Day 6 is super excitng. And yes partly because Hollywood Studios. But also because it’s…


And boy does she deserve an awesome day today. She has put so much work into planning this trip for everyone. I hope she has a day as great as she is. Though that’s hard. Beause she’s pretty great.

So first thing in the morning, I took our mugs down for some coffee. Because this resort, unlike Kidani, actually has a place to get coffee before 7AM! 

While down there, I grabbed Nickie a snowman Mickey antenna topper and a birthday cupcake. 

We put a little Bailey’s (from the super amazing airpot bag I made Nickie) and had a really nice morning before heading out. We even noticed we had this be boy in our view from the balcony.

Who needs zebras?

The Falzones are right across from us so they actually knocked on our door.

I know. Jaw on the floor.

We then set out for our morning walk to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. 

We had an 8AM breakfast reservation at Play and Dine with the Disney Junior characters. 

I actually really like the food here…standard breakfast stuff but there’s a lot of it. I went up to the buffet with the intention of not getting much. That didn’t work out.

Whenever i eat here i always start eating before I get to take a picture. I feel like thats a good sign

Of course we saw some characters. Sofia. Jake. Doc McStuffins. And Handy Manny. Is he still a thing?

After breakfast, Scott, Tony, Myles, Owen, Gwen and I booked it over to Star Tours for a quick ride. 

No wait and we got to do Jakku and the new Cait mission. Which was super cool. And also not cool. Because I am nerd. 

And the ride was even more special because it was Gwen’s first time on it and she was so brave. She loved it. As evidenced below when she was walking out.


After Star Tours, we went over to meet everyone for our Toy Story Mania fastpasses. 

The birthday girl and Gwen gearing up

Owen rode with me and we had a blast. And I scored 152,000 so I mean I’m pretty proud of that.

After Toy Story Mania, those with little ones (translation everyone but us) went off to try and see Disney Junior but I guess the times didn’t work out so they ended up seeing Muppets 3D.

We, meanwhile headed to do a quick walk through of Launch Bay before walking over to Walt Disney Presents to meet Star Lord and Baby Groot! 

While Star Lord doesn’t exactly look like Star Lord, he got into the part. And Baby Groot was so cute. He answered questions with “I am Groot” and moved enough to seem pretty real. 

Walt Disney Presents had a ton of good exhibits, especially these super cool models of Star Wars Land and Toy Story Land.

What is this? A theme park FOR ANTS??

We then came out just in time to catch the Galaxy Far Far Away show. 

Then it was time for the Frozen Sing-a-Long. And I’m not gonna say I teared up but I did. I mean yes of course it was due to the love between Anna and Elsa but it was much more due to watching the girls sing and smile while the show was going on. And making Myles laugh (well at least chuckle) while I sung in his ear. And seeing my friends and family laughing and enjoying this time together. 

Such a simple show but I dunno. I had one of those “I love my life” moments. And I also love me some Frozen. So.

Lunch today was at The Brown Derby. We have really grown to appreciate this place. Our first time there was me but since, we have given it some more tries and it’s become one we visit regularly. Today did not disappoint.

I of course started with the derby manhattan. 

Igot the local greens salad and grilled wagyu beef burger with pastrami and a fried egg on top.

But I was really worried about eating at the Yachtsman in a fee hours so I split the burger with Scott.

After lunch, we decided to head back for some pool time. We went over to the Boardwalk (where the Chicago Goodys are staying) and went in their scary clown of death happy fun pool.

We swam for a few hours and rode the water score a couple times. We also were catching glances of the Patriots game on the pool TV.

They best the Dolphins, in case you were wondering. 

We then went off to our rooms to get changed for dinner.

Once we were ready we walked down to Yacht Club. While Tony and Larissa weren’t ready, Mia wanted to walk down with us. Which resulted in random photo shoots.

We went to the hostess at the Yachtsman Steakhouse and put our name in for 11 people. We had to make a few different reservations when we did our Advanced Dining Reservations because we couldn’t get 11 but once there, the restaurant said they would put us together. We just had to wait a little bit. Which was no problem. Since the Crew’s Cup Lounge is right next door. 

Grey Goose martini, dirty? Yes please.

The kids leaned more towards the chocolate milk.

Our waiter told us our table was ready and we walked over to be seated for Nickie’s birthday dinner. And once again Yachtsman was amazetown. 

For appetizers, we got the charcuterie, cheese plate, quick fried shrimp and calamari and shrimp cocktail. 

And I took pics of none of it. I am so sorry. I was too busy gaining weight. 

For an entree, it was mainly steak all around except Larissa got the lobster thurmadore and Carrie got the Heirloom tomato salad. 

I went with the rib eye myself. 

Nickie got the filet but again no pics. What was my problem tonight. 

I did get a picture of the yumface truffle Mac and cheese and butternut squash risotto though.

All of this plus a couple good bottles of wine made for a nice, long, very long meal. Two hours at this point. 

For dessert, I had ordered Nickie a custom Moana cake for her birthday so they brought it out to present it. And once again, the Disney team did a great job turning my vision into a reality.

All in all, another great meal at the Yachtsman. You seriously can’t go wrong here. Just make sure you set aside a few hours if you plan to go. I do love a nice long meal.

After dinner, the Matilda, Gwen and Mia treated us all to the loudest version of “Let it Go” as we made our way through the Beach Club. Hella cute.

The plan was to go to Hollywood Studios to use our Fantasmic pass from our Brown Derby lunch but since dinner took so long, we ended up at our quiet pool with the Falzones hanging out. 

Also Mia, Tony, Myles, Owen and I walked over to the bridge on the boardwalk to watch Illuminations. And again, I forgot to take pics. Man I suck. But hey look at this pretty pic of the Beach Club as we were walking back.

And while we were hanging around in the hot tub, I bumped into a buddy I used to work with, James. We caught up a little and will probably see each other again on Tuesday. 

Nickie said she had an incredible birthday and I hope it’s true. She’s seriously an incredible person and I am lucky to have her in my life. Happy birthday my love. 

I think everyone else had fun as well. So a great day all kinds of around. 

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned for tomorrow, which should be magical. And in a kingdom. Hm I guess that last clue gave it away.

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