Day 5 yo. The day in which we switch resorts and have more Goodreaus. A good day. And with today being do packed, I am writing this super late so excuse any typos or descents into madness.

I’m not even gonna bother saying that we woke up early anymore. Just know it happened from here on out. 

We got ready and then called bell services to pick our bags up for transfer to the Beach Club. They came to the room, grabbed them and we were on our way.

We checked in on the Falzones but they weren’t exactly “ready” so we grabbed an Uber for the four of us to the Beach Club to check in to our new resort. 

And man, once we stepped in there, it felt like a completely different vacation. We were home. 

Quick story – we had heard that if you do a split stay and have the dining plan, your old credits expire once you check into your new resort. So last night, I used up our remaining snack credits AND DINING CREDITS on snacks.

Well when we got to the beach club, the woman behind the desk (Marie…she was awesome) told us our old credits we’re good until midnight. Womp. I mean we weren’t all that bummed about the snacks but the bad use of two deluxe dining credits really bummed us out. 

But Marie took care of us. She had her manager add two more credits on to our new plan and didn’t even charge us for the extra snacks. And man a rice krispie treat is even better when you don’t have to pay for it.

Seriously though this is why we love the Beach Club. Kidani just never had that feeling for us. It’s nice to be back.

This thing? Edible. For serious.

After checking in we walked over to the Boardwalk Bakery

And not only were cupcakes there but also The Chicago Goodys!!!!!! Yup, Scott, Carrie, Gwen and Matilda. 

These two showed up like this. So you know the day is gonna be bomb.

We grabbed a quick breakfast – Nickie and I split an almond crossaint. The boys though took full advantage of this being Disney and got these…

We brought our treats back to thw Chicago Goodys’ room at the Boardwalk and waited for the Falzones to arrive. 

Once they got there, we split up with the boys heading to EPCOT. 

We rode both Soarin’ and Test Track. 

I would totally drive that
Random guy was so excited to be in our selfie

We then walked over to the World Showcase and hit Mexico for some 11 AM margaritas.

Horchata margs FTW

Myles and Owen also wanted to get some snacks from around the world so in Mexico they got some churros.

Silly gringos

In Norway we did a glacier shot. Which is so absolutely disgusting but the woman behind the counter said if we took the shot and didn’t make a face we were all Vikings. Suffice to say, we can start pillaging and plundering anytime we want.

And for a snack we got some school bread. So yum

My school aint never had no bread like this

Then we were meeting up with the girls for lunch and…

Wait Wayne where were the girls this whole time? 

Oh right right. So the girls (Nickie, Larissa, Carrie, Mia, Gwen, and Matilda) went to Bibbiddi Bobbidi Boutique for some princess makeover. 


This could very well be my favorite picture of all time

So we had some very pretty princesses in our company. Which was good because we were heading to lunch at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall to have lunch with royalty. 

We got our picture taken with Belle before lunch.

And then we were led to our seat. Pretty much right away we got a visit from Cinderella. Snow White, Aurora and Ariel followed close behind. 

It’s funny. We were pretty worried about this lunch. We have always done breakfast here but never lunch and he menu was very Norwgian. But it was really really good. The cold buffet allowed me to put together our own little charcuterie.

And for an entree, most of ha got the meatballs. Which were delicious. I mean meatballs. So.


So yeah highly recommend this one. We also did the Candlelight Procession package, which helped hus nab a different entrance area to the show. Which basically means we didn’t have to line up like hours beforehand. Pfft like some peasant.

Then we had our first fast pass of the day – Frozen Ever After. Which was a new ride for all of us. 

Look, I miss me some maelstrom but I gotta say I really enjoyed the ride. And it seemed everyone else did too. Especially Owen. And Carrie.

While in Norway I also picked up some Laila perfume and lotion for Nickie and the creator of the scent, Geir Ness, was there to sign the  bottles. Which was cool. Super nice guy. Then we used our second fastpass to ride The Seas with Nemo and Friends. 

On the way, we grabbed this pretty amazeface pic.

We ARE a good looking family

And afterwards, we headed over to the special character spot for Disney Visa caddholders because I’m kind of a big deal.

So today, Mickey and Goofy were there. Which was awesome. It’s a cool spot because they seem to spend a little more time interacting with the kids.

Heart. Melting.

So awesome

We then headed back to China for some tipsy ducks in love. Which is my favorite drink in EPCOT. On account of bourbon. And coffee. And chocolate. And bourbon.

We of course paired it with some egg rolls.

Gwen then found the set of ears she was searching for. So. Much. Successing.

We of course stopped in Germany for one…or like three…of these bad boys.

Then it was time for our 5:00 Candlelight Processional. Tony and I grabbed a holiday beer flight at the holiday kiosk in the American Adventure.

Top to bottom: candy cane stout, cranberry something or other, eggnog white porter

We took our seats and the show began. The celebrity narrator was Kristy Hernandez. She did a great job in thought but I mean I still missed NPH. 

I love this show so so much. It’s a totez Disney holiday tradition and if you don’t leave there ready to nog some egg and candy some canes, you have a deficiency of some sort. 

Mia lurved it too. Despite not knowing any of the words she still belted out every song. Amazing.

Totally get why Tony and Larissa are smiling here.

After the show, we walked over to France 

Took this one on the way

and got some slushies. Scott, Tony and I got the Grand Marnier (with GM floater on top) and Nickie got a Grey Goose Lemon.

Then we waited for our table to be ready. While we were waiting, the kids and I played some intense rounds of Simon Says and tag. I was it like all the time. I’m not very good.

Our table was soon ready and we sat down for our dinner at Les Chefs de France. Do I even have to say this dinner was excellent? It always is. 

And with this being the eve of her big day, I had the wait staff sing Nickie Happy Birthday.

After dinner. And wine. And martinis. And cappuccino. Right, after all that, the Chicago Goodys decided to call it a night and head back to their room.

So we and the Falzones grabbed a prime spot between France and The UK to watch Illuminations. 

I unfortunately had no battery left in my phone for pics so Nickie took a couple for me. But man this show. Gets me every time. And I love this time of year because not only do you get the full Illuminations: Reflections of Earth show but you also get the holiday tag at the end. And that holiday finale is B-A-N-A-N-A-S. 

We then headed to the Beach Club to actually check into our room and unpack. Mia was all set though.


It was soooooo good to be back in the Beach Club. No offense Kidani but you ain’t no Beach Club.

Seriously incredible day. I keep thinking they can’t get better. But eh. I’m usually wrong. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow…Nickies birthday!!!

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