look at us being all “look at us being all photogenic” and what not.  

But like I said, we had another stop we had to get to, way across the Seven Seas Lagoon.

So let’s get on that ferry.

Our last stop on this little resort hop was also our first stop, technically. So like. Lircle of Cife.



Circle of..


Circle of Life.

But yeah – we were back at Disney’s Grand Floridian.

But this time? We weren’t heading downstairs to the Grand Floridian Café. Oh no no no you stupidhead.

We were staying upstairs and grabbing some drinks quality time at The Enchanted Rose, the Beauty & the Beast themed lounge.

Well wait. I should be specific. This is a Beauty & The Beast Live Action Adaptation-themed bar.

Which like, obviously, everyone was asking for.

Remember when you were confused about Disney creating a land around the James Cameron film, Avatar? Well, that was nothing.

But eh – I will say, the lounge is very pretty inside.

And the boys? They were very happy inside.

After we were seated, our waiter came over and it turned out he was our bartender from when we visited the Territory Lounge on Day 6 and celebrated Owen’s birthday.

For those keeping track, Day 6 was posted in August. It is now almost Thanksgiving.

2021. Amirite?

But yeah, he was an awesome bartender so it was cool to see him again. And being that we were obvs squad close AF at this point, I let him choose my drink for me. So he, knowing that I enjoy the brown liquors, suggested the Rye Not? (Whistle Pig 10yr Rye Whiskey, Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge, Cinnamon, Pineapple, and Lemon).

Which was a very well put-together drink. I mean, to be completely honest, this one leaned a little less Rye forward than I prefer in my brown liquor drinks but still – a really nice drink.

By this time, it was about 6:50 and we wanted to try and get in a little early for our dinner reservation back at the Magic Kingdom to try and secure a good post-dinner fireworks spot so this was the end of our little spontaneous resort hop. So fun though, right?

As we were heading towards the door to leave, Nickie took this picture of Myles and Liam, right?

Nice picture. Good boys. Thumbs up. All that.

BUT before she got the actual picture, it seems her camera was set to video. Which means I can show you some behind-the-scenes action that occurred before the photo was taken.


But now. Now we can head out to the Magic Kingdom for din…

Oh wait. The piano player at the Grand Floridian had just come back. Maybe we should hang out for a bit and listen.


OK. NOW. Now we can head out to the Magic Kindo…

Oh. Well. We should stop off at Basin again for a quick wash.

OK. We got our pictures of Myles and Liam. We listened to the piano. Our hands are washed for dinner.

Can we pleeeease PLEASE leave for dinner?


Off to the Magic Kingdom!

We were off the monorail at about 7:10PM and walking towards the park, full of excitement and magic and wonder and well, in my case, whiskey.

After we were through the gates and on Main Street, it was hard to resist taking more “look at us on Main St.” pictures.

We even asked a PhotoPass photographer to capture our awesomeness.

Yeah, I know. Capturing ALL THAT awesomeness is a tall order. But I mean, he did pretty well.

The castle was looking hella-purty tonight.

Dinner tonight was at a tried-and-true Magic Kingdom favorite – Liberty Tree Tavern!

Now, our reservation was at around 7:45PM but we made this whole thing before we knew fireworks were coming back. And Disney being Disney, they of course were like…oh, your plans?

So the plan was to try and get in a little early so that maybe we could grab a somewhat decent spot to catch the “Happily Ever After” nighttime spectacular. We were at the restaurant at approximately 7:20PM and we put our name in, but the hostess said there was little chance we would be seated before our reservation. In fact, she said there was little chance we would be seated by our reservation time.

So things were looking real good.

The hostess ended up being half-right. While we were not seated before our reservation time, we did actually get seated at 7:45.

We were seated in the Betsy Ross section, right near this flag.

Which we informed Liam was the actual flag sewn by Betsy Ross, on display for Disney Parks visitors. Had him going for a pretty long time actually. I’d like to think that’s because of our collective acting prowess but eh, it’s more due to Liam’s neverending supply of trust.

I mean, I was happy to take advantage of Liam’s trusting nature for sure.

What? No, there’s no but after that.

Anyways so right. The food.

For anyone that hasn’t eaten at Liberty Tree before, their dinner is an all-you-care-to-eat family-style Thanksgiving kind of…

Hey wait. Yeah. So, obviously I meant to be posting Day 14 this month even though I started this whole series back in July. See? It’s all going according to plan.

