Hey everyone!

It’s time to head back to the islands with me for Day 2 of our epic Antigua trip to celebrate Larissa’s birthday of unknown age.

And Day is great because it’s all…


I mean, it’s not all that.

There’s also grocery shopping.

So join me, won’t you?

Our March 2023 Antigua trip to celebrate Larissa: Day 2

Since Day 1 wasn’t all that late a night, Day 2 began relatively early at around 7AM. On account of I wanted to get a run in. I know. You’re all thinking, “wow, you’re super healthy Wayne.” But don’t get too excited. I only do this so I can drink beer at breakfast.

Something really cool about Antigua is how safe it feels there. I mean, we were inside a gated community but even getting outside the community was pretty safe. It just felt good to be on a beautiful island and able to roam free.

For the run today though, I stayed within Jolly Harbour. And it was a beautiful run full of all these little paths along the water and through the community.

I should mention as incredible and heroic as I am for getting up at 7AM and going for a run, Nickie and Larissa were up even earlier to see the sunrise. And look at this bit of amazing they caught while up on the roof deck.

It’s probably best I wasn’t around for this though since I would have obviously ruined the moment by quoting this scene.

I make every great moment just a little bit worse.

Also, so much Will Ferrell in this post?

When I returned from my run, I took a quick shower and met Nickie, Tony, and Larissa back in the main house.

Chris and Nikki slept in a little bit. Which is something you should keep in your brain for every morning. Just know if it’s the morning, Chris and Nikki slept in a little bit.

Also, while I was running, Sira showed up and started cooking breakfast.

And as she was cooking breakfast, Larissa noticed we never refrigerated her coconut water she bought at the grocery store. So we asked Sira if coconut water goes bad if not refrigerated. She said it can definitely happen so she offered to check for us. She opened it up, poured a little into a glass, took a sip, and made this face…

We assumed that meant it went bad. She assured us this was not the case but that it was just not really good coconut water.

We asked where to get good coconut water and she walked out to one of the trees in the backyard and brought back a coconut.

Which she proceeded to murder on the counter.

She opened it up and poured some water out into a glass. And yeah, that stuff was good. Sira knows what’s up, suckas.

Speaking of, time for breakfast. Sira put out quite a spread for us. I started off with one of these yogurt-berry situations.

Which was DelishTown, Population: Me.

Beyond that, breakfast was a relatively simple situation for the most part, but still delicious. Eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, jam.

Red Stripe.


Everything was delicious. Oh, I should also mention Nikki and Chris were out by this point to so all the friends were together for breakfast. Yay, friends.

Now, one would think, “Oh, that was a delightful breakfast. You must have been appropriately full and ready to start the day.”

To which I would reply, “You’re so stupid.”

Because of course we had breakfast dessert.

Sira put together this hot, baked apple crumb whipped cream piece of heaven.

Breakfast dessert should be a regular, normal occurrence. Forget you, society. Don’t you judge me.

Sira is literally a magic-maker.

After breakfast, we found our way to the pool.

And of course the Red Stripe kept flowing.

The first part of the plan for today was to do a little shopping. The girls were going to get some food stuff we needed at the grocery store and the three bulls over here were gonna head out to see if we could score some good wine and alcohol and what not beyond what they had at the grocery store.

Thankfully, Sira offered to have us follow her into town to check out some different liquor stores.

So the girls hopped in the golf cart and made the short 5-minute trip down the street.

While Tony, Chris, and I hopped in the car and went on a soul-crushing 2 hour trip into town.

OK fine I mean it wasn’t exactly soul-crushing. More like soul-bruising.

Look guys. I don’t know if you’ll ever have the opportunity to shop for wine and liquor in Antigua with Tony and Chris but if you do ever get the chance? I mean…you know…I don’t wanna say they’re picky, but. Well.


I do wanna say that.

We went to three different liquor stores to come to the conclusion the first store we were in had the best selection.

