Total miles driven – 910

So a little bit of prologue. As you remember from last night’s post, we we’re getting ready to have dinner but because of Myles’ stomach and our need for some rest, we decided to eat in. I ordered some food from across the street at the Irish Embassy. Owen and I split a steak and Nickie got the cottage pie. Myles settled for some dinner rolls. Stomach and all.

It was pretty fun though, eating in the room. The little things. Like steak in your hotel room.


Bienvenue everyone! Today we make it back into the States. So you know…Murrica.

So we woke up this morning in Toronto at around 6ish. So you know, slept in.

The boys are gonna kill me for this one.

We packed up our stuff and headed down to breakfast at Over Easy – a restaurant attached to our hotel. This place was one of our must do places since when we read reviews of our hotel, this place was mentioned almost as much as the actual hotel as a positive of staying there.

And it did not disappoint. I got the huevos rancheros…

So very bueno

Nickie got the English breakfast…

Cheerio, my friend. Cheerios? No, its the English breakfast. Pip pip.

Owen got the eggs in a hole (which he didn’t eat…surprise surprise)…


and Myles got the blueberry pancakes sans syrup to be careful of his stomach.

Hey berries, why so blue?

After breakfast, we also stopped in the lobby to take some  fun pics.

Then we went up to the room, grabbed the bags and then Myles and I walked over to grab the car. On the way, snapped this fun one.

What a fun one

We grabbed the car, picked the rest of the fam squad up and hit the road. The drive was pretty enough, mainly through Canada until we got to the Michigan border. The boys played with their new wooden football game a little bit in the back.

Wearing their football jerseys AND playing wooden football. Eh, i guess its not that funny.

Then the boys watched some Scrubs while we talked up front and sang some songs. The drive was about 4 hours but near the end we drove over Lake Huron…

And reached this…

Welcome home.

Then it was about another hour until we reached Whitmore Lake. On the way, we stopped for our first real fast food stop of the trip. Owen and I made a run for the border while Nickie and Myles doubled down in Tim Horton’s.

I would have taken pics but I think you all know what a chalupa looks like.

Now. Ok. So we were planning on staying at the Best Western in Whitmore Lake. This was the plan.

But when we got to the hotel, it just seemed a little sketch. We got our key, walked into the room and just sort of knew we couldn’t stay there. Then we did a little more digging and found some reviews that mentioned bed bugs, roaches and ticks. So I mean.


So we decided to get a room somewhere else. We found the Hampton Inn in Ann Arbor and since we saw some good reviews and had such a good experience at the one in MA, I booked it and we were gone. It made sense anyways since we were wearing our Patriots clothes. You know on account of the greatest player ever having gone to the University of Michigan right down the street.

We had checked in literally like five minutes before this pic.

We had a little time before dinner so I took advantage of the fitness center and got a few miles in.

I came back, showered and we headed to dinner. And we wuz meeting friendz. We met up with our friends Wendy, Mike and their daughters Eva and Emily for dinner at CJ’s Brewing Company.


I guess I was super hungry because I took zero pics of the food. I had a jalapeno burger thing, Nickie had a mushroom burger, Myles got the tacos and Owen split a pizza with the girls. Really good stuff. Also beer. Which is also good.

Then we drove next door to the drive-in to see Cars 3.

We played a little football and the boys colored and Drew a little before getting started.

Soon enough, we settled in and got ready to watch the movie.

Wait.