Whoop Whoop Post city, y’all.


Sorry – just trying to pump up the crowd. And by the crowd, I mean me. Not that these are a chore or anything but they kind of are also. I mean, I love writing about Disney nights and movies and all that, but I have a real job too. But I made a commitment. And I am gonna stick to it. I know. I am a shining example of what a man should be.


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Onto the next night. For this one, it was just the four of us and it was another weeknight one. Which again meant Nickie went ahead and did a ton of work after work to get this shizz done. And for that…


And this is the last Pixar movie on Owen’s top 10 list, which seems crazy. Three Pixar movies. But he only had a list of 10 to work with. So really what this all means is that a top 10 Disney movies list is a near impossibility. Except for Owen. He is a shining example of what an almost-10 year old should be.

Cross-country trip Day 14 – Second half

So last we left off , we were enjoying some pool time after a jam-packed morning at Disneyland. After we have recharged at the pool, we will head back to the park to catch Mickey’s Soundsational Parade and maybe catch a ride or two if we can. But then we will walk over to Downtown Disney. So crazy to even say we will walk from the park to Downtown Disney. What a different world from Walt Disney World.

But yeah, walk over to DTD because we have dinner reservations at Tortilla Jo’s . Any restaurant with a menu specifically dedicated to tequila is bueno in my book. Annnnnd tableside guac is the best kind of guac.

After dinner, it’s back to Disneyland. Rides most likely. Snacks probably. Fun times obviously. And then “Remember…Dreams Come True” fireworks at the castle. We may close the park tonight – have to see. We WILL be going on taco power so I mean…probably.


The theme night

So yeah, a weeknight Disney night has for sure stopped meaning we cut corners. Check this out:

So the movie is called Finding Nemo but not one picture of Nemo on the cover. Is it cuz you haz to find him?
To be honest, we are pretty much decorated for Nemo 24/7. I mean, hello curtains.
Pfft, just another Wednesday in the Goodreau house.

And in case you haven’t guessed, we had a Finding Nemo night. But I mean, if you haven’t guessed that I just don’t know.

The food

So we usually do fish sticks for Nemo night. But erm. I don’t know. That doesn’t always sit well with me. Like, we are watching Nemo and eating Nemo? Always been a little tough to…

Wait for it….


Swallow. Tough to swallow. I know. Funnier than a clown fish.

clown fish.jpg

So for this Nemo night, we had Octo-dogs and shell pasta for the entrée. On the side, we had some goldfish crackers and um, beans. It always feels like we throw beans in there for some reason. Always hard to tie into the movie. Let me try though….erm, Bloat’s beans. He’s super gassy.

Hrm…I guess its more a Quadropus. I have cut 8 legs in the past but I mean, it was Wednesday. So give me a break.

For dessert. Well, I was totally gonna lie and said we had Phish Food ice cream.

Definitely goes down easier than “Bouncing Around the Room.” Ugh, Phish.

Now, I bought Phish Food ice cream with the intent of eating it. But…there was also this. Right next to that ice cream.

That’s ice cream you ding dong.

So…when this was discovered, it kind of overshadowed Phish Food in terms of interest. I will say, though….it didn’t overshadow Phish Food on taste. I still love you, Phish Food. However, Phish….that’s another story. Jam bands. Oy.

The activity

So we did have an activity planned. We were going to play Go Fish. But the night kind of got away from us. Lots of conversation and what not. Sooooo playing Go Fish?

It just wasn’t in the cards.


The movie

As I have been doing, here is my take on Nemo but you all came here for some Owen.

So take it away Owen…

My favorite character is Dory. Dory is hilarious and so nice because she never gives up helping Marlin look for Nemo. She is so funny and even though she has short-term memory loss, she still helps Marlin find Nemo. I love when Dory first meets Marlin and he learns she has short-term memory loss and she asks him to stop following her. I also love when she finally finds Nemo and he tells her his name. And when he says, “Nemo,” she says, “Oh, that’s a nice name.”

Until next time…

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