Hey Day 9! Our last full day at Disney. WOMP. But….Emily’s birthday. Like, her actual birthday. Like, she isn’t a dirty liar like me with a birthday a couple weeks off. Fine, Emily is a better person than me. Is that what you want to hear? IS IT?

Anyways, happy birthday Emily.

Love this girl.

So being that it was Emily’s birthday, she got to pick a lot of what we did today….though we did at times split off and do our own thing. Saturday morning, we woke up, I did my usual coffee grab and then we met up with the Falzones and headed over to the Magic Kingdom.

The Falzone is the best zone.

For breakfast at the Crystal Palace!!!!1111 I can’t believe we didn’t come here until our last day. We love this place so much. Why wait so long? We are idiots.

And being that this breakfast was pre-park opening, we got to get some obligatory “walking down Main Street” shots. And this time? We had the added bonus of Mia.

This one’s a keeper.
Word to Main Street, yo.

We made it over to the Crystal Palace and met up with the Changnons. And then? Breakfast. But not just any breakfast. Breakfast with Winnie-the-Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and Eeyore. This breakfast is a must for us. Not JUST because of Pooh’s puffed French toast but also because of the characters here. Pooh is both Owen and Nickie’s favorite character and Eeyore is high up on the list for me. And Myles has always been a devoted Tigger fan. So….covered. Plus, the puffed French toast.

….thanks for noticin’


We have this same picture of these two from years ago…..sunrise, sunset.


After b’fast, our first fastpass wasn’t until 10:00AM on the Seven Dwarfs. So a few of us (Me, Myles, Owen, Tony, George and Courtney) headed over to Space Mountain since the park was just opening and we could walk right on. We obviously enjoyed it:


After Space Mountain, we walked over to Fantasyland and met up with Jeff, Sheila, Shannon and Evin. We still had a little time before our fastpass. So we hit the Mad Tea Party. Always a great choice after breakfast. Then, when we got off we saw John, Kelly and Connor. And Connor wanted to ride it as well. So….back on we go. I definitely hit my teacup quota before 10:00 AM that day. But eh, Connor REALLY wanted to go on it. Who am I to deny?

And then it was over to the Seven Dwarfs.  After the Seven Dwarfs, we rode Haunted Mansion and Connor wanted to ride it with me and Owen. He loves it though he’s not THE HUGEST fan of the graveyard scene. Then, Nickie, the boys and I went over and explored Tom Sawyer Island before riding Splash Mountain.


Yup….we come all the way to Disney World to play checkers.
LOVE Tom Sawyer Island.
Crazy we all had to get a pick in at the same time
Aw me boys.

For lunch, we went over to the Grand Floridian to eat at the Grand Floridian Café, which is at the Grand Floridian. Now, I know I said my soul might shrivel up and die if I didn’t order the burger with the lobster on top of it, but….I just wasn’t feeling it. A burger seemed very heavy. So instead? I got the Grand Café sandwich. Which is an open-faced hot Ham, Smoked Turkey Breast, Bacon, and Tomato with a rich Boursin Cheese Sauce and Fried Onion Straws. So obviously, lighter. Nickie got the Reuben I think and the boys both got pizza. Also, Nickie and I got the French Onion soup to start. Which was BOMB. This thing was pretty much 50% soup and 50% cheese. And you all have probably surmised from earlier posts that we LOVE cheese. Here are pics. Of food.


This thing? Delicious.

For dessert, the boys both got the worms in dirt and we got the dessert sampler to split.

I think the best thing on here..toss up between the creme brulee and cheesecake.

Our waiter was very nice and very friendly (he was very attentive to Owen, who was super sleepy at this point and we even ended up showing him pics of Daisy) but this lunch? Two. Hours. We had a fastpass for the Festival of Fantasy parade back at MK and this was really butting right up against it. Our lunch ended at around 2:40 and the parade was starting at 2:45.

We debated skipping it – even told some people we were – but we wanted to get back to try and say goodbye to the Florida Goodys so we gave it a shot. And guess what? We made it! That fastpass is great if only just for that. We could just walk in and get right up there in the Town Square. Here’s the thing though. Both of our phones died. And our camera. But not before we got at least a few pics…


After the parade, we met up with Jeff, Shannon and Evin and said our goodbyes. Sad face. We missed John, Kelly and Connor unfortunately but again…two hour lunch.

Then we left the park and grabbed the boat over to the Poly and got in some pool time before getting ready for dinner. Dinner that night was at Chef Mickey’s with the Falzones and the Chagnons. Emily and I each got treated to a birthday cupcake.


And I know this place gets mixed reviews on dinner but I love it here. Not only do they have those awesome Oreo things that I have already mentioned before, but they had lobster mac and cheese, ribs, sushi and also…honestly, I LOVE the kids’ buffet here. The chicken nuggets, mac and cheese and mini corn dogs are pretty awesometown. Plus, of course, we get to have dinner with Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, Donald and Pluto.





Then we headed back to the Magic Kingdom. The park was open until midnight and being that this was our last night, we were determined to make it. We rode Splash Mountain (Emily’s first time!!) and the Barnstormer and hit Dumbo during Wishes….pretty awesome. I even Periscoped it. After Dumbo, we went on the Jungle Cruise (which is so much better at night) and Myles and I went through the Swiss Family Treehouse. We were getting pressure to get out, but we were just not ready to leave.  Last night and all. You understand.



On our way out, I tried my best to buy Nickie a Mickey balloon. But ugh…this was just not meant to be this trip. First day I tried to buy one? The guy went on break. And like…no one else came out to sell balloons. Then I tried again and they were sold out of the pink ones she wanted. And then I went and they told me they only took cash. This time? I couldn’t find the balloon guy ANYWHERE. Disney, don’t you want my money?

But we did hit the Emporium on the way out for some last-minute souvenirs. Because we hadn’t bought enough yet. And we…sniff….said goodbye to the Magic Kingdom. Blargh. Worst.

Next up….Last day. Womp a domp.

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