Hey everyone! What is being up?

We are here with yet another post in the series focusing on our February 2022 trip to New York City. And this one? It’s Day 3.

Which is exciting.

Because 3? It’s the magic number.

I don’t know you guys. It’s hard writing these intros sometimes.

February 2022 New York trip Day 3!

Day 3 started much like Day 2, with me waking up a little bit before everyone else to try and outrun all the bad decisions we have made in New York in the Embassy Suite’s fitness center. I won’t bore you with the details or anything. Just know that the treadmill was open when I got there today and I did a solid 3 miles.

No big deal. I am just some sort of superhuman built from materials beyond the grasp of mere mortals.

And like, you know what that means right?

That’s right.

It was time for pastries.

Well, it was actually time for a shower. But after that? Pastries.

We met up with the Falzones and headed back to our new favorite spot obviously – the Paris Baguette at the end of our street.

And while I loved the cream cheese bread I had the day prior, today I was in the mood for something different. Something sweet but also flaky. Something vanilla but also lemon. Something donut but also croissant.

You know I am talking about a cronut or, for trademark’s sake here I am sure, a croissant donut.

But I mean, it makes sense. The cronu…er…croissant donut…was invented in New York after all. Back in 2013. Dude, 2013. Remember 2013?

Like, in 2013, everyone only knew Zendaya as the girl from that Disney Channel show, Shake it Up.

And I mean, Onlyfans wasn’t even a thing at that point, let alone did anyone know Bella Thorne would have an Onlyfans.

Yeah, it was a long time ago.

Paris Baguette was a bit crowded so we all took our breakfast back to our hotel to enjoy in the lobby before starting our day.

I like sitting below giant-sized words. It makes me feel like I’m on Love Island.


I also got myself a vanilla latte. Which is like a cronut’s soul mate.

And yeah, that was a pretty good breakfast right there. That cronut was filled with vanilla cream and topped with lemon frosting which was a combination that made a lot of sense to me in that moment.

But also though. This breakfast is just like sort of an appetizer since we had brunch plans a little later on. Yeah man. Two breakfasts. Xanadu.

And our brunch spot was in Central Park today, which was about a 25-minute walk from the hotel. And yeah, it was brisk out there but some of us were very much up for a walk through the city. The rest of us were Nickie, Larissa, and Mia.

On account of they decided to just Uber there.

But on the streets of New York today?

The walk was actually a super nice walk. Wandering around, I find, is really the best way to get to know a city. I mean, yeah…we weren’t technically wandering or anything. We had a destination in mind. But still. It sounded cool, right?

We reached Central Park within 15 minutes.

And our ultimate destination was ten minutes into the park so we still had some walking…and climbing…to do.

The girls reached the restaurant a little bit earlier than us. Oh, and I should also mention this brunch was not only to get yummies in our tummies, but it was also to celebrate Larissa’s birthday. So she wore her special birthday beret.

And as you can see on the sign behind the girls, our brunch today was at Tavern on the Green, a relatively iconic New York landmark.

The girls put our name in, but we had a tiny bit of a wait still so we met them in the bar area.

The girls already had mimosas ordered so Tony and I grabbed some Bloody Marys.

The kids also ordered some Shirley Temples.

We had some nice couches by the window to enjoy our pre-meal cocktails and mocktails.

Yeah I know.

The turtleneck, right?

I’m trying it out. I am trying to see if it makes me look more 90s college professor (good) or neck-less carnival freak (bad).

The jury is still out but eh, I am gonna wear it regardless.

Our waitress came over and asked us to follow her to our table at around 12:20.

Time to eat, my friends.

At the table, Larissa was immediately greeted with a birthday card from the staff.

Super nice, right?

And I went ahead and ordered both a coffee and a Bud Light.

Coffee and beer. After a Bloody Mary.

I am the beverage king. All must bow before me.

Ugh, isn’t brunch the best?

The girls ordered some white wines and Tony got…something?

Yeah. He definitely got something.

