I mean we are really getting down to things here now. Literally just getting into single digits until the trip. Which is a big deal. Considering we have been planning this trip since like quadruple digits.

And when I say “quadruple digits,” I ain’t lion.

I said…I ain’t LION.

OH YOU.jpg

But yeah single digits. However, this post is about a night when we were still in double digits. Seems so long ago.

Like sands through the hourglass. Amirite?

And this particular Disney night was to cap off a pretty awesome Father’s Day. Just to catch you guys up, this Disney night happened AFTER breakfast, presents and Wonder Woman. And for those who are wondering, Wonder Woman? Pretty great I thought. Def a step in the right direction for DC. Though they really have no where to go but up at this point. I mean, after that atrocious Suicide Squad, its like…

OK, on with the theme ni…

wonder woman 1.jpeg

Sorry, where was I? Oh right, a blog post. So yeah, was a great…

wonder woman 2.gif

What? What happened? Sorry I blacked out there for a second.

Pfft, kidding. We all know Nickie is prettier anyways. RAWR.

me and nickie.jpg
What did I do to deserve you, my love? Sometimes I wonder, woman.

But a really great Father’s Day for sure. And like I said, capped off with a pretty fun Disney day/night. So you know, let’s get on with it.

Cross-country trip: Day 15 Second Half

Where did we leave off ? Oh right, so we had just had lunch at Orleans Café. After lunch, we will (broken record at this point) head back to the hotel for some pool time, rest and….wait for it….cocktails.

After that, we are heading back into the Disneyland park for some more rides. And I mean, probably churros.

For dinner that night, we are going to walk over to the Disneyland Hotel and have dinner at Steakhouse 55. I haven’t decided what I am getting here yet. I mean, obviously steak. Doy. But what kind of steak is the question. At the moment, I am leaning towards the rib-eye but who the heck knows. The point is. Steak.

Plus this place looks so awesome inside. All kinds of old-school up in this joint.

steakhouse 55.jpg
It’s like the Disney version of the Continental on Route One. And by “Disney version,” I mean more expensive.

After dinner, who knows? This is our last night. Womp. So I assume we will be going back to the park, riding some rides and then seeing the fireworks. Did I mention this was our last night? Did I mention womp?

The theme night

Heh, bongos. Like in Africa.

So if you haven’t guessed, we did a Lion King night for this one. Yep, so for Father’s Day we watched a movie about a father and son. And erm – spoiler alert – the father dies. Happy Father’s Day to me.

Jeesh, its not THAT funny.

The activity

So after Wonder Woman and lunch, we headed over to the zoo. I know. Jam-packed day. But I mean – ANIMALS!!!111

He honestly wasn’t AS funny as Timon. But still, funny.
I imagine heaven is a place where you can just sit and watch river otters all day.
Oh they bite? Thanks OBVIOUS SIGN!

The food

For the food, Nickie grilled up some steaks. Yeah she used the grill. I don’t think she ever used the grill before. So it was an delicious AND exciting. And we paired the steak with some green beans and rice pilaf. Seriously, rice pilaf is bomb. Isn’t it?

Mmmmmmmm, meat.
Hrm was there a shortage of green beans or something? Seriously, why did I have so few green beans?


And for dessert? Zebra cakes. Which are much easier to catch than real zebras. And probably tastier.

They’re made with real zebra. So you know they’re good.

The movie

Here is my take on The Lion King but eh – let’s hear from Owen.

Take it away Owen….

I like The Lion King for many reasons. My favorite character is Scar. He is one of my favorite villains. He’s funny at times but also a good bad guy. My favorite part of the movie is when Scar sings “Be Prepared.” I also like when they sing “Hakuna Matata.” I like Timon and Pumbaa too. They’re funny. And I like when they help Simba at the end. They’re very loyal friends. 

Ok folks…two more to go. 


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