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Welp, you know what that image means, right? No? Not obvious? It means I am trying to shoehorn a little childhood nostalgia into this post. Dur. But it also means….



Yeah, so again – we are very VERY time constrained here. As of the writing of this post, we have a little over two weeks left until the big trip so we are like WE HAVE TO WATCH MOVIES AND EAT FOOD AND DO ACTIVITIES ARRRRRGH.

I’m freakin’ out man.

And for this night, we had guests. Steph and Mikey joined us for this night. Which works out on account of they are awesomepantz.

Wait, guests AND a double feature? It’s almost TOO much I know. What more could one want? How about TWO activities?

I know. It’s a lot to take in, Don Draper.

And these movies? They are pretty great. One started a revolution in animation and the other is literally the best Pixar movie ever. I know, that’s saying something. I should do a post ranking Pixar movies. I totally should. As I said, one of the movies tonight is definitely my #1 but I will give you one guess as to which movie will show up at the bottom. I’ll give you a hint. It rhymes with Cars 2.


And since this is a double feature, we get to talk about two day halves. Which would typically equal one day. But since we left off in the middle of another day, then that means we get one evening moving into the next morning. So instead of one day, it’s like two halves of a day….well, actually two halves of two different days.


Cross-country trip Day 13 – 2nd half

In the last post, we ended after lunch at Wine Country Trattoria. Which sounded good, right? Remember how we talked about wine? WELL, FORGET IT. Because we changed things a little bit. It’s how things go here. So get used to it. So instead of lunch at Wine Country Trattoria, we are actually having lunch at Ariel’s Grotto, which I think is a welcome change. It’s not only lunch (will I get the lobster tail salad? Fire-roasted Corn Cakes? Barbecued tri-tip? Who knows?) but we also get to eat with princesses! Wait, no…I mean I am not that excited. I am excited for Nickie. She loves princesses. Not me though. I love hunting. And Larry the Cable Guy. But I do get to wear my new shirt:

Fine. I mean I GUESS the Target employee could have stocked the shirts in the wrong department. I SUPPOSE that could be an explanation. But I’m still wearing it.

I bet Nickie wishes I didn’t actually buy this shirt. But I did. Just today actually. It is SO a men’s shirt. YOU’RE a girl.

After lunch, we will most likely walk back to the hotel for some pool/waterslide/cocktail time and the plan is to at least get back to the park before the 5:15 Pixar Play parade. Then, we have dinner at CARTHAY CIRCLE. Seriously excited for this meal. AND it’s a World of Color package. Which gets us a prime seat at the nighttime show.

After dinner, I am sure we will be hitting some more attractions and I definitely want to see Cars Land at night because this:

I wish we could visit the real Route 66. Oh, wait.

Oh, then? Sleep.

Cross-country trip Day 14 – 1st half

Oh then? Wake up.

Another early day. I mean, of course. It’s Disneyland. The plan is to wake up at 6AM and probably grab a quick bite at Starbucks or maybe eat something in the room but probably Starbucks because we never eat in the room. But yeah, something quick because actual breakfast is later. Oooooh, the suspense is delicious.

Then, we head to Disneyland Park. Ugh, finally! I feel like this will be like some sort of release. Yeah, I know we would have already visited California Adventure but Disneyland IS IT.

And on this day we get early entry to the park. Whoop Whoop. Which means we will get in the park at 7AM! This means early morning rides. Matterhorn! Pirates! Mr. Toad! So excited.

Since we are getting in early, we figured we didn’t want to waste those early hours on breakfast. But we did want to have breakfast in the park at the Plaza Inn. Now, of course breakfast. Yeah, breakfast is great and all. But this place has ALLLLLL THE CHARACTERS. I think you meet like 13 of them. Minnie, Eeyore. Frakkin Captain Hook. Rafiki? What? Legit drowning in characters.

Then we will hang out in the park a little more before heading to the pool for some afternoon rest/cocktail time. This is a common occurrence, I know.

The theme night

Like I said, this was a double feature. Of two AWESOME Pixar movies. We did Toy Story and Toy Story 3. And I know – Toy Story 2 didn’t make the cut again. Happened in my posts too. We do like Toy Story 2. I mean, it IS where you meet Bullseye and all.  But both Owen and I do think it doesn’t come close to parts 1 and 3.

So get excited…

Heh, that shark tho.

The food

Pretty simple. Pizza Planet. So we had pizza.

I swear when I opened these boxes, I heard angels singing “Hallelujah” in the distance. 
Owen WOULD NOT stop eating pizza.

The activity…ahem, ACTIVITIES

Since this is Toy Story, we played with toys of course. Specifically, we flew some drones. Specifically, we flew some Star Wars drones the boys specifically got for Christmas. But specifically, we didn’t get any pictures. But we also played with some other toys, including Rock Em Sock Em Robots. Robots are awesome. But robots that beat the crap out of each other? Eh, still awesome I guess.

Buzz is total photo bombing here.
So Mikey is the only blurry thing here. Either my camera is on a weird setting or he’s the Flash.

Now, in addition to some toy playing, I also brought up that when we ride Toy Story Mania, you do see a ton of board games in Andy’s room. So we played some Clue. Which could be one of the best board games of all time. And the version we have is even better because it’s Disney and it’s based on the Tower of Terror.

This version of the game is a lot less violent. The original legit has a lead pipe so.
Guess who ate a lot of cheese during this game. I’ll give you one CLUE. It was me.

And during the game, we had our own little mystery. Steph started with three cards but somewhere along the way, she ended up with two. We looked everywhere for it and it still hasn’t turned up. So I am going to make an accusation. Daisy the dog. Under the dining room table. With her teeth and digestive system.

The movie

So here are my nights/reviews for Toy Story  and Toy Story 3 but we all know this is about Owen.

So take it away Owen…

I like Toy Story and Toy Story 3 for many reasons. One of the reasons is that Buzz is my favorite character. In Toy Story, I really like the part when they are flying to the car. I like that part because it’s cool and Buzz is flying. The part I like in Toy Story 3 the most is when they are holding hands at the garbage dump. I like this part because it’s nice and it makes Dad cry.


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