Hey everyone, figured I would give you all a break from my non-Disney videos of the cross-country trip (which will be delving into Disney territory soon) to provide a super too-late take on announcements from D23. I did this for the last D23 back in 2015 and remember then? When we were like, whoa…wow….Star Wars land? Well, buckle up buttercup. Stuff’s about to get real.

Like really real.

And yeah,  a totally shameful disclaimer. Yes, we were in Anaheim on the road trip DURING D23. And no, we did not go. Don’t give me that look. We would have just travelled over 2 weeks to get to Disneyland. And there was no way I was sacrificing my churro time for D23. Maybe that makes me a bad Disney fan and I should go sit in the penalty box or whatevz. But I heard all about the lines. And the panels filled to capacity. And the merch being completely sold out.

I love the news from D23 but I don’t know, the experience still lacks appeal for me. Commence tomato throwing now.

But like I said, I do like the news coming out of D23. I love that it combines everything Disney – the Parks, Star Wars, Marvel, traditional Disney films….like everything awesome into one. So I thought I would dive into the announcements I am most excited about.

So get excited everyone – it’s my top [garbled number] announcements from D23 2017!

Star Wars, obviously.

So they did talk a lot about Star Wars Land and even gave it a name – Galaxy’s Edge. Which I guess is cool though I mean….


They also announced Disneyland will be getting their Galaxy’s Edge before Walt Disney World. Which is exciting IF YOU GO TO DISNEYLAND A LOT.

But….BUT….We did get confirmation that the rumors of a Star Wars-themed hotel are true  And it looks pretty badass.

I mean, its not just a themed hotel. This looks to be a completely immersive experience. Designed to feel like a starship (even the windows look into space), you are expected to become part of the story once you are inside. Costumes. Droids. Missions. I think it is gonna be super cool. And by cool, I mean nerderiffic.

I mean, this kinda thing worked well in WestWorld. So.

And it’s gonna be expensive. Based on what some have seen in surveys floated around earlier this year, the expected price is $1,000 a night per guest.  Per. Guest. You know, when I first heard the $1,000 price tag, I was like eh…staying at a Deluxe is similar for two nights if not more at times. But then I was like, “ohhhh, per guest.” That’s a lot of space bucks errr I mean credits.

So my excitement level is relatively high for this one, though its tempered by the expected cost. I mean, I can’t get excited about it if I can’t do it. What? Do you want me to be happy for other people? Pfft.

Excitement level: Eh, erm….let’s say 7.

In other DHS news…

Should probably mention the other two announcements that caught my eye regarding Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

First off, we did get a formal opening date for Toy Story Land. The land itself is old news but an opening date of Summer 2018 is kind of cool. I just didn’t realize how soon it would be. I am excited for the newness but am wary of how cool it will actually be. I am tempering my excitement until I actually experience the thing.

Excitement level: 5

They also formally announced that a Mickey and Minnie-themed attraction will be replacing the Great Movie Ride. And I dunno – I am kind of really looking forward to seeing what this will be. Named Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, the ride will put you inside something akin to the surprisingly good new Mickey shorts you can see on Disney channel these days.

I do like the Great Movie Ride and am sad to see it go, but let’s face it – it has definitely not been on my must-do list for a long time now. And DHS IS changing to where maybe the Great Movie Ride wouldn’t have a place anymore. Not to mention this is THE FIRST dark Mickey ride. Think about that. The first Mickey ride. At a Disney park. What?

dancing mickey.gif
I know I am excited too, Mickey. 

Excitement level: 6

EPCOT though

OK, so the EPCOT announcements? THIS is what I am talking about.


This Gary Coleman. This is what I’m talking about.

So EPCOT has ALL kinds of stuff happening. Not the least of which is…



Let’s score this thing, shall we?

  • First Marvel attraction at Walt Disney World? PROPERTY INTRODUCTION WIN!
  • The attraction centers on Peter Quill visiting EPCOT as a little boy back in the 80’s? STORY AND NOSTALGIA COMBO!
  • It’s a coaster? NEEDED THRILL RIDE SCORE!
  • If the Mission:Breakout ride is any indication, Disney knows how to incorporate the fun of Guardians into an attraction. PROVEN SUCCESS POINTS!!
  • The early concept art makes it look like you can meet not only Groot, but also Rocket. TRASH PANDA!!
  • Taking over Ellen’s Energy Adventure? OUTDATED ATTRACTION VICTORY!

High five.


Excitement level: 9

And that’s just one attraction. Seriously, EPCOT got some legit love at D23 this year.

On account of Ratatouille coming to the France pavilion.

First off, it’s Ratatouille. Which I LOVE

And it’s a dark, ride, which is like double love.

AND it’s bringing more Disney into World Showcase. Look, some love this and some aren’t so thrilled about the idea of Disneyfication within EPCOT. When EPCOT first opened, there was a strong desire to keep the “Disney” to the Magic Kingdom. So I get that some aren’t super thrilled about it. But look – that whole idea is LONG. GONE. There are legit Disney characters throughout all of EPCOT, including the World Showcase. And if the popularity of Frozen Ever After in Norway is any indicator, you guys are in the minority.