To start, the waitress asked if we would like to start with a bread/pastry basket to which Larissa and Nickie replied, “yes.”

However, they weren’t aware this was an item for purchase. 14 dollars to be exact. Ah well. When in New York, right?

And it was a good enough basket at least. That butter? Hella-whipped.

A couple of us started with a bowl of pretty frakkin awesome French Onion Soup.

That was a heck of a soup you guys. I mean, I love French Onion Soup regardless but the cheese. My god, the cheese.

We also ordered a plate of the Tavern Maple Brown Sugar Bacon (served with Watercress & Frisee Salad and Sherry Vinaigrette.)

And you guys, I don’t know who started this whole “bacon as a dish on its own” thing but I would like to shake that person’s hand. I am ON BOARD with this trend. This was incredible bacon. Smokey and sweet and thick and bacon-y.

We unfortunately dropped a piece on the floor during a plate transfer and, honestly, it felt like I lost a family member. I was that attached to this bacon.

In fact, that bacon was so good, Owen ordered it as his entrée. 

Though she initially wasn’t all that hungry, Mia ended up ordering what looked like a grilled cheese for the ages.

Being that she couldn’t get her smoked salmon at the “out of everything” Brooklyn Diner the day before, Larissa opted for the Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon with a side of CREAMED SPINACH.

For research purposes, I tried both. The smoked salmon was all kinds of divine and while the creamed spinach wasn’t quite as good as the creamed spinach we had the night before at Frankie & Johnnie’s, it was still really good stuff.

Tony went in for the Steak & Eggs (Sliced Sirloin, Fingerling Potatoes, Au Jus).

I also got a taste of his steak – again for research – and it was a rather nice piece of steak you guys. Oftentimes, the steak you get with a steak & eggs dish can be subpar but it’s a special thing to find a quality piece of meat there.

Nickie and I split the Tavern Burger (10oz, Dry Aged Ground Beef, American Cheese, Dill Pickle) with a side of Truffle Fries.

And you guys. This burger was on point. Super juicy, super flavorful, and look at all that cheeeeeese.

This was a very VERY good burger. Is it the best burger I’ve ever had? Eh I don’t know about that. Should it have been the best burger I’ve ever had seeing as it was 30 bucks? Probably.

But I enjoyed it thoroughly.

We all definitely seemed to enjoy our mains. Good meals all around.

And the card wasn’t the end of the Tavern on the Green birthday hoopla. They also brought Larissa out a piece of cake with ice cream.

Wait, did I say “piece” of cake? I meant planet of cake.

It was a big piece of cake. Is what I am saying to you now.

And welp, the hits kept on coming because this was a real yum piece of birthday cake right there.

Thanks Larissa. For having a birthday and all.

All in all, our meal took a little over two hours and that is by no means a complaint. Love me a long meal right here.

But we had a day to get to, right? We should get go…

Yeah, the food coma had set in. But we really did have to get moving. Maybe some fresh air will help.


It didn’t help.

The next part of our plan was to head back into Times Square to look around, breathe in the insanity, and maybe do a little shopping.

Tony, Owen, and I wanted to try and walk off at least some of the damage done by brunch. And this time? Mia wanted to join us.


Nickie and Larissa still wanted to get a ride back to the hotel.


But bonus – they did grab a pedicab rickshaw to take them out to the edge of the park.

So they got to see some more sights than we did. Like the Friends fountain.

And Lady Gaga’s apartment building.

And this Balto statue. Who is a dog. That was voiced by Kevin Bacon.

We, however, got to visit a Duane Reade store because Tony was having heartburn and needed some antacid.

So I mean.


The kids were good with it though since a visit to a drugstore means there is a chance of getting candy. And that chance becomes even more of a chance when you are visiting a drugstore with me. On account of I have a candy problem.

Anyways, we loaded up with sour gummy worms to fuel the trek back to the hotel.

And along the way, we spotted a scandal.

Look who is stepping out on Mickey.

TMZ, I await your call.

We reached Times Square at about 3:00 and planned on meeting up with the girls at M & M’s New York.

