OK so Day 5 is an interesting day to be sure. Somewhat of a relaxing day yet there is a lot of activity happening in the way of people arriving. We will be starting the day just the four of us and ending the day with I think like 20 people in total. So. The point being – I am really popular. If you need to catch up on Day 4, click here.

To start the day, the Nerd Burglars will be heading to the park-that-shall-not-be-named on account of they plan on having enough of us by this point. Oh, the park-that-shall-not-be-named? Nope. I won’t say it. Uh uh. Ugh…ok fine.



So the four of us are gonna have a little Goody time in the morning. We are going to wake up early still. Cuz that’s how we do. And grab some food at Captain Cook’s, the Polynesian quick-service location. Now HERE is where I will be getting my Tonga Toast on. Owen too. Not sure about Myles…but Nickie claims she is getting the breakfast sandwich. My prediction? She is doubling down on the Tonga Toast.

Best. Toast. Ever.

After breakfast, the four of us are going to jump on a bus and head over to Blizzard Beach. The three of us will be water sliding. Hard. Core.

Snow in Florida? Dis crayzee.

Wait, Wayne…the three of you?

Well, self, yes. Because Nickie will be cowering under a sun chair while Owen and I do this…

summit overall

And then I plan on beating Myles and Owen at this.

racing slide
Winning this “race” takes no skill. So I will probably win.

We will be hanging out here until a little before lunch so that we can hop back on the resort bus to get back to the resort.

For lunch

At Kona Café.


Yep, so my niece and my…erm…nephew-in-law? will be meeting us for lunch at the resort to start their phase of the vacation with us. While Steph is super time Disney, Mikey is a little more on the anti-Disney side. I am thinking a good Lapu Lapu will change his mind right quick. Ugh so excited as this is the start of MOAR FRENDZ.

So for lunch, since this will be our second time for lunch here (first time here), I am going to be a little torn on what to get here. I didn’t really detail what I was eating the first time, but I will be getting probably the volcano roll and pan-Asian noodles the first time. This time? Might be hard to NOT get the volcano roll again. Because, I mean, this…

volcano roll
I lava this roll. Get it? Lava. LA-va? Oh whatevz.

But this time around, I am thinking the Polynesian Plate Lunch (pan-fried chicken with coconut and mango sauce, sticky rice and pasta salad). Um yeah. I think Nickie is gonna get the Island Chicken sandwich:

island chix sandwich
What’s the matter sandwich? CHICKEN?

I bet Myles will get the cheese tortellini and Owen will get the hot dog. I bet. And when I bet, I never lose. Except when I do. Which is always.

For dessert, who the heck knows what is going to happen here. The kids typically steal our dessert to get a Kona cone, unless the server is super nice and let’s them get one on the kids menu. Can we please talk about why something like this…

kona kone
I am TOO an adult.

Isn’t on the kids menu? Cotton candy, ice cream and sprinkles. As an adult child, I am completely on board with being able to eat this. But I mean….right?

After lunch, we have like the whole afternoon to just hang. We will definitely get some pool time in. And cocktail time. And poolside cocktail time.



At around 4:00 PM, our friends Tony and Larissa will be rolling into the ‘Lando with their adorable daughter Mia (first time visit!!!). So we will also be meeting them this day. But wait…there’s more!

I am pretty sure at some point this day we will check out Trader Sam’s Grog Grotto, which is super exciting. Because the drinks are not only super themed but pretty much every drink you order results in the wait staff acting cray cray. I plan on having a zombie head.

zombie head
This zombie likes brains as well. Well, mainly the cells. The brain cells. 

Because zombie head.

That night before dinner, the Nerdlers will be coming back to us as well, most likely with a “that was fun, but we missed you terribly” look on their face. Which is understandable. We are easy to miss terribly.

And then the 13 of us have a late (8:00) dinner at O’hana. Which means family. And I guess family means no one gets left behind? I always thought it meant a group consisting of parents and children living together in a household or all the descendants of a common ancestor.

stitch gif
So at O’hana, we eat all the food. Coconut bread. Pot stickers. Sticky wings. Pork dumplings. Steak. Shrimp. Chicken. Bread pudding. Food coma.

bread pudding.jpg
heaven thy name is bread pudding

And they bring all this to you. To your table. And just keep bringing it. Until you die. Should be some epic gluttony on display.

Now…after dinner….we have tons of people coming in.

My mom is rollin in around 10:00 that night and spending one night in our room. Her flight changed and she is now getting in a night earlier than expected but her package doesn’t officially start until the next day. So she is gonna crash with us. Which is unfortunate for her. Because I will have the food snores that night.


Annnnnnd, the Florida Goodys will also be coming in that night. My brother, my sister-in-law, my niece, my nephew and his family…SO yeah…the Nerdys. Steph and Mikey. Tony and Larissa and Mia. My mom. The Florida Goodys. Oh man, I am gonna be crying all sorts of cries. On account of family. And friends. And alcohol.

So we will see what time everyone gets there, but it would be great to be able to see some of the fireworks with them from the beach at the Poly. At the very least, I am sure we will be meeting up for a drink. And ugh..I seriously can’t wait to continue the trip with all of these people….AND MORE. Foreshadowing.

I’m literally the luckiest.


Day 0, 1 and 2

Day 3

Day 4


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