And now we come to Day 4 of our trip. Well, our expected Day 4. Not the actual Day 4. On account of that hasn’t happened. SO…

…Welcome to our theoretical Day 4. If you need to see Day 3 to catch up click here. Day 4 is ANIMAL KINGDOM DAY!!!11 Which is super exciting because though we have been to Disney World a few times over the past couple years, we actually have not been to Animal Kingdom since January 2014. That’s a long time without some Jambo. Kno-wut-I-mean?

animal kingdom
I am an ele-FAN-t of Animal Kingdom.

A little backstory on this day. So about a month or so ago, it was announced that the new Animal Kingdom nighttime show, Rivers of Light, would be debuting the week we are there. This of course sent us into full-fledged panic…


We then maybe heard that the day we were going to be there would possibly AND potentially be the day Rivers of Light would actually start. So we started rearranging dining plans just in case. Our plan for this day was a tad different than it actually is. Come to find out this was all for naught as the show was scheduled to debut on April 22nd. Which is great…


So eh…we have since moved on from our dreams of a nighttime water show and are just planning on enjoying a day at Animal Kingdom. With the Nerdlers. Which is pretty great in its own right. Turn those frowns upside down.

OK…onto the plan…

The eight of us will wake up on Day 4 rather early so we can grab a 7AM bus and head over to Animal Kingdom for our 8AM breakfast at Tusker House. Oh, I also neglected to mention that after we booked our breakfast to get us in the park early, we found out there are Morning Extra Magic Hours at the park, meaning EVERYONE will get in the park at that time as well. So that’s great. Did I say great? I meant dumb.

BUT….Tusker House is a great breakfast so things are not all ridic. Tusker House is a buffet breakfast that features traditional breakfast food (eggs, sausages, biscuits and gravy, Mickey waffles) with some unique African offerings (bobotie, pap, other things I think). So it’s like melding the old and the new. Like when Uncle Jessie makes an appearance on Fuller House. And everyone cheers. I will also cheer at this breakfast. Like people do with Uncle Jessie.

And not only is the food here awesome,  but there are characters here – Mickey, Goofy, Daisy and Donald. And they are all dressed up like Dark Helmet when he’s out searching for Yogurt in the desert.

dark helmet
“I HATE yogurt…”
mickey tusker
“…even with strawberries.”

I love how much they love Spaceballs here.

After breakfast, those that want to will head over to Expedition Everest to try and get on standby if the wait isn’t too long and then we have fastpasses for Kilimanjaro Safari, Dinosaur and Kali River Rapids. Of course, we will also definitely want to try and see Finding Nemo: The Musical and Festival of the Lion King…and try to get on Tough to be a Bug as well. We will try. Some of this may be pushed to after lunch though.

Will the Yeti be moving? Who knows? I do. No. No, he won’t be.

Oh, speaking on lunchz. We have a lunch at 12:30 at Yak and Yeti that day. I lurve it here. Not only is the food awesome, but the ambiance is like whoa. Too bad the name of the restaurant sounds like vomiting. But yeah, the food. The go-to appetizer here is probz the pot stickers. On account of nomz.

pot stickers
Pot stickers are the most delicious type of stickers. Well, there are those scratch and sniff ones.

So it seems like they got rid of the steak and shrimp entrée I liked so much a while back. They have replaced it with a steak and coconut shrimp dish…but honestly, I am eating steak like constantly on this trip. So I may go for the chicken tikka masala. Nickie is thinking the veggie lo mein. I have a feeling the kids will go for the mini-burgers.

And for dessert, we obvs will have the fried wontons. On account of they are skewers of pineapple and cream cheese filled wontons with…eh…I will let the picture do the talking:

fried wontons
Holy crud. Nom.

Oh and we will also have the unfortunately named cocktail – the Yak Attack. It’s like my second favorite drink. Next to the Vomitahattan.

Like I said, after lunch we may hang out and get some schtuff done that we didn’t get to in the morning and potentially walk the Maharajah Jungle Trek.

But by 2:00, we will probably leave the park and get back to the Poly for some pool time. Oh, and cocktails. Hope they serve Vomitahattans.

We will probz get a bit dressed up for dinner tonight as we are walking over to the Grand Floridian for dinner at Narcoossee’s. A little background on this place. So the first time we ever went here, it was a great GREAT dinner. Second time? Eh…not so much. So consider this a tie-breaking experiment.

For apps, I will most likely get the chilled shrimp and Nickie will probz get the cheese platter. And so as to keep my experiment’s methodology sound, I am planning on getting the Butter-poached Cold Water Lobster Tail And Grilled Filet Mignon.

surf and turf
Yes kids. This is what life is like…on the other side.

But I will say that I am a tad concerned this is not showing up on the allears menu. It is showing up elsewhere….so I remain optimistic. I like this entrée because it’s the most expensive thing on the menu. And I’m worth it.

Not sure what the kids will get here, but I bet Myles will get the steak and Owen will get the Mickey mac and cheese. No matter since the big draw for the kids here is the make your own s’mores dessert.

You’re killin’ me Smalls.

But for me, the almond crusted cheesecake makes me feel all tingly inside. So that is going to happen.

And after dinner, we have a free night. We may try to catch a movie on the beach, hit the arcade, hot tub, impromptu crime spree, Boggle…who knows? The movie that night is Finding Nemo. So.


Day 0, 1 and 2

Day 3


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