40 Years, 40 Disney Movies: Counting Down to Daddy’s Birthday Night 25 – Frozen!

Welcome one and all to yet another installment of DADDY’S HOLY MACANOLY MOVIE NIGHT FUNTIME HAPPY TIMES. For this one, we picked a newer film that I think people have lately been sort of railing against. But more on that later.

Being that we had some snow in the forecast, we decided to settle in and watch Frozen. You guys ever hear of this movie Frozen. It’s kind of an unknown little indie that flew under the radar for most people. You should check it out sometime.

For this one, it was obvs the four of us but Emily from next door also joined us. No one else would have been able to get up the hill.

the kids
heh. Owen.

The food

The food for this one was rather easy. We had frozen dinners. Get it?

frozen food
Looks…I don’t know. Delicious?


See the name of the movie is Frozen and a chief characteristic of these dinners is that they are frozen. Hence, they are a good fit.

Get it?

olaf gif

Forget it. We also had ice cream. I am not even going to bother explaining.

The activity

For the activity, we did science experiments to find out what happens to solid water when it gets warm.

Ha, nah. Ha, science.

The day we did this one, we had a little bit of a snowstorm so prior to the movie, the kids and Nickie played outside that day. Unfortunately, no pics were taken.

We also made snowman cookies. The kids used things like candy corns, chocolate chips and sprinkles and we whipped up some sugar cookies and vanilla buttercream frosting. Did I say snowmen? I meant…um…snow blobs.

These remind me of a nightmare I once had.

The movie

As I alluded to earlier, I feel like we are in the midst of a Frozen backlash. When it first came out, peoples were all, “Oh Frozen, that thing is mad bomb.” And now, people are all “Frozen? You mean that movie that killed the Maelstrom? I wish Frozen would be died.”

At least that’s what I am hearing these days. But I hang out with a lot of weirdos.

Anyways, I am here to say I still love this movie. So you know…shut up. I love this movie for many of the typical Disney reasons – good characters, good music, uncomfortably attractive cartoon characters

anna and elsa
How YOU doin?

But what’s interesting is another big reason I love this movie is how it sort of turns a lot of Disneyisms on their head. It takes a lot of what we see as typical Disney elements and is all, “Naw.”

How does it do these things, Wayne?

Well, I will tell you Wayne….

True love and the damsel in distress

The idea of true love is the backbone of like, every Disney princess movie. Something bad happens. And the only cure for it is true love. Tale as old as time. Song as old as rhyme. Yadda Yadda Yadda. And in this movie, this remains the case. Anna has her heart frozen and only an act of true love can keep her from freezing completely. But this movie takes that idea and puts a cool (pun intended) little twist on it. On finding out that true love is the only cure, Anna races back to get Hans (of the Southern Aisles) to kiss her and reverse the freezing process. But she finds out (spoiler alert) Hans is a total garbage person.

Then? Then she realizes Kristoff must be her true love and she runs to meet him but just as they are going to totally make out, she runs to save her sister from Hans (of the Southern Aisles.) And this ends up being the act of true love. Love saved her, but it was her own doing and it was her love for her sister and not some dude. Girl Power.

girl power
Zigga Zig Ah

Love at first sight

When Anna first meets Hans (of the Southern Aisles), she falls hard and decides to marry him. That day. And everyone is all, “what? You just met him. That’s crazyface.” Well almost everyone….

snow white
Hey, I just met you….


sleeping beauty
…And this is crazy…
But marrying a complete stranger…wouldn’t phase me.

Yeah, meeting someone and deciding to spend the rest of your life with them is another common Disneyism. Here, it seems at the beginning Frozen is following the same warped path but Elsa and Kristoff are all “hell to the no” and we see it doesn’t really pan out and actually Anna didn’t know Hans (of the Southern Aisles) AT ALL. And this seems a better lesson than “hey girls, marry the first guy that’ll have you,”

I will say though….when you watch this movie a second time, “Love is an Open Door” is harder to enjoy now that you know Hans (of the Southern Aisles) sucks so bad.

So I am making a case for Frozen as a new classic because it bucks tradition. Rather than make just another princess movie, Frozen gave us something new and fresh. On its surface, it feels like something we have seen before but it actually is so much more. It’s a movie about love…and the triumph of faith. And at its core, it’s about family. So, that’s pretty good.

So is Elsa’s dress made of ice here? Her dress literally confuses the crud out of me.

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