So last we left you at Day 7, we talked about our expected day at Hollywood Studios full of Star Wars-y, Tshirt-ish, steak-ingly fun and frolic. While we will have just said goodbye to the Nerd Burglars, we will have also just welcomed the Chagnons into the situation. It’s quite a roller coaster of emotions. Or maybe a Rock N Roller Coaster of sweet emotions.



Is this thing on?

So quite a feat here. We are now at Day 8 and so far are not repeating one park. Until today. For we are planning our second EPCOT day. But remember, the first time we are going will just be us and the Nerdlers. This time, we have a much bigger crew. We be rollin deep in the experimental prototype city of tomorrow.


Early day, this one is. We have to get up and most likely take a cab…


Over to EPCOT because we be so early even the monorail be like, “Damn, that’s early.” But this is all because we have an early pre-park opening breakfast at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. Located in Norveigh, this breakfast combines some traditional breakfast shizz with Norwegian items…3 of which are smoked, pickled or erm Glassmeister’ed? types of fish. It’d be better if they were Burgermeister’d.

“They’ll be no more pickled herring. For the king!”

They also have this bomb potato casserole. It’s like cheesy and potato-y and all kinds of good.

But the big draw here is you get to see the princesses. I mean, the big draw for like…girls. Not for me obviously. I’d much rather watch a sporting event or hunt live game. But you know, I do it for the wife. I know, I am a true hero. But yeah there is a rotating group of princesses here – you may see Aurora, Ariel, Snow White, Cinderella, Mulan, Jasmine and/or Mary Poppins? I do love Mary and not to be too technical but she is more “the help” than an actual princess, no?

mary poppins.jpg
But look. I talk to birds. I am OBVS a princess.

Now, the one guarantee here has always been Belle. Before sitting down to eat, you used to take a picture with her and they would bring you these printed pictures to you as part of your meal. I have heard this was discontinued but I think you still get a photo opp with her. But who knows? Not me. Or do I? Or I do? I or do?

After breakfast, we are gonna go over to Future World (pew pew) and we have fastpasses for 16 of us for Test Track, The Seas With Nemo & Friends and Journey Into Imagination. 16!! That’s an entourage. Like that show. Entourage. Except with less people I wanna punch in the face.

I am sure we will do some other stuff here as well while we wait for World Showcase to open. Maybe we’ll ride Spaceship Earth again. Maybeeeee we hit Mission:Space. Or perhaps we stick it to Disney and drink our weight in free disgusting soda at Club Cool. Take THAT corporate America!

Beverly soda
This disgusting concoction shares a name with my wife’s hometown. Coincidence?

Once World Showcase opens though…it’s drinking around the world. Yep, drink at every country…and most likely a snack. Should be drunk. And fat. And with the added benefit of Flower and Garden kiosks, all plans here are very VERY subject to change. I always think it best to start in Mexico. Mainly because I enjoy tequila and margaritas. And if I wait until the end, enjoying may be tougher to do. But…here is the thing. We are probz not gonna have time for ALL listed below. We have done this before, just so you know. But we have to leave here pretty much after lunchtime. However, this plan below is the BEST plan if we could execute it. This is a list of some of my favorite beverages from each country (I won’t even get INTO the snacks, as this is a blog post and not a novella):

Mexico – Tough call here. The horchata margarita AND the tequila flight at La Cava del Tequila are both bombtown. But I have also heard good things about the avocado margarita. And the nice thing about that one is that it is obviously healthy. On account of avacados.

Heyyyyyyy Avocado.

Probably a good idea to ride the Gran Fiesta Tour before our margarita. Because of when it goes upside-down. (Shhhh…not everyone knows.)

Norway – Gonna leave this one up in the air. The true test is the Aquavit shot. If you can take this shot and not grimace within 5 seconds, you are a true Viking. But, if I am not feeling that…may go for a Carlsberg.

I may pour out a little liquor for my homeboy here. The Maelstrom.

Except for the last person that rode it. He WAS the last.

