Today we woke up in California! And it’s kind of a cool feeling knowing we will be waking up in the same place for the next few days. We haven’t experienced that in a while. Not that we won’t miss the old family truckster but it’s all of a sudden super relaxing up in here.

Ok so we woke up at around 6:20 am today. Which may seem early to you but the plan was to wake up at 6:00. We set a wake up call and everything but someone knocked the phone off the hook. Very suspicious.

Very suspicious.

We all woke up and headed out to grab breakfast before jumping in the for the next to last time.

We walked over to Mimi’s Cafe next door with the hope of using my buy one entree, get one free coupon.

However when we walked in, the host told us they didn’t open for another 15 minutes. And I mean…

So we walked right next door to Panera which smartly opened at 5AM. I mean it’s odd that Mimi’s wouldn’t open earlier. You would think they would want to attract early morning park goers. Eh oh well….I’ll just get my ham, egg and cheese at Panera.

Take that Mimi’s!

Then we hit the road to head into Burbank. And I mean. Traffic. Our destination was about 35 miles away but it took us over an hour and a half to get there. At least we had the La La Land soundtrack to help.

And listening to “Another Day of Sun” while waiting in traffic…kind of cool. I mean as cool as traffic can be.

And then we finally reached our destination…

Come join the Warner Brothers and the Warner Sister, Dot

Yep…the Warner Brothers Studio Tour. So fun.

We checked in and soon boarded our tram to be taken around the studio. Our tour guide, Sam, was really great. And we loved the tour. Owen was crazy excited, asking questions and everything

The tour started by showing some different backlots. Like the jungle area where Pee-wee swung across the lagoon.

Don’t you lay no evil down on me…

And small-town where they filmed shows like Pretty Little Liars. 

And….get excited….Gilmore Girls!! Aw yeah.

I mean. That last scene.
Hi. Is Lorelei home?

After that, there was a whole room dedicated to DC, which has sort of redeemed itself in my eyes with Wonder Woman.

No sign of Harley.
I mean of course I took this pic.

And upstairs from there was the Harry Potter room.


We also all got sorted into houses. I got Slytherin, which made Myles so jealous. He got Hufflepuff. Lulz.

Both Nickie and Owen got Gryffindor.

So many costumes….


There was unfortunately not much La La Land because they just closed a limited time visit to the coffee shop. But I still snapped a pic. On account of I love La La Land.

After that, they took us to a whole Batman vehicle exhibit and since the kids and I were wearing our Batman shirts, I heard people be like, “oh they’re fans.” So we were like the coolest in the room. In fact the peeps that worked there kept commenting on our shirts, including Nickie’s Luke’s Diner shirt. We are the coolest.

Then we visited the prop room. Which was super duper cool because it’s like a real working prop room so we saw stuff on hold for production and what not. I mean…I thought it was cool at least.

I want one of these for the house
So prop rooms? Kinda creeptown.
Oh winter? It’s coming.

After the prop room, we visited the place we all were SUPER DUPER excited for.

No Phoebe playing though. Womp.


So we love Friends. So. And there is more

to come, but first we actually could get coffee in Central Perk! Which was actually a Starbucks. But I mean.


Then we walked into the free roaming section of the tour – script to screen.

Why you mad, max?

And then we turned the corner and….more Friends!! This was the actual set from the show…

Nickie, Myles and Owen were all called to film a scene from the show. Nickie played Rachel, Owen played Ross and Myles played Joey. So awesome and I got pretty cool video.

Then…then we got to take pics on the couch AHHHHH

Best friends.

Then we got to take Hobbit pics to demonstrate forced perspective.


Also. I mean. One ring to rule them all.

“is it secret? Is it safe?” “I mean no. Its like right out on the table”

And we got to do some cool green screen stuff with some broomsticks and batpods

Then we picked up some souvenirs of course. Owen got a “how YOU doin” shirt and Myles got a Slytherin shirt. Even though he got sorted into Hufflepuff.

Then we drove back. In traffic.

We were planning on lunch in LA. But the kids really wanted pool time. So we bought cereal, Pop tarts and microwavable Salisbury steak in the gift shop. Ha we are so different here than in Disney World.

Then it was time for Castaway Cove at our hotel and some pool time.

After our fun time at Castaway Cove, we got ready and headed to Downtown Disney for dinner at Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen.

So we started with hurricanes. Because New Orleans.

To start, we ordered the Cajun poutine, which was fries and cheese and etouffe and all kinds of goodness.

I mean

For an entree, Nickie got the blackened chicken Mac and cheese.

The kids got the French bread pizzas with corn on the cob.

And I got the bacon wrapped BBQ meatloaf. And once again I was awarded best dish of the night

And I mean we are loving Owen’s birthday because he keeps scoring free desserts. And they aren’t like just cupcakes or anything. Tonight he got beignets.

Then we walked a little around Downtown Disney and Nickie saw this bag she wanted. And like she really loved it. So while her and Myles were looking in the confectionary, I snuck back over to the Disney Vault and got it for her. Cuz I wuv her.

Myles also got a candy apple I totally forgot to photograph. Womp.

Then we walked back to the room but on the way we stopped at Mimi’s Cafe to pick up breakfast for tomorrow. I joined their e-club a couple weeks ago and as a welcome they sent me a coupon for two free muffins. They actually also sent me a coupon for a BOGO entree thing.

If you do make it out to Disneyland it’s worth joining but make sure to do it like two weeks beforehand. Because it does expire

These muffins are huge tho.


Then…we made it back to our room on time to watch the fireworks. Did I mention FROM OUR ROOM? Well we can though they did put us kind of behind a tree. We can still see most of it and hear the music though. If we walked down to the pool we would have had a better view.

Right from our balcony…

We do still have a pretty awesome view though.

A great day today. Like really great. And kind of relaxing. Which is good because Disney officially starts tomorrow. And I mean. That ain’t relaxing.


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