Wow, the penultimate WATCHING OUR WAY ACROSS AMERICA post. How about that? Less than 5 days and only 1 post until we get in the KAA….


…and head cross country on our trip. Pfft, I know it’s sad to see these things come to an end. But don’t be soo BALOO.

Heart = breaking.

I totally plan on blogging throughout the trip. So there will be a ton more about this trip to Shere….



Pfft. I know. With the puns. I can’t help myself. I am SUPER excited for the trip. And when I get SUPER excited for things, the puns come flying.

But fine. I know I’ve overdone it. We should get on with the post. No more monkeying around.

Thus guy? Moves for days.

I feel shame.

Also, if you haven’t guessed, the movie we are covering today is The Jungle Book. Also, if you haven’t guessed that already, I am a little worried about you. Like, seriously. Everything ok? Hrm. Ok. Just don’t operate any heavy machinery.

Cross-country Trip: Day 16 First half

So I am just realizing how hard this day is going to be to cover. Especially the second half. Well, let’s give it a shot. So we are going to wake up – last day at the HoJos BOOOOOO – and get all out crap together. I feel like this is going to be sad and stressful at the same time. It’s gonna be sadessful. And then we will bring our bags down to check out for the day.

After all that nonsense, we will walk over to the Disneyland Hotel for breakfast at Goofy’s Kitchen. Our last character breakfast. Well, for the trip. I mean, not ever. Can you imagine? A life without character breakfasts is a life without meaning. Anyways though, we get to have breakfast with Goofy, Minnie, Chip, Dale and Pluto. I saved Pluto for last because he is best. Also, peanut butter and jelly pizza. This also seems best.\

peanut butter pizza.jpg

Oh and AND. So typically those I mentioned are the only characters you see here. But…for a limited time we get to see MICKEY. Whoop Whoop. Pretty awesome we get to eat with Mickey on our last day. I am also five.

OK so fine…I got a lot to write about after all. But here’s where it gets tough. We have NO IDEA what we are doing after this. Being that it’s Owen’s birthday, he gets to pick whatever park he wants to visit and whatever he wants to eat for lunch that day.

I really have no idea what he is going to pick here. My gut tells me Disneyland. But we will have spent two days at Disneyland and only one day at California Adventure so who really knows. He may want more time in Cars Land or he may want to ride the Guardians of the Galaxy ride.

But yeah, no clue. Can’t wait to see what he picks. Happy Birthday buddy.

The theme night

So awesome time – Steph joined us for Jungle Book night!!!!!!


Always good news on account of Steph is cool. Like other side of the pillow cool.

The food

We actually had a ton of food for this one. So Nickie, the boys and I went out to the grocery store to pick up some essentials – gummy bears, dried bananas, teddy grahams, frosted animal crackers. Yeah, these are the essentials in a Disney house.

Those frosted animal crackers are all, “hey can I git in ur tummy?”

We also got the makings for a Kaa sandwich. Which is a lot better than it sounds. We made slider-sized ham and cheese/turkey and cheese sandwiches and formed them into the shape of a snake (complete with olive eyes.)


The plan was for this to be it. But it just felt weird to NOT get Indian food. We have ALWAYS gotten Indian food for Jungle Book night. It’s probably the only time I ever get to have Indian food at the house because I am really the only one that eats it. Myles likes samosas and Nickie and Owen do like the Naan but overall, it’s just me. Everyone else be like…

“…Oh, Indian food? I’ll have naan of that.”

Frank be like, “Puns? Nope.”

Sorry –  I know. Like I said, excitement=puns.

But Stephanie also was like…oh, Indian food. So I was all, “ok, I’ll order it.” And order I did. Naan, samosas, chicken tikka masala, lamb kebab, seekh kebab, chicken pakoras. It was glorious.

Naan a Naan a Naan a Naan a hey hey hey goodbye.
So much fried.
Legit classed that sandwich up.


Oh and for dessert we did buy “Baloo”-berry pie. But we seriously couldn’t eat it. On account of full.

The activity

We often have done the zoo as an activity for Jungle Book night, but since we just did that last weekend for The Lion King, we had to change things up. So we decided to play Charades. Charades is a lot like the Heads-Up app but with a ton more categories. And one of those categories is animals. And we played it where the players had to get the guesser to guess the animal by making noises rather than shouting clues. Super fun.

Of course though, it didn’t end with just animals. We went through a number of categories – Disney characters, Hits of the 90’s, The Simpsons, Harry Potter, Heroes and Villains, Sports Legends. Once we get charadin’, there really ain’t no stopping us. We started the movie like an hour later because we couldn’t stop playing.

We have a charadiction.

The movie

Here is my take on The Jungle Book. For the record, when I re-read it, I got a little misty-eyed. This doesn’t mean you will. It simply means that I am a girl.

Also, what a coincidence that The Jungle Book was also the penultimate movie in my countdown. Always a bridesmaid. Never a bride.

Wait, what?

Oh right – Owen’s take.

Take it away Owen…

I like the Jungle Book for many reasons.  My favorite part in The Jungle Book is when they sing “The Bare Necessities.” Because it’s singing but at the same time, it’s funny. I also like the part at King Louie’s ruins when they sing “I Wanna Be Like You.” My favorite character is Baloo because he is funny and he’s caring towards Mowgli. And he is nice to him. I liked when we played Charades too. And I liked the naan bread.

Take it back, Daddy.

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