China – China, however, is a slam dunk. There is only one suitable choice here and that is the Tipsy Ducks in Love drink. Which is a creamy cold tea and coffee combo blended with bourbon and chocolate. This right here? It’s best.

tipsy ducks
This is AFTER some tipsy duck. So obvs its good stuff.

Now in between China and Germany, one could hit the African trading post for either a beer or rum cocktail.  You could.

Or the better call? We should hit the Germany outdoor kitchen before hitting Germany proper for maybe some currywurst (I know, I said no snack mentions but roasted bratwurst with curry ketchup and paprika chips? Danke.) Plus they do have a champagne aperitif and good selection of beer here.

CurryWURST? More like CurryBEST. Amirite?

Germany – Then we should hit Germany. Since I probably would have already gotten a beer at the outdoor kitchen, probably best to get a Jagermeister shot. Because you know, its always best to get a Jagermeister shot. Said no one. Ever.

Italy – the best move in Italy will probably be to have a glass of wine. And by best, I mean obviously worst. But it’s still going to happen. Bad decisions are made at EPCOT. It’s all part of the experience. Although at the outdoor kitchen this year, I believe they have slushy Limoncello. Literally everything is better if it’s slushy. It’s science.


America – Spread your golden wings. Hm? Oh, sorry…I literally cannot ever say “America” without saying “spread your golden wings.” Which is why we obviously have to see the American Adventure. And afterwards, we can reward ourselves with a nice cold frozen Jim Beam red stag lemonade. Just rolls off the tongue, eh?

red stag.jpg
Psst, there’s bourbon in there.

Also, the smokehouse outdoor kitchen with it’s brisket and…sorry, sorry. I said no snack mentions.

Japan – by now, Sake might not be the best idea. Not to say I won’t. But it would be regrettable. A better choice might be a Kirin beer. Which is essentially just a beer with frozen foam on top. But I’s gonna be like 90 degrees. So. Obvs sake.

What’s the Japanese word for drooooooooooool?

Morocco – Though Spice Road table does have some good choices, might be best to hit the Taste of Marrakesh Outdoor Kitchen for their white sangria. It’s juice. So I think it might help stave off scurvy.

France – ok, so the go-to for me has always typically been the Grand Marnier slushy (see earlier point regarding “slushy”). However, the Fleur de Lys Outdoor Kitchen has…wait for it…Grand Marnier ICE POPS. Wait. What?

ice pops.jpg
Don’t push me. Push a push…BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRP

UK – I think UK is typically our last stop on the tour. On account of Canada simply just has beer. While Guinness is always a solid choice here…so are their mixed pints. So…I mean…no way to lose here.

So, this all works out as we are having lunch that day at the UK. What won’t work out is getting all this done in essentially under four hours. We will see what happens. Lunch that day is at the Rose & Crown. We have already talked about the Rose & Crown somewhat but I will just stress this place is like totally Yumtown. I think for lunch I am gonna go for another Scotch Egg and the Bangers and Mash. Or as Miley Cyrus would call them – Bangerz and Mash.

b and m
Its apropos that the initials of this dish are BM. Because…well…you know.

I think Nickie is thinking about getting the shredded corned beef on toast. And the kids? Not sure. I could see Myles getting the bangers and mash and Owen getting the fish and chips.

After lunch, we will leave. Man, thank God we don’t have to drive. And go back to the hotel for some relaxing time (translation: nap?) And then go back to EPCOT for dinner at La Hacienda. My plan is to get the pork empanadas as an appetizer and then the Taquiza (taco sampler essentially) as my entrée. Nickie will most likely get the empanadas as well. Whenever Nickie sees that empanadas are on a menu, she’s always like, “Tarnation!” Seriously. Every time. Pretty sure she will get the short ribs as an entrée since every time she sees short ribs on a menu she says, “Well bust my buttons.” Sometimes being married to her is like being married to an old-timey radio show.

The kids will most likely get tacos. But it’s really the dessert they like here – the Churritos. They are like little churros served with ice cream. The adult dessert menu is so boring.

Holas churritos.

And just as we are trying to time it at Rose & Crown on Day 2, we are trying to ensure we can watch Illuminations from La Hacienda as well, since this is right on the water.  We never watch fireworks with the commoners.


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