But it was all good. Because we were together and I mean…

I’m totally Alan in that situation btw. Just so we’re clear.

We did, thankfully, eventually make it back to the house with booze in hand. Which is really the best way to make it back to the house.

And you guys.

We had some PLANS. And these plans? They involved BOATS.

Tony had chartered a sunset cruise for us. Which is exciting because sunsets are great and all. But sunsets on a boat? That’s next level exciting.

So we all got showered up and ready for our next adventure. And, like, is midday-to-evening boatwear a fashion category? Because I mean. We were killing midday-to-evening boatwear.

The dock was a golf cart’s ride away. We left the house at a little after 3:00 and were at the dock by 3:15 and the boat was already there waiting for us.

You can’t see the name of the boat behind that rolled-up mat but it was called “Makin’ Memories,” which was apropos because memories were what we were looking to make.

Well, memories and rum punch.

Our captain and first mate for the evening were Andy and his son Charlie, respectively, from Antigua Day Charters. And spoiler alert – they were amazetown.

We were let onto the boat and told the plan, which was to boat around a bit, swim around a bit, drink around a bit, and sunset around a bit. I think the whole cruise would be around 4 hours. Which was…

…exciting and new
Come aboard. We’re expecting you.
And love.

Life’s sweetest reward.
Let it flow. It flows back to you.

Oh right. Before we head out on the water. BOAT TOUR!!!!11

You saw the back of the boat up in that picture up there…

Oh wait. I mean the stern. Avast.

And here is the main cabin.

And down below, there were two bedrooms. Two, you guys. I kinda wanna live here.

Look at all those noodles, you guys. Legit luxury.

Now let’s go to the front of the…I mean, the bow. Let’s go to the bow.


I mean, wait.


Is what I meant.

The bow was honestly where it seemed we spent most of our time.  On account of sun and fun.

And as we pulled out of the harbor and into open waters, it was hard to not take pictures of literally everything.

While we were relaxing out on the bow, Charlie took our drink orders and the drink of choice appeared to be largely rum punch. Which they served in these colorful insulated stemless wine glasses. That’s what they’re called, right?

And boy oh boy oh boy were these rum punches a thing of beauty. Charlie informed us there were about 4 shots of rum in every one of these colorful insulated stemless wine glasses.


Yeah, that’s what they are.

There is something so magical about being out on a boat surrounded by people you think are awesome. Just being out there, you and all these awesome people, in the middle of all this…

This was happy, man. We were happy. I was happy.

Boats are the best.

Especially when they’re not yours.

We anchored near a beach where I don’t know where we were.

Which was cool, because I could show off my jumping-into-water skills. Look at this form, man.

Larissa smartly had Nickie take a picture of her BEFORE jumping in.

She knows what she’s doing.

Larissa and Nikki spent their time floating. Just floating there in the water. Like some sort of voodoo.

The captain also rolled out this floating mat thing, Which I obvs squad made use of. Because I can’t float on my own.

Because I am teh suck.

Nickie also joined me on there at one point. Which obviously got me all kinds of excited.

Rawr, baby. Very rawr.

I should also mention at one point, I ran off the boat and onto the mat to try and run all the way across. There was a video taken of this. I do not own this video and am not one bit unhappy I can’t post it.

Because now I can say I made it across the whole mat and did so with grace.

What? How are you gonna prove me wrong?

After we all made it back on the boat, Andy and Charlie put out some snacks – veggies, fruit, hummus, crackers, and what not – to get us ready for sunset. Plus of course we had some beer and some more rum punch.

I mean, when in rum.

Um, Rome. When in Rome.

Oh and I know you have all seen it in bits and pieces but here it is in all its glory.

My co-ord.

Seriously, I was ON tonight. But we all were honestly.

And being that we all looked incredible and are all incredibly vain, we figured it was time to take a bunch of pictures of ourselves.

I think, maybe, listen to this while you’re scrolling through these pics.

Boats and bros. Boats and bros.

