Getting Ready for Disney World 2016!!11 – Part 1

I interrupt your regularly scheduled Disney Nights to talk a little bit about the reason we have been doing these for the past year in the first place. Yup, our Disney trip. In just a little over 15 short days (who am I kidding? These days are going to take FOR. EVER.) we are heading to our favorite place – Disney World – with a huge cast of characters. AND I am going to celebrate my 40th birthday.

I know, I know. I look so young. Said me. To myself.

And Nickie already went ahead and spilled the beans on the Facebookz but I am going to be trying to do some daily blogging from the trip. My plan is to jump on and update all you guys. Well, “all” is a stretch. You few guys. Guy? Hello?

anybody there

Well, whatever. But I am going to be writing…FROM THE ACTUAL TRIP. I know. Mind = blown.

So to get the ball rolling, I figured I would get this post up to detail a little bit about what we are planning for this trip. It’s a big one, so let’s see if I can fit it into the post. Can I? The suspense is delicious.


The setup

We will be hitting the world on 4/15 and heading home (don’t even wanna talk about it) on 4/24. Yep, ten days. This will be the longest we have EVER spent in Disney. This was my idea. Since it was my birthday, I figured I would give it a shot. And now it’s happening. Unlimited power. Itty bitty living space.

Also, I should note that Nickie has promised me 40 birthday presents. I should also note that I LOVE PRESENTS!!!!11 I have a serious present addiction. So this is good for me. Nickie recently attempted to get out of this, but I consider any present pledge a binding one. Word is bond, kid. So she is now still giving me 40 presents.

So of course there are the 4 of us going. Doy. But so, so many more people are going to be joining us. Now, while we will be there Friday – Sunday (like the second Sunday), everyone will be joining us at different times.  I think there are like 26 of us or something, which is nuts.

AND we are staying at the new Polynesian Villas!! So very very excited about this. But to be fair, I get excited about pretty much anything Disney. So.

poly village

The plan

Day 0 (The Day Before) – So I know we said ten days in Disney but we actually have a tradition of staying near the airport the night before. So the night before we leave, we will head to the Hilton near Logan airport to spend the night. The kids love being able to watch the planes from our window and walk over to the airport for dinner. We live literally ten minutes away from the airport so this isn’t out of necessity. It’s out of want-isity.

Day 1 (Welcome home!) – That morning, we will be meeting our friends the Nerneys (or Nerdeys…either or): Matt, Laura, Will and Jack to head down early in the morning on a direct flight, landing around noon. On the flight, the girls have somehow secured seats together while Matt and I will be hanging with the boys, hopefully watching something completely age-inappropriate on the Jetblue TVs.

From MCO, we will hop on Magical Express and head right over to the Polynesian. I am planning on having one of these bad boys upon arrival before doing ANYTHING ELSE.

lapu lapu
It’s in fruit, so obviously healthy. Dur.

In addition to checking into the hotel, we have a lunch booked at Kona Café (ohai cotton candy for dessert.) And then we will probably hit the pool while we wait for our bags and the groceries we ordered to be delivered to our room. And by “groceries,” I mean “wine.”

Then, after some primping and cocktails, we will head to Downtown Disn…er, Disney Springs for a night of firsts! First stop – DisneyQuest. Never done this before and kind of excited about it. Especially since it’s closing soon. And also especially because I am a nerd. Then we will be having dinner at the BOATHOUSE. SO FRAKKIN excited to try this place.  On account of steak. And seafood. And nom nom nom.

It’s a good thing those life savers are there. On account of I will probably fall off the dock after falling into a massive food coma.

And THEN…and then, we are planning on probably checking out Jock Lindsay’s Hangar Bar, the new Indiana Jones-themed joint. Oh, I enjoy cocktails. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

Day 2 (EPCOT) – We will wake up on Saturday, probably grab some coffee for our refillable mugs and head out early for our first PARK DAYYYYY! We have a nice pre-park opening breakfast at Garden Grill with Chip, Dale, Pluto and Mickey. Ugh, our first morning and it’s with Mickey? Dang. Perfect. We love Garden Grill for dinner but breakfast here just started and I am pretty essited for cinnamon roll bake. Please to put in my tummy.

cinnamon bake
I want to go to there.

We will spend the morning in Future World. And by “future,” I mean the future as it was expected to be in the 1980’s. And please know…that is by no means an insult. We have fastpasses in the morning for Test Track, Nemo and Spaceship Earth and I really hope to check out that new Pixar short film thingamabob.

Also…flowers!!111 Yeah it’s the Flower and Garden Festival. No big.

At around 11AM, we will head over to World Showcase. Then we will tour the countries…which is always exciting. But like, extra exciting because there are the Flower and Garden food booths all over the place. Rather than going through ALL the food I am looking forward to, here is a post from the Disney Food Blog. This does a much better job than I could. Know that I would like to eat and drink all that mess. At 2:00, we have lunch at Chefs de France (one of my favorites, as noted here). Snails will be in mai belly.

“So this snail is standing in front of the Cadillac salesman and says, ‘How much is that Cadillac?’ The snail says, ‘I want a big S put on each door. And on top of the car I want a big S so everybody can see it.’ Salesman says, ‘Why do you want that?’ He says, ‘When I drive down the avenue I want everyone to say – look at that S-car-go.”

Then it’s back to the hotel for some pool/rest/Dole Whip/Lapu Lapu time.

mmm dole whip

In the evening, we will take the monorail back to EPCOT for dinner at Rose & Crown. While the Scotch Egg is a definite, we are also hoping to get a seat on the patio for Illuminations. Fingers crossed.

scotch egg
…Plus this…


happy kitten
Equals HAPPYYYYYYY!!11111one one

So yeah. It was AS I FEARED!!!111…there is NO WAY I can fit this entire trip into one post. I am gonna consider this a start and continue on another post. Hey, we just started a post series. Describing what I think I am going to do. On a trip that I will also be blogging about every day. You people will read anything.

See ya next time…


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