So yeah, the dinner is an all-you-care-to-eat family-style Thanksgiving kind of feast. And all-you-care-to-eat is my FAVORITE kind of feast.

Things started with the Declaration Salad (Tossed Mixed Greens with House-made Dressing), which is like a pretty great salad. Mainly because of the dressing they use.

According to reports, that dressing is a Honey-Shallot Vinaigrette. Delicious stuff, that dressing.

The salad also comes paired with some warm, soft dinner rolls. Which are, like, the best kind of dinner rolls.

You know, 2016 brought with A LOT of terrible stuff. Well, one terrible stuff. One big orange, long-tied, man-baby terrible stuff.

But 2016 also brought with it alcohol in the Magic Kingdom at sit-down restaurants. Well, just beer and wine. Which is technically of course alcohol but alcohol means so many things to so many people. Best to be specific.

So of course we got some beer. Bud Light. Again, to be specific.

We all enjoyed our rolls and salad. But like, Liam REALLY enjoyed his rolls. And salad.

But mainly the rolls. I am pretty sure he ate at least 7. But also? Maybe 10.

When he was going for his 8th (or 11th?) Nickie decided to commemorate the occasion with a video. Which both showcases his roll-eating magnificence and our intense case of what the medical community refers to as “the giggles.”

We have a good time, us.

Back to the food.

The main part of this feasty goodness is the Patriot’s Platter, which consists of Roast Turkey Breast, Pennsylvania Pot Roast, Oven-roasted Pork, and Herb Stuffing.

Mashed Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetable (which this time around were some yum yum in the tum tum green beans.)

And Macaroni and Cheese.

They will bring you out as much of any item as you want – all you gotta do is ask. I think we ended up with seconds on the mashed potatoes, mac and cheese and stuffing for sure. I am pretty sure we also ended up with extra turkey and pot roast.

Here is how one of my plates looked.

I am thankful for being able to construct my own KFC Bowl-type masterpiece, unconstrained by whatever Colonel Sanders deems acceptable.

And yeah, it goes without saying that everything was delicious here. Liberty Tree Tavern is consistently a good meal. Nothing FancyPants McGee or whatever but everything tasted all kinds of YumTown.

And I know – you were looking at all that food and you were like, “wait, that’s it?”

Well don’t you worry, my gluttonous complainer. Because of course there was dessert. It’s Disney.

And the dessert at Liberty Tree is kind of a Disney legend – The Ooey Gooey Toffee Cake (Vanilla Toffee Cake, Chocolate Sauce, and Vanilla Ice Cream).

Behold it. In all its glory.

This thing is GOOD you guys.

The warm toffee cake, the cold ice cream, the waiting belly. It all works perfectly together.

We finished up at approx. 9PM, which was cutting it close in terms of getting over in front of the castle to catch Happily Ever After. But we were determined so we paid our bill and hustled over to the hub.

And oof, it was holy crud crowded. Like, we were there the night Happily Ever After came back after its COVID-driven absence and it didn’t even come close to this insanity.

We ended up sort of on the outskirts of the hub in front of the castle and we were all pretty packed in there. I mean, I have lived many a Disney crowd and even I was getting a little anxious about the whole thing.

But as it stood, we weren’t going anywhere. So we might as well enjoy some fireworks as we slide slowly into the abyss.

I know. Oof. That was a lot of fireworks pictures. But I really wanted you to feel the experience.

So I therefore crowded you with pictures and made you feel like there was no way out. It’s like you were there with us.

After the fireworks, the boys wanted to stay and hit some attractions before the park closed, but Nickie and I were exhausted at this point. So the two of us decided to just make our way back to the BoardWalk and the boys went off on their own (I am pretty sure they just got one ride in on Splash Mountain.

And out we went, away from this madness…

…to face this madness.

As you recall, we unfortunately made use of the Walt Disney World bus transportation system today. And being that we just left after a nighttime spectacular, the wait was merp-town.

We didn’t make it onto the first BoardWalk bus that came our way and after that, we watched bus after bus pass by. On their way to other destinations with other passengers. I’d say in total, we probably waited close to 45 minutes or so. But finally, yes…a bus DID arrive.

Which got us back to our resort sometime after 11PM. The boys, meanwhile, also ended up waiting in a long bus line and were back after midnight.

Yeah, Disney busses. Womp town.

But we did all make it back safely, which I guess is all that matters?

And yeah, that was Day 14. Can you guys believe this? One more post left of this lunacy.

See you all for Day 15!

Last Post – Day 13
Next Post – Days 15 and 16

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