So here I am. Midnight on day 7. And I’m exhausted so I am not sure how far I’m gonna make it writing this entry. 

Let’s see how it all goes.

EDIT: It did not go. And I had to finish this the next day. Sorry. 

Today started with an early morning walk to get coffees and hot chocolates for the room at the Beach Club Marketplace. 

I came back, we all enjoyed our beverages and we headed out to the Magic Kingdom. 

And it was a beautiful morning.

We got to the park around 7:45 and to get some low crowd Main Street pics. 

We then ducked into Starbu…I mean the Main Street Bakery for a quick breakfast. And I mean this is kind of heaven. 

We then ran into our friends Wendy, Mike, Eva and Emily. You may remember them from the Michigan part of our road trip. They were on their way to breakfast but we were able to snap a few nice pics.

We then walked up to the hub to catch the rope drop show. We actually haven’t been in the park since they moved this to inside the park so it was cool to see a new show. I did miss the whole “clang clang clang went the trolley” thing.

As this was all going on we were getting calls from the Chicago Goodys. First they were “here” then they were almost here. Then they were at the Ticket and Transportation Center because they took an Uber even though we explicotly TOLD THEM NOT TO.

Heh kidding. Not mad. And besides but the time the show was over, they were near the Partners statue in front of the castle. 

We met up and headed into Fantasyland. First stop, teacups.

Then it was Dumbo time…

…followed by the Barnstormer. Which I rode with Matilda. Who was excited. Until it started. Then she wasn’t

This was before it started moving.

After the Barnstormer, we met up with with Falzones and while some went to meet Elena and Cinderella…

…Others (including mysel) went to ride Space Mountain.
The “princess visitors” then rode the carousel. And we headed over to meet everyone at Under the Sea. While we waited, we looked around and I grabbed Nickie a Beauty and the Beast rose tumbler. 

And we hung out at the fountain in front of Gaston’s while Tony gor in, and then back out of, line for a coffee. 

And it was finally time to meet up for some action with Ariel. Wait, that didn’t come out right. 

After that ride, the Chicago Goodys went to eat multiple pickles, Nickie went shopping and I went with the boys and the Falzones to meet Minnie and Daisy. Fun fact: Minnie was my first crush. Seriously there is a pic of 4 year old Wayne somewhere in disney, holding a Minnie stuffed animal, getting his picture taken with Minnie. And he looks smitten. 

Eh I love polka dots.

We then booked it over to Enchanted Tales with Belle because our fastpass was starting in like one minute. I knew this because Myles continually was telling me we weren’t gonna make it. 

Well guess what MYLES. We made it.

And while I was in line, Nickie surprised me with this puppy.

So cool. We have wanted this clock for a while now. So I mean, exciting. It’s been a real nuisance not knowing what time it is.

Then we were ushered into Enchanted Tales. And it was great. All the girls got parts. Matilda was Chip. Gwen was a portrait. Mia was Madam Wardrobe. And heh, Tony and I were the suits of armor. 

After the show, Scott said thanks for doing that because he knows we never would if the girls weren’t there. 

Yes um. Right. We never would. You’re welcome.

Moving on. 

We then had lunch reservations at Be Our Guest.

We had pre ordered our lunch before the trip and I highly recommend that. Not only does our food come quicker but we get in a completely different (shorter) line to get in.

I had the croque monsieur with fries. It was lovely. 

Nickie got the roast turkey sandwich. Which was also good. I know as I ate a good deal of it. Have I mentioned i am fatness?

We got a bunch of cupcakes as well. The Masters cupcake was very good.

But Scott had a lot of trouble opening the lemon one.

After lunch, we all went back to our hotels to take a break. The boys and I went down to take a swim in Stormalong Bay. 

And we of course rode rhis bad boy a few times.

On the way back up to our room I grabbed coffees for Nickie and I and the boys hit the Coke Freestyle machine. 

We then got ready for our fancy pants photoshoot Nickie organized with Disney. The lighting was perfect. My face? Was not. 

But we managed to snap some good pics. Here are a few.

Then we were off in our Minnie Van to Disney Springs for dinner at The Boathouse

As I have mentioned before, this restaurant has become my favorite in all of Disney and tonight it did not disappoint. We were seated right on the water. Not next to the water. ON the water 

Dinner was of course amazeface. We started with drinks. This Christmas Old Fashioned? It was fraktastic. Hence me having three of them.

 Then we had ALL THE APPETIZERS. Firecracker shrimp. Tuna poke. Beef carpaccio. Calamari. Fried shrimp. Oysters on the half shell.

There were lots of entrees floating around. Filet mignon sliders. Seared ahi tuna. And they were all great. But I only snapped a pic of my entree – the crab stuffed lobster. Which was OMG.

For dessert we of course got the baked Alaska.

There is just something about this place. I mean yeah the food is great but everytime we have eaten here with a group, it is always a fun night. They had live music, we were on the water, eating good food, laughing and making amazing memories. What a great meal. With some great people.

Heh the kids played duck duck goose

I don’t wanna leave.

After dinner, the plan was to check out the Christmas Tree Trail. But of course we got distracted by THE BIGGEST DISNEY STORE EVER – World of Disney!!

We bought erm…a lot. New mugs, hats, some gifts for people back home. And Owen and I bought new hoodies and Myles got a new jacket.

Have I mentioned how much we love spending money. 

We then saw the Christmas Tree Trail, which looked pretty but we had to check out the Marketplace Co-Op. And we wanted every single thing in there. 

Then we left the Co-Op and walked past the tree trail to check out this place.

We figured we could just check it out after. Well eh…when we left. Womp. It was closed. We could see a few still though. And even though they weren’t lit, they were still pretty cool.

We then grabbed another Minnie Van and headed back to the hotel. Exhausted. And unable to write my blog.

But very very happy.


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