We walked in and it was, like, immediately overwhelming. All the noises and colors and people. It was A LOT. Especially after such a nice, calm brunch full of brunch and brunchy stuff.

I also don’t fully understand the appeal of a whole store dedicated to M&M’s. I mean, I like M&M’s just fine but my desire for them is pretty much taken care of at the register of any drug or convenience store. Like, I understand jelly beans. All the flavors and what not. I mean, M&M’s…I dunno. And I can’t imagine a world where I would be clamoring for any sort of M&M’s merch.

But hey, that’s just me. I was obviously in the minority because this place was crowded AF.

Nickie and Larissa eventually found us and we made our way out.

Well, first I had to snap a pic of this beauty.

I don’t know, Tucker Carlson. She still looks pretty sexy to me.

Back out into Times Square we went and right across the street was this billboard.

I am legit obsessed with Clifford the Big Red Dog billboards. I don’t know what it is but my cute-o-meter kicks into high gear whenever I see that dog. I know he’s CGI but I can’t.

I can’t resist. He’s too cute.

Maybe I will even see the movie one day.

Our next stop, of course, was The Disney Store.

I mean, we had to go.

And besides, it can’t be as bad as the M&M store, right?


Oh wait, yeah. If you look in between the tourists and freakshow Batman and Bumblebee in that picture above you may notice what looks awfully similar to a line forming outside The Disney Store.

Yeah. A line. To get into The Disney Store.

They really did a good job creating the whole Walt Disney World feel there right in the middle of Times Square.

And yeah. Of course we waited in it. I had something specific in mind that I wanted to get at this very Disney Store so I really wanted to get in there.

And in there I got.

And yup. Crowded.

Also, the upstairs was completely locked off.

But no matter. I knew what I wanted. I asked the cast member, “Hello, do you know where I could find the Mickey Mouse New York spirit jerseys?”

To which she replied…

I mean, not exactly that. She said I could look over on the rack near the register but that they were big sellers so even if they were there, sizes would be limited.

And they were. Limited.

I found a small.

This was no good.

But when I asked the other nearby cast member if this was all they had, she informed me I could buy it online. So I did. It lacked the whole tangible souvenir buying vibe but I did get it. Here’s what it looks like:

And you can buy it too at this link.

Without even going to New York. Isn’t that great? It doesn’t at all make it feel just a little emptier.

We did buy some other stuff at the Disney store – some souvenirs for the kids back home and of course, Mia picked up a souvenir – but other than that, this was kind of a bust as well. Limited inventory, upstairs closed, definitely not as magical as I had hoped.

Ah well, it was getting a little late anyways. We had yet another destination to get to.

We walked back to the hotel to freshen up real quick and called up a couple Ubers to bring us to Hudson Yards. Which is basically like a mall of some sort.

And I know what you’re thinking – “MORE shopping?”

To which I would say, “Hey man, I didn’t make you visit this blog. You’re free to go.”

Also, if you go, I won’t be your friend anymore.

But anyways, we didn’t shop. We actually had tickets to an experience at Hudson Yards called Edge. Edge is the highest observation deck in the Western Hemisphere.

So. I mean.

I am going to be showing pictures of the whole experience but I do like this picture from the website as it does really show how high this thing is. 100 stories up.

We took the escalators up to the fourth floor, showed our tickets and were ushered inside.

The start of the experience is this whole interactive multimedia situation but it’s weird because that’s also sort of the pathway to the elevator. So we didn’t really get to stop or anything as there were people behind us.

So we just kept walking until we reached the elevator. And the elevator is a pretty unique experience. Which I skillfully captured on my Galaxy s10.

And from the top, it was a pretty spectacular view. Even from the inside.

Also, when Nickie purchased our tickets for Edge, she got us the package that included admission and a glass of champagne. I mean, of course she did. Here is something you have to remember about the Goodys – if there is a choice between a package with alcohol and a package without alcohol, we are always ALWAYS going with the alcohol.

