Hey everyone, sorry for not getting this post out last night. As you will see, super late night so. Get off my back.

Ok let’s just get this out of the way now. Day 8. Last full day at Disney. 

Ok now that the womp-ness is out of the way. We still have an awesome day here and even a little bit of fun tomorrow too before we leave. So let’s get on with it. 

This morning we woke up at 6AM. Well I woke up at 6AM. Showered and headed down for our morning coffees and hot chocolates. 

I came back to the room, we all got ready and headed to Trattoria Al Forno on the Boardwalk for breakfast with the Falzones and the Chicago Goodys.

Which means we got to have breakfast with Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Ariel and Prince Eric.

It was definitely cool to see rhwse guys and get our frames a few more autographs 

But honestly the character interaction was kind of meh here. Maybe it was because we had 11 people but it just all felt pretty rushed.

The food was…ok…as well. I really liked the frying pan full of pastries for the table. 

Those chocolate filled Rapunzel braid things were pretty bomb.

As was this bloody Mary.

For an entree, I did the whole splitsies thing with Scott. I ordered the swimmers delight (egg white omelette with goat cheese, smoked salmon, mushrooms and what not) and Scott got Triton’s Shipwreck Al Forno (sort of like a breakfast calzone.) And we did the split. It was a legit split as both were equally good. Apologies for the blur. I was REALLY excited to eat I guess.

Plus check out these pancakes Myles got.

Then after breakfast, the Chicago Goodys headed to Animal Kingdom since they haven’t had a chance to cosit that park yet. And we headed to EPCOT with the Falzones.

First things first….since we hadn’t eaten enough already…Owen got a giant cookies and cream doughnut and Mia got a giant chocolate doughnut. Thing is bigger than her head.

Then we had a fastpass for Spaceship Earth. Ohai past and future.

And of course we took pictures in front of this Disney Wall. Because #DisneyWalls

We we’re gonna do Mission:Space but the wait was 45 minutes and…

So we hopped on Journey to Imagination. Hullo Figment.

Then we left the park and walked back to the Beach Club. While the Falzones went to their room to rest with Mia, we got our suits on and went to the pool.

We took a couple rides down the slide and hit the lazy river. When we got out, Larissa had joined us and her and Nickie ordered some lunch – chicken sandwiches and chicken nuggets. I wish I took some pictures because they were delivered in sand pails. We could have ordered adult menu items I suppose but they would have “pailed” in comparison.

Larissa then received the call that Mia was up and she said she was ready to come down. So yay, Mia was there finally!

We got another couple rides on the slide in with Tony and we headed back up to the room to get ready for the night. And by get ready I mean put on pajamas. And the awesome shirts Nickie made all of us.

Checking in on the Chicago Goodys, they were having a great time at Animal Kingdom

Of course by the time we were all ready, we were running late so we grabbed another Uber and headed to the Polynesian for dinner at ‘Ohana

We met up with the Chicago Goodys, who had already checked us in, and were seated quickly. 

We started the dinner with some Lapu Lapus. Obvs squad.

The first thing brought to the table (in addition to the super duper welcome bread we picked up on the way to the table) was salad.

They first brought us a platter of noodles, chicken wings, pot stickers and vegetables. The pot stickers are yumface so I think maybe I ate ten. The noodles and chicken wings were good as well. The vegetables were…vegetables.

As we were devouring this whole situation, the kids were asked to come up and participate in a cocount race. Which is less a race and more just a bunch of kids struggling to sweep coconuts across the floor with a broom. And I say that not as a complaint. 

Then came the foodz. Chicken. Steak. Shrimp. ‘ohana. They have the meat.

And they also brought this platter of chicken nuggets, grilled cheese sandwiches and fewnch fries for the kids. Which was awesome. And I should know. On account of I ate a grilled cheese.

So all of that though? Prelude to this.

Yeah bread pudding. Bomb. Dot. Com.

We paid our bill and it was off to…


Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party!!!!!

Woohoo. We arrived at around 7PM and they were kicking the peasants out so we walked through our super secret squirrel entrance behind Main St. 

And as we were walking we got our first free treat of the night – a Santa cookie. 

And there were treat standard all over the park with more cookies, hot chocolate, egg nog, snow cones, pretzels…and all of it free. And by free, I mean we had to pay a lot of money to be here.

This cookie cost like 400 bucks

Once inside, we wanted to take Mia on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad so Larissa, Tony, Myles, Owen, Mia, and I went over to Frontierland. 

On the way we ran into some of the Country Bears. Including Liver Lips, who was a character we were on a mission to see this trip on account of our friend Keith has a super stalkery obsession with him. I mean the name Liver Lips IS pretty awesome.

When we got to Big Thunder there was no wait and we walked right on.

Mia LOVED it. Unfortunately about halfway through the ride, the train stopped and we heard Dallas McKennon telling us there was a slow train on the tracks and we would be moving momentarily.

This ride dont seem too wild.

Then we heard him again. And again. And then one more time. 

Then a cast member came on and told us the ride was experiencing technical difficulties (duh) and we we’re going to be escorted off the ride. 

Soon enough a cast member arrived and car by car we were taken off the train and led through the underbelly of the mountain.

After this i was told no pictures so this is the best youre gonna get

The walk took a bit long but I dunno. It was kinda cool. Myles was pretty excited about the whole thing.

Mia thought it was all part of the ride. So.

After we left Big Thunder, we met up with the rest of the party who had already found a prime spot for the parade in front of the Diamond Horseshoe. 

While in line, look who we ran into again.

Gwen informed me that they rode It’s a Small World while we were walking through Big Thunder.

She obviously liked it.

And then we heard something awesome coming down the street. It was Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime parade! 

After the parade, we walked over to the hub and parked for both Mickey’s Most Merriest Celebration stage show and Holiday Wishes. 

I did really like the stage show though I didnt get to take any pics because I had a Gwen in my arms. Worth it.

Then we had Holiday Wishes. Which was…ok. it was fun but definitely didn’t compare to Wishes, Happily Ever After, or Illuminations. Still though. It was fireworks at Walt Disney World so it wasn’t all bad.

After the fireworks, the Falzones and Chicago Goodys did the smart thing and took off. We, however, made the decision to stick it out.

The Chicago Goodys appeared to have made the right choice.

We went over to Tomorrowland to grab a snow cone and then jump right on the PeopleMover.

 And while on the PeopleMover, Space Mountain was down. Which meant we got to see it with the lights on. 

So cool.

We then rode Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. And Myles became a galactic hero, scoring 999,999. He said he crossed a bunch of his Disney bucket list tonight.

After Buzz, look who we met!!

Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps. And I know I’m not supposed to say it, but I called her cute. I mean look at her. She’s a bunny in a police uniform.

Then we walked over to Storybook Circus to meet Uncle Scrooge and Donald. 20 minute wait, so the boys and I rode the Barnstormer 3 times in a row and came back to meet Nickie in line.

As it was nearing midnight, we started to make our way towards the exit. Myles wanted a LeFou’s Brew so we stopped by Gaston’s but they weren’t serving.

And of course on our way out we took some Main St pics.

Then we had to say goodbye to the Magic Kingdom for now. Ugh we will miss you Magic Kingdom. See you soon!

Stay tuned for Day 9. Which is our last official day at Disney. Womp to the domp.

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