And I kind of dig how they fit Disney characters into their countries of origin. I miss seeing Remy at Chefs de France but am super psyched they are bringing this one into the park.

Excitement level: 8

But wait…there’s more at EPCOT. They are also adding on to an attraction that already exists.

Mission:Space is an attraction I love. But one that not everyone enjoys for sure. Nickie, for example, would literally probably die if she rode the Orange mission. And while there is a Green mission that is there right now for those that don’t want such an intense experience but it’s like the Orange mission but less cool.

everybody got that.gif

But now they are introducing a new Green mission that is gonna be completely different, taking people on an orbit around the Earth. It will be a more family-friendly mission. So I don’t know. Kind of cool that there will be a reason to do the Green mission now. And maybe Nickie can go. So that’s exciting.

They are also opening a new Mission: Space themed restaurant. I love eating. And space. And space eating. So. I am expecting a lot of astronaut ice cream and Tang.

Excitement level: New mission – 6, Restaurant – 7

Oh, Tron? It’s a coaster now.

Magic Kingdom also has some excitement. In the form of Tron.



The Magic Kingdom is getting a Tron coaster. This attraction is already open in Shanghai…


And it looks super duper cool. I love me some coasters. And I mean, Tron was a movie. So. I don’t know. Roller coaster!

Excitement level: 9

Hotel, Motel, Holiday Inn….Say What??

Well not the Holiday Inn. I mean Sugar Hill Gang. So.

But there IS a new DVC property opening up at Disney World – The Riviera Hotel  Which is pretty exciting. Because not only do new hotels mean new hotels. But they also mean new restaurants. And this place is gonna have a rooftop one that will allow guests to see nighttime shows at both EPCOT and Hollywood Studios. And fireworks always make food taste better. Well, not literally. I am assuming adding fireworks to a meal would not enhance it. The more you know.

Where was I?

Oh right.

Excitement level: 5

Getting there is half the fun, so…

There were also some new announcements highlighting new ways to get around Walt Disney World. First off, they announced Minnie Vans. Which is a super cute name obvs squad. Partnering with Lyft, these will pick you up anywhere on property and take you anywhere on property. Which is a cool idea. They charge a flat fee of $20 no matter the destination. And they are covered in polka dots. I am a little uncertain of my excitement for these. On the one hand, $20 can be steep for certain destinations. On the other hand, the people driving these will be cast members so I am assuming it will be a little more Disneyfied than a typical Uber or Lyft ride. Also, polka dots. So. These are also already in operation so that’s cool.

minnie vans.jpg

Excitement level: 4

There is a conveyance, though, that I AM pretty excited about. The Disney Skyliner will transport guests via gondolas in the sky between Caribbean Beach, Art of Animation, the new Riviera Hotel and the International Gateway at EPCOT. Look, when we are at Disney World, we see the Monorail as an attraction so taking something that will give us a bird’s eye view of Disney World WHILE taking us to a rooftop restaurant? On. Board.

Excitement level: 6

Beyond the parks

So. Movies.

I did watch hear about a trailer for Avengers: Infinty War. The trailer was leaked but obviously that wasn’t something we should watch. Plus some lady’s head was in the way for the taping. So I heard. I mean. But if I were to have watched it, I would be saying I am INSANELY excited for this movie. Listing all the characters in this movie would be a blog post on its own. But…

Excitement level: 9

While I have known about a Wreck-It-Ralph sequel in the works, they did show a scene at D23 (which has not leaked, but I heard about) that makes this movie sound incredible. So in the movie, Ralph and Vanellope go into the Internet. This I knew. But while they are in the Internet, they run into a ton of Disney-licensed characters I guess. I’ve heard C3P0, Iron Man and at D23 they showed a scene where they run into all the Disney princesses hanging out at Oh My Disney. Moana, Anna, Tiana, Snow White, Ariel, Rapunzel….like ALL of them. Just hanging out. Talking about dead parents or whatever. I don’t know why, but this has me so excited. I love when characters from different movies get together. It reminds me of this Saturday morning cartoon special where Michaelangelo, ALF, Winnie the Pooh and Slimer all got together to tell me not to do drugs. Seriously, this was a thing…


But yeah, both this movie and Infinity War share that whole cool crossover thing. Love a good crossover

Excitement level: 8

There were a bunch of other new things that came out regarding movies – but nothing hugely new. There was a lot of Last Jedi stuff going on, which just got me generally excited obviously. I mean Excitement level, 1,000,000 there. But not a whole lot of new came out of the show.

Same goes for Incredibles 2, which I am also excited about. And there were a bunch of things about the new slate of live action remakes coming out (Lion King, Aladdin, Dumbo….) and man, I don’t know. I liked the Jungle Book and Cinderella but the Beauty and the Beast live-action left me wanting. And Will Smith as the genie? What the what? Dunno.

Well, that about wraps up what I am most excited about from D23. Next week, I will give my thoughts on the election. Because I am timely.

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