That’s like our family motto. It should be on our crest or whatever.

But yeah, we headed straight for the bar.

And our champagne came in this cute little Edge glass.

We also timed our visit to be later in the day so that we could have daytime, sunset, and a view of a lit-up skyline. Out onto the deck we went.

There was a section of the deck that had a glass floor where you could look directly down 100 stories into the city.

Which of course turned into this whole display.

I swear. I had only had one glass of champagne at this point.

And yeah, that was a bit nerve-wracking considering the eating frenzy that had transpired over the past couple days but it didn’t say there was a weight limit.

Again though – the views were spectacular out here.

But guys – it was collllld out there. I mean, it was February and we were 100 stories in the sky. I don’t know what else we expected.

So we all went inside to take advantage of the view provided by the angled glass windows.

As we were looking out through the windows, we also noticed we could even see all the way out to the Statue of Liberty.

The wind was so bad up there that they actually had to close the outdoor deck. Which I guess was bad for those outside, but for us it offered some nice unobstructed views.

As the sun was setting, I found a good spot over in the corner to grab some shots.

Of the sunset.

Not of alcohol.


The sun setting over to the right provided some nice lighting over to the left.

Right? Left? I obviously know exactly what I am talking about. This here is the left side of New York. This here is the right. I’ve been your tour guide today.

It was a super cool experience watching the sun go down and the lights come on throughout the city. It was like watching it wake up right before our eyes.

Also a super cool experience?  Beer.

Definitely a cool experience at Edge. I mean, even going to the bathroom provides a view. I felt like I was peeing on the top of the world.

And I know. It’s like, wait where are the pictures of you pretending to be scared about being so high up?

Well, I have one of those too.

Unfortunately, even though it was a super cool experience, we did have to get going to our dinner reservations. So we walked over to the elevator and – guess what – we waited in a line to get in the elevator.

Yeah, thank goodness we are Disney people. Lines are kind of our thing.

And if you guys think the elevator ride up was cooltown, check out the way down.

And there weren’t just elevators. There were also ESCALATORS.

So right. Dinner.

As was the practice of the day, we were faced with the decision of whether to grab an Uber or walk over to dinner. The walk was a little over 20 minutes so not too bad. But it was nighttime. Which is scary. New York and all. I mean, there were muggers out there.

And murderers.

And the Foot Clan.

We decided once again to split up – with Nickie, Larissa, and Mia taking the Uber and Tony, Owen, and I hoofing it over to 44th Street.

But, the three of us got about a block and a half up when we heard some girls calling our names.

Which, I mean…that’s nothing new.

However, we looked over and saw the girls coming up the street in what looked like some sort of urban tank. Turns out this Uber was big enough for all of us. And like, we would have walked but we did a lot of walking today you guys. Plus, I really like reminding you that I ran 3 miles earlier.

So into the Uber we all piled.

And we made it to dinner.

In 20 minutes.

Yeah, New York.

Dinner tonight was at a rather iconic New York restaurant – Carmine’s in Times Square.

We stepped inside and put our name in. And oof, was this place crowded.

It was one of those places that, like, when you’re waiting for your table there is legit no where to stand where you don’t feel in the way. I almost lost my voice from all the times I said, “sorry” to someone I bumped into.

It was a good time.

Thankfully, though, when we were brought to our table, we were brought into the quieter upstairs room. And I took a picture of this painting for some reason.

Maybe that’s Carmine? I really don’t know. But he don’t look like no Big Ragoo to me.

Man, Laverne & Shirley references now? I am the hippest.

In terms of décor, Carmine’s is….fine. I guess? The interior is nice enough but it’s just so crowded with tables in there. Like all the tables are way too close together.

I was right up against the person behind me. Which would have been uncomfortable anyways. But it was especially awful because the table behind us was full of legit garbage people. And their garbage children.

I know. That probably sounds harsh. But like the 10 year old sitting at the end of the table must have yelled the F-word like 5 times throughout the meal and called his brother the R-word at least 3 times. All while the parents just sort of sat there and did nothing about it.