Honestly, we looked like a beer commercial. Like one of those ones that make you say, “hm, if I drink that beer MY life could be cool too and I wouldn’t be such a garbage person.”

Which I mean. I think some people have thought that way after seeing such a commercial. I wouldn’t know anything about that at all.

Come on you guys. I’m serious.

Hey look, it’s Captain Andy.

At one point, I made my way up there to hang out with Andy and we talked A LOT about dogs. He has dogs. I have dogs. We were instant BFFs. It was a real moment.

But then Nickie and Larissa had to come up and ruin it make everything better obviously.

As we kept rolling on…

…the sun started getting low.

So it was almost time for the show. The sunset show.

Tony also and of course pre-ordered some champagne for us to enjoy during the sunset.

Which Charlie opened up for us and of course we all cheered when it went “pop.”

Because we’re a bunch of basic bitches.

And get ready. Because we are gonna break the internet with how incredible this picture is right here.

Like I get it. If you wanna make that your new wallpaper or background or whatever, you have my permission.

Something like that should be shared with the world.

And now, kiddos. Settle in. Because you’re about to be straight up murdered with sunset pictures.

It was a little cloudy out, but it still made for some real nice pics.

This right here was it. We all sat on the side of the boat, our feet dangling, champagne in hand, watching the sun set on a pretty frakkin amazing day.

And just like that, it disappeared into the water.

I mean, duh. I know it didn’t actually disappear into the water, guys. I’m not stupid. I understand science. I know it’s Apollo driving his chariot under the earth so his horses could rest.


As we headed back into Jolly Harbour, the day quickly turned to night.

So we, unforch, had to eventually get off the boat and back onto dry land. We said goodbye to Andy and Charlie (again, from Antigua Day Charters, who really were great hosts, captains, and company on our charter. Highly recommend.

But our night wasn’t over just yet. We still had dinner to get to, folks.

And thankfully, our dinner was just a short walk away at Arlecchino’s Steak and Seafood.  

We had reservations immediately following our cruise so we were seated pretty much right away. Which was good. Because I was parched.

I honestly have no idea what that is. I am gonna go ahead and assume it’s a rum punch because why stop now but I really don’t know.

I know. I’m not the best. At the blogging.

I mean, I wish I took a picture of the drink menu but eh, I remember feeling pretty tired and spent at this point. Lying around in the sun drinking rum and doing absolutely nothing really takes a lot out of you.

To start off the meal, we ordered up some appetizers.

Like these buffalo wings over here, which were like pretty spicyface.

And this Caesar salad. Which was a Caesar salad.

And this yumtown Yellowfin Tuna Ceviche with Avacado Puree.

For dinner, I was between the ribeye and the ribs. And since I am a little child person that can’t make up his mind, I left it up to the waitress to decide which one I should get. She said, no hesitation, I should go ribs.

So of course I did this. Because my brain wasn’t made for decisions.

And I ordered them with a side of onion rings and a side of creamed spinach.

Because I am ALWAYS going to order creamed spinach if its just sitting there, staring at me.

I also started eating before I took a picture. Because, again…not great. With the blogging.

I gotta say, these were pretty tasty ribs. The sauce had a nice flavor to it and the meat was very tender. Were they the best ribs I’ve ever had? No. But they were quite good.

Overall, we had a really nice dinner at Arlecchino’s. I mean, we were all insanely tired and what not but we still managed to squeeze at least a few more laughs out. I think at one point, Chris did out-loud declare he was drunk. So I mean. Obviously, the night was a success!

And that was kind of it. After dinner, we hopped in the golf carts, drove back to the villa, and I think we all went to bed? That seems weird, but I have no other pictures from today and all this alcohol growing old has really made it so I can’t remember much if I don’t have some sort of visual aid to help me along.

So yeah, I mean. Let’s call it then. That was Day 2. A pretty epic situation for sure.

Stay tuned for Day 3.

Or don’t.

It’s your life.

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Next post – Day 3

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