Last day is here. Womp a domp. And while we didn’t go to a park this day because we had to fly out, we still managed to have a little bit of fun and spend some time with our awesome friends.

The night before, we packed up most of the room so this morning we woke up, showered and got the rest done before heading to breakfast. Kids? Sad. Adults? Sad. To be honest, 10 days was a great amount of time to have here, but it’s never easy to say goodbye. Especially when we have work THE NEXT DAY. Urgh.

So yeah we woke up and headed to breakfast at 1900 Park Fair at the Grand Floridian. And we still had the Falzones AND the Chagnons to hang out with. So you know…pretty awesome all around. 1900 is a nice buffet complete with eggs benedict so. Plus we got to eat with Winnie-the-Pooh, Tigger, Mary Poppins, Alice and the Mad Hatter. Great breakfast and a nice last meal. Which sounds kind of depressing. On account of it is. But still…pics.

So yeah…Mia DEFINITELY warmed up to the characters


I could probably wallpaper our house with pictures of Owen hugging Pooh bear. 
Love these two.
Courtney’s blurred face is testament to how awesome this hug was.


We’re all mad here.

After breakfast, we said goodbye to both the Chagnons and the Falzones. So sad of course.  Having all these guys on the trip added to the overall awesomeness of the entire trip so it was def sad to see it come to an end.

We also took some time after breakfast to use our remaining snack credits. Of which we had MANY. Like…a lot. We came home with a ton of sour gummi worms, jelly beans and rice krispie treats. Including these amazing new BB-8 ones. FYI – the guy at the Grand Floridian said we couldn’t get the BB-8 ones as a snack credit because he was a new character but at the Poly? Totally fine. The more you know.

And then, with a heavy heart and some super sad kids, we said goodbye.

Aloha, Polynesian.
This pretty much sums it up.

Like I said, 10 days was a really good length of time. Don’t get me wrong. But this trip was a hard one to see come to an end. We did so many incredible things this trip. Ate so many delicious things. Made so many great memories. Weather was great and I got to spend this vacation with so many of my favorite people.  For me, this was a once-in-a-lifetime type of trip. I mean, of course we will be going back to Disney World. But we will never go with all these people again. The good news is that these memories? They aren’t going anywhere.  I will treasure so much of what happened on this trip and it has honestly made turning 40 feel less like just another year older and more like a chance to look back on where I have gone. The friendships I have forged. The family that has been there for the ride.  Even if it all ended tomorrow, I feel like my life has been a success simply because of the people that have occupied it. I truly am a lucky man. I know that already. But I couldn’t help walking away from this trip feeling just a little luckier.  Thank you to all that joined us down there. Love all of you.

Myles and Owen were definitely two of those people. Obviously. Spending ten days with them…no work, no school, just Disney…was a gift. These trips are more than just riding rides, eating food and meeting characters. It’s doing all those things for sure. But it’s doing those things as a family. We always come back from these trips feeling so much closer to one another and I love experiencing all of this with them. I hope as they get older, these Disney trips will remain as memories of some of our best times and stand as examples of what a happy family looks like. I want them to have families like this when they get older.

And of course, none of this would  have been possible without Nickie. She did SO much to make all this happen. She planned it all. Booked all the dining reservations. Booked the hotels (for pretty much everyone.) Set up so many surprises for me throughout the trip. And went to great lengths to make this a trip to remember. People say this often so it might sound like a cliché. But I really don’t know what I would do without her. This trip and everything that happened on it all trace back to her. She put so much of herself into this trip to ensure everyone had a good time. And look…this trip was epic. You guys saw. None of that would have happened without her. And literally, I can honestly say “none of that would have happened without her” on a daily basis. She is an incredible, rare person. I am blessed to have her. Thank you so much, Nickie…I love you.

So what’s next? Now that this trip is over, what’s on the horizon, you ask? Well, we have some more trips coming up. Heading to the Cape this summer for a week. And then we are off to Italy for a week in October.

After all that, we are planning a massive road trip Summer 2017. We will be driving out for 2 ½ weeks cross-country, with Disneyland as the final destination.  I am sure I will mention the other trips, but let’s be honest – they ain’t Disney. We are already planning the cross-country trip so I am sure I will be writing about that one in the months to come. Plus, we are going to be planning out a whole new slew of Disney nights leading up to it.

Plus, there are the other posts. I will be sure to focus on new Disney movies, news, etc….Though this trip (which as a big focus on here) is over, I will be trying to maintain a regular blog schedule. Hope you all will continue reading.

On account of I will continue writing.

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