Wow, Day 9. This will be our last full day at Disney World. Yikes. But as you will see in a second, we are definitely gonna make the most of it. First off though, if you need to catch up on Day 8, here you go.

OK so this day is gonna start off a lil sad for sure. This morning, we will be saying goodbye to my mom, Stephanie and Mikey. Ugh. This displeases me greatly. Womp to the domp.

sad tigger.gif
I’m a sad Tigger.

But again, I am SO sure we will have all made such amazing memories together on this trip that it will pretty much live on forever.

So after drowning in my own tears, we are then going to head over to the Magic Kingdom for breakfast at the Crystal Palace. And believe it or not, despite people having left, we still have breakfast with like 15 people planned for that day. The four of us, the Chagnons (George, Stephanie, Emily and Courtney), The Falzones (Tony, Larissa and Mia) and the Florida Goodys (Jeff, Sheila, Shannon and Evin.)

Wait…did I say 15? I meant 19. On account of Pooh, Piglet, Tigger and Eeyore. Oh man, Eeyore. How are you the cutest? Seriously. I can’t even.

Sometimes being sad is the cutest.

I should also note that this day is actually Emily’s birthday. Like..the actual day. She isn’t a big fat liar like me. It’s the actual day. HAPPPPY BIRTHDAY EMILY!!!!!

And for breakfast, it’s buffet so standard breakfast stuff for the most part. Except for one thing. One glorious, stupendous, life-changing thing. Pooh’s Puffed French toast. Yeah…this…

poohs puffed french toast.jpg
It doesn’t look like French Toast. Doesn’t really taste like French Toast. But it doesn’t matter. On account of nomz.

So yeah…good stuff. AND this breakfast is at 8AM which means we will be in the park before it opens. Expect lots of empty park shots that day on the blog.

After breakfast, the park opens at 9AM. And our first fastpass for the Mine Train is at 10AM. So we have an hour to see what we can do. Since we will be hitting a fastpass at 10 in Fantasyland, we will probably stick close to there? I am thinking we may hit Storybook Circus for the Barnstormer and Dumbo. That seems like a good plan. Yeah. Plan? Made.

Then, like I said, we have a 10AM fastpass for the Mine Train. Then we have an 11:30 AM fastpass for Splash Mountain. So who knows what we will do in between these either? Pirates? Haunted Mansion? Popcorn?


Also, some of us will be bypassing Splash Mountain to meet Anna and Elsa. Which I am obviously fine missing. Obviously. Why are you looking at me like that? I’m serious. Totally fine with it. I am NOT lying to myself. Stop. Let it go.

At 1:15 we and the Falzones have lunch at the Grand Floridian Café so we will jump on the monorail and head over sometime close to that. My plan for lunch? This place makes it super easy. On account of they have a burger with lobster on top of it. If I didn’t eat this every time I came here, I feel like my soul might shrivel up and die.

surf and turf.jpg
The only way to make surf better? Add turf.

Honestly, not sure what Nickie is getting here. I think she was considering the Rustic Chicken Sandwich but that Roasted Chicken Wrap also sounds pretty delightful. The kids have a choice of meaty macaroni, cheese pizza or chicken nuggets, so it’s really anyone’s guess as to where this goes. But I can guarantee they will both get the worms in dirt for their dessert.

Then, after lunch we will just jump on the ol monorail…

monorail 1.png

And head back to the Magic Kingdom. We have fastpasses for a prime view of the Festival of Fantasy parade. Which is awesome. And that’s a lot for me to say. On account of I think parades are typically dumb. But this…


Then after the parade we will hop on ye olde monorail…

monorail 2.png

And head back to the Poly for a little bit of maxin. And relaxin. And who knows…maybe Trader Sam’s one more time.

Then we will go up to the room, get ready for dinner and jump back on the monorail…

monorail 3.gif

And get off at the Contemporary for dinner at Chef Mickey’s ( for dinner with the Fab Five. The food here is fact, I think it gets a bad rap. But you really come here for the characters. Oh and those Oreo things I mentioned back on our other Magic Kingdom day.

Hello, old friend.

And don’t forget…this is Emily’s birthday. So essentially, Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy and Donald are coming to her birthday party. Which is amazeface. Plus Mia will be there…and I am sure she is gonna LOVE this situation.

After dinner…

monorail 4.gif

And back to the Magic Kingdom. The park is open until like midnight that night and we are gonna live it up. It’s our last night so we ain’t leavin til we’re heavin.

Next up…ugh…last day. Gah.


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