Disney 2016 – May the 40th Be With You – Day 0!!

Hey everyone. OK so first off, let me apologize for not posting our last day on the pre-trip reports. Time just got away from me with the trip coming up and getting all the Disney nights done and work and what not. Also though, I mean who wants to hear about the last day? It’s all kinds of meh.

So let’s get this whole thing started. First off…IT’S HAPPENING!!!!!11one one

disney sign
Ho. Lee. Crap.


And second off, I am going to be doing my best to post as regularly as I can from the trip. I will try to post every day but I can’t make any promises. Especially on drinking around the world days at EPCOT. On account of drunk.

Yeah this is it. The trip has officially started. Before I get things going, I want to make somewhat of an announcement. Nickie and I will be trying out Periscope on this trip. For those that don’t know, Periscope is a live streaming app. Go ahead and download it and you can follow us. We will be trying to live stream at different points in the trip. My name is waynegoody and Nickie is nickiegoody. We will see how this whole thing goes. Techmologies.

OK, so today is officially Day 0. Day before heading to Disney. But still…pretty awesome.

Nickie and I had the day off today so we could take care of some last-minute things. And by last-minute things, I mean Daisy. Dropping Daisy off is a big deal. Especially on this trip, since it will be TEN DAYS. Oy vey. But good news, Kenny and Michelle will be taking her up to a lake…She really enjoys swimming so chances are she won’t want to come home.

After that, we had to wait 1 long hour until we said we would dismiss the kids from school. We love finding ways to get the kids out of school. We dismissed them today at 11:30AM. We went and picked them up and then got ready to head to the Hilton by Logan airport. My mom is like the best so she drove us over to the Hilton. OMG its really happening.

We got to the Hilton and I got my first birthday surprise. Nickie had booked us on the Executive Level. We be high rollers y’all. So, of course, before hitting our room we went right to the lounge to stock up on free shizz. Tis how we do. The kids were pumped about free chocolate chip cookies. Well…free. Guess it all depends on how you look at it.

When we did finally get to our room, the birthday avalanche began. We all got our airport bags…definitely good stuff all around. I got all kinds of stuff in mine – cigars, whiskey, a tsum tsum, Disney mints, a millennium falcon bottle opener AND keychain, a stuffed Eeyore…tons of stuff. But the big thing was like…really big. Nickie created this…

soundtrack book
I may have the best wife ever. Wait…did I say “may”? I meant “do.”

She had all my friends contribute a song to the “soundtrack of my life.” And they all wrote stories about why these different songs reminded them of me. It is like the best thing I have ever gotten. And the CD kind of kicks ass. Like everything from Disney to hair metal to gangster rap, listening to it really did feel like I was listening to my life through headphones. And the stories. Man. I pretty much cried for a good hour. I don’t know if I have ever felt so loved. Seriously.

We had some snacks in the room and then headed down to the pool for a quick swim. And it was SO MUCH fun. Owen officially swam the length of the pool for the first time ever and Myles learned how to float. And I managed to not drown. So good times all around.

boys in pool.jpg
Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming. 

Then we came back up, got changed and walked over to Terminal C for a traditional dinner at Jerry Remy’s.

boys at airport.jpg
These boys? Best.

We always eat here the night before Disney. I don’t know how it happened, but this has become a tradition for us.

Note: No relation to the rat from Ratatouille.

The kids didn’t care about much else beyond eating here night before. Which is interesting. On account of they don’t actually get food from here but bring Burger King over while Nickie and I eat Remy’s.

boys at table.jpg
The juxtaposition of Burger King and real food is very appealing to these two.

The boys got cheeseburgers, chicken tenders and Oreo shakes. Nickie and I both got the same thing – a chicken sandwich with a side of chicken noodle soup. And three beers. The biggest ones they had.

chix sandwich
Consider this the beginning. Of you getting sick of pictures of my food.

And awesomely, we had the same exact waiter we had last time we went to Orlando. He remembered us and was like “don’t forget – I like large onion rings at Burger King.” So tonight, we decided to take him up on that and grabbed him some onion rings. He really took care of us last time and even this time, he gave the kids free ice creams.

with waiter.jpg
These three. 

After dinner, we went up to the executive lounge for some hors d’oeuvres. We grabbed some wine in the lobby and then headed up to the lounge. They had cheese and crackers, spanikopitas and crab rangoons. And some chocolate goodness.

boys and wayne in lounge
This plate only looks small. On account of my guns.

And after we hung out for a little while, I ran to the room and grabbed the Disney Apples to Apples game we brought and we played a little in the lounge while Nickie and I enjoyed some drinks and the Boston skyline.

Oh this kid? Total Apples to Apples shark.

A seriously good start to the trip. And I mean, this is just the prelude. Talk soon.



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