Man, we are cooking with these things, huh? It’s like you wake up and BAM BLOG POST. I spoil you.

But someday, and that day may never come, I will call upon you to do a service for me. But until that day, accept this barrage of blog posts as a gift on my teddy bears’ wedding day. I know what you’re thinking. And yes, Mr. Fluffypantz did drag his feet for a while. I never thought those two would get hitched but today was the day. And what a beautiful wedding it was. Congrats to Mr. Fluffypantz and Princess Kim Beardashian….oops, sorry. Princess Kim Fluffypantz now. That’s gonna take some getting used to. To you both. My only friends.

Wow, that beginning was weird.

“I’ll say.”

Where was I? Oh yeah….


No, no no….it’s Disney Night time. As I mentioned before, because of our tight timeline we are pushing ourselves to do weeknight Disney Nights and, once again, Nickie and the boys came through while I was driving FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF home from work. But it was definitely nice to come home to a super fun Disney night.

I am really glad we are doing all these Disney nights before hitting the road. Not that I didn’t love the cross-country movies as they added a little bit of variety and challenge to our theme nights but there is just something so much more special about a Disney night. And over the years for us, they have symbolized counting down to vacations so with just over THREE WEEKS LEFT until we leave, it’s really adding to the already palpable excitement in the Goodreau house. I am really having trouble concentrating on much else these days.

I mean, unless you are reading this and I work for you. In which case, I love my job and nothing could ever make me think of anything else above it. I mean, job>vacation, am I right?


Fine. I’m just playing. You know I love you, vacation. On with the post…

Cross-country trip Day 13 – 1st half

OK, so if you remember from the last post, we had not yet gone to Disneyland yet even though we are like literally across the street. Torture, I tells ya. Torture. But all that ends now. Because DISNEYLAND. Well, actually, it’s California Adventure day. Still, though. Much excite. Have I mentioned we have NEVER been to Dsneyland?


I know, it’s crazy. So it’s really really exciting that we will finally see the park that Walt actually built. Well, except not today. We are going to California Adventure. Keep up.

We will wake up and have a quick breakfast – maybe muffins from Mimi’s or Starbucks – and then head to the park to be at the gate at around 45 minutes before it opens (park opens at 9:00 so we will be waiting there by 8:15). We are still working through our actual in-park plans but we will definitely have a tight touring plan to make sure we hit some key pieces. The new Guardians of the Galaxy attraction and Cars Land are definitely areas of focus though. Definitely Cars Land. Though we have plans for both lunch and dinner, I AM eating one of these:

chili cone

For lunch, we have reservations at Ariel’s Grotto. Which has food. And mermaids. So, it MUST be good.

And that’s all I can tell you for now because I have sworn to uphold the arbitrary half day rule I made for myself. I am a man of my word. I am the man. Who will fight. For your honor.

The theme night

Ugh, I love Dumbo. It literally made me so happy to come home to a Dumbo night. Not to digress, but with every viewing, Timothy becomes more and more a favorite Disney character. That mouse is awesome.

But right – writing about the movie is not my job these days. That’s all kinds of Owen.

Since it was Dumbo, we obviously did a circus theme. Check out the table:

Me not like Dumbo? What are you, nuts?
It’s like being at the real circus. Without the whole CLOWN TERROR thing.

Yay, circus.

Gah. Spoke too soon.

The food

For food, we had a bevy of Barnum & Bailey-based bites and beverages. Actually, the beverages really didn’t fit the theme but it sounded cool. Didn’t it? Sound cool?

We had popcorn and animal crackers,

So I swear they changed the recipe on animal crackers since I was a kid. I swear. By the moon and the stars in the sky.

Cotton candy and nuts (mixed nuts, you know like you get at those fancy circuses),

Me not like cotton candy? What are you nu….oh I already made that joke.

Hot pretzels,


And corn dogs.

Somebody save Mickey! He’s drowning in corn dogs.

Oh also, indigestion.

The activity

For an activity, we wanted to play some sort of carnival/circus-type game. We opened up the Washers game in our basement but the washers being so heavy, we felt like we couldn’t play in the house. Therefore, we used ping pong balls. Which turned out to be impossible to land in the middle hole. An impossible game to win. Just like an authentic carnival game. Then I went behind my trailer and drank some Mad Dog 20/20. Just like an authentic carnie. It’s the little details that make these nights so special.

Please disregard the unfolded laundry. Look, ping pong balls!

The movie

My original commentary on Dumbo can be found at the end of the post here (wow, this was the first one I wrote about on this blog) but now let’s hear from Owen.

Take it away Owen….

I love Dumbo for many reasons. The first reason I love Dumbo is because Timothy is such a great character. The reason I like Timothy is that he’s so nice and he scares big elephants as a little guy. He also makes Dumbo a good performer and he always respects Dumbo, even with his big ears. My second reason I love Dumbo is that Dumbo is such a cute character. Dumbo is a great character. He always is sad that Mrs. Jumbo is gone. The third and last reason I love Dumbo is that there are a bunch of funny scenes in Dumbo. My favorite scene is when Timothy and Dumbo are with the crows and the crows sing the “I never seen an elephant fly” song. I also like the scene where Timothy meets Dumbo and he scares the elephants away.


That’s it for today people. Take it back, Daddy.

See ya all next post.

And don’t forget to check out the rest of the Goodreau social media empire –

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Owen’s “thegoodreau” blog

See ya (hiccup) next time!

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