Day 1. OMG it’s hurr.

So Day 1…lets just get it out there… Little bumpy to start off with.  I just wanna get the unpleasantness out of the way.  I am a little sick.  When I woke up,  I couldnt taste anything.  Which is a travesty at Disney.  Obvs.  Also…. Owen is a little sick. Stuffy,  headaches… Meh not the best start for the trip.  Also,  I am writing this from the bus back from Disney Springs and we are still one bag short.  Yeah one lone soldier didn’t make it.  But we are hopeful that it’s there when we get back.

Ok.. Ugh now that THAT is out of the way.  It actually was an AMAZING first day today.

We started the day at the Hilton.  Woke up… Got our breakfast in the executive lounge… Not bad. Eggs,  toast,  bagels…. But not all that picture worthy.  So.. Moving on.

We headed to the airport and the lines?  B-A-N-A-N-A-S.  it was insanity today.  We waited out in the cold to check our bags at Logan.  Just as we were about to check our bags,  the Nerneys showed up,  came in line and got checked right away.  Then the security line… Also nuts town.  But the Nerneys? TSA pre check.  Jerks.

And then… The flight…Was fine. Though Owen was pretty much all set with it about 2 hours in.

We’z goin on a plane?

We landed,  hopped on magical express and headed for the Polynesian.

Aw Nickie….so pretty,

Our rooms weren’t ready but we had a lunch reservation at Kona Cafe.  So we went up,  put our names in and got our pager.  Of course though… We had to get some lapu lapus while we waited.  Of course.

At least there wasn’t that much alcohol in these things. Oh. Wait.

Lunch though. Food.  Ugh so much food.  I had the volcano roll for an appetizer and pan fried chicken for my entree. Nickie got the pot stickers and noodles.  Owen got the soup and grilled cheese and Myles got the soup and cheeseburger.  Here are some food.

This was the START of the meal. 
This was delicious. I think. My taste buds still weren’t working all that well.
Nickie’s noodles. Nice. No?

And all of us.  All eight of us.  Got Kona Cones.  Cotton candy. Ice cream.  M&M’s.  Chocolate Mickey.  Um hello.


As we were finishing up lunch I went down and checked on our room. Ours was ready. The Nerdlers?  Not so much.  Payback for the pre check methinks. Goodys rule.

So we all headed up and Matt and I took the boys down to the pools.  Yeah pools. We checked out both pools.  And hot tubs. And beers. And the kids obvs squad got some Dole whips. We also went and got our refillable mugs for the trip.


Will has informed us that the refillable mug is his second favorite part of the trip. Next to the direct flight.

Also, when I got back to the room, Nickie surprised me with a cake she had ordered for my birthday. And it was Star Wars-tastic.

Just so you know. Literally everything on this cake? Edible.

Of course, we still haven’t touched it. On account of food everywhere we look. It sits in the fridge waiting for tomorrow.

Then it was time to head to Disney Springs.  When we got there, Matt and I took the boys to Disneyquest real quick for a turn in cyberspace mountain.  We got to design out own roller coasters and ride them. Its like a real roller coaster. Except less thrilling.

We played a couple video games but had to leave rather quickly to make our 7:30 dinner reservation at the Boathouse. But just so everyone knows, I had to cut my game of Dig Dug short. I am THAT good at that game.

OK…so the Boathouse. Just so you know. We ate ALL the food. We had great seats out on the patio. A beautiful night and look at these two beautiful ladies…


And literally…we ate it ALL. We had seriously a ton of food. Martinis. Wine. Oysters. Calamari. Firecracker shrimp. Baked stuffed lobster. New York Strip. Ahi Tuna. Filet Mignon sliders. Seriously. It was crazy. And it was AMAZING. Such a good dinner. For me, the oysters and the ahi tuna were standouts. Nickie raved about the calamari. And Nerdy and Laura loved their New York Strip and Baked Stuffed Lobster.This place is bomb city. Here are some of what was happening in our faceholes.



It was such a disgusting display that the waitress actually seemed shocked we wanted dessert. But I mean. Why stop now? A durr. So we got the baked Alaska to split for the table. And thank God we did. On account of the entire table of 8 could not finish this glorious thing. To be more clear, it was a s’mores rocky road baked Alaska. So.

This thing. Someone had to come and cut it special. Like someone served it to us. And then someone else cut it. Yeah. It was THAT kind of a thing.

After dinner, we were all pretty beat. But of course not too beat to buy souvenirs. Laura took Myles, Will and Jack over to Once Upon a Toy to build their own light sabers. But Owen knew exactly what he wanted tonight. A Winnie-the-Pooh pillow pet. And to be honest…I mean, I love me some Star Wars but man is that thing cuddly.

Boys. Light Sabers. Pillow pets. And Laura.

So a great GREAT first real day. And tomorrow? We are off to EPCOT. Will I be able to taste my tipsy ducks in love? Only time will tell.

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