So yeah, you guys? You are garbage people.

Anyways, back to the meal.

The meal started with a nice little carb variety basket.

And Mia started off by claiming the opposite corner of the table. For Arendelle!

I ordered a Very Italian Manhattan (Woodford Reserve, Punt e Mes Sweet Vermouth, Bitters).

Tony ordered the same. Nickie ordered a Cosmo and Larissa got a red wine.

The deal with Carmine’s is that dinner is served family-style. So we all had to come to an agreement on what platters of food we all wanted to share.

We opened the meal with a Caesar Salad (Romaine Lettuce, Parmesan Romano Cheese, Homemade Garlic Croutons- Served with House Made Caesar Dressing).

And guys, this was a real good Caesar. You know how sometimes a Caesar just hits right? Like it has just the right mix of cheese and dressing? I dunno. This one just hit right. It was good stuff.

For one of our entrée platters, we ordered the Bolognese.

And yeah. Rigatoni. I really wanted the linguine, but the waiter insisted the rigatoni was the way to go with the Bolognese.

It wasn’t. It wasn’t the way to go.

The Bolognese itself was…ok. It definitely wasn’t the best Bolognese I’ve ever had and it didn’t come close to the Bolognese we had the night before at Frankie & Johnnie’s. It just didn’t have a whole lot of flavor.

Plus. The rigatoni.

We also ordered a platter of Chicken Parmesan.

Which were pretty good. Nothing super incredible amazing. And they were pounded a little too flat for my tastes. But there was a nice breading on there and definitely a good amount of cheese.

The best entrée-ish thing we had were probably the Meatballs.

These had a nice flavor to them and oof with that cheese. You will legit never ever hear me say “there was just too much cheese” about anything ever in this world at any point.

Oh and of course I got another drink. This time I went for the old standby Grey Goose martini.

Ordered it dirty and, eh, it was a little too clean for me.

So yeah. That was our meal at Carmine’s. Overall, it was pretty disappointing you guys. As far as the food went, the Caesar and the meatballs were the standouts but the Bolognese and the Chicken Parm fell short. Add that on top of a too-crowded, noisy environment and you have a lot of meh going on at Carmine’s.

But regardless of all that, we obviously still had a good time. I mean, look at the Falzones. Look how happy.


A nice thing about Carmine’s is that it was only a ten minute walk from our hotel. So at least it had that going for it.

We actually made the decision to get the kids set up in the room so we could stop off at Frankie & Johnnie’s for a drink before calling it a night. Again, it was on our street so it seemed a solid plan. The plan was for Nickie and Larissa to take an Uber back to try and secure a table while Tony and I took the kids up to the room.

Unfortunately, the restaurant was closed. Womp town. So we went ahead and walked to the hotel to meet the girls.

By the time we got back to our hotel, it was around 8:45ish and you guys KNOW we definitely didn’t call it a night at this point. Back at the hotel, we had wine. We had Veuve Clicquot. And we had Basil Hayden waiting for us.

And we had the 40th Anniversary edition of Phase 10.

So we all met up in the Falzones’ room, set up a makeshift card table, and settled in for a really fun game of Phase 10.

Like, REALLY fun. The wine, whiskey, and champagne was flowing and we still had some Magnolia cupcakes for the kids. It was magical.

We unfortunately didn’t make it through all 10 rounds of Phase 10 though. At some point in the night, we all looked over and saw that Larissa, in between maybe phases 7 and 8, had just settled her brain for a long winter’s nap.

She fell asleep sitting up. Is what I am saying to you now.

Look, guys. We really didn’t want to go home with any alcohol. This is what happens.  

And I mean, by this time it was after midnight anyways so we figured it best to call it a night. Tomorrow was our last day but we still had some activities planned in the morning so sleep was something that had to happen at some point.

And yeah, that was Day 3 of our New York City trip you guys. One more day left. Tired yet?

See you guys on Day 4!

Last post – Day 2

Next post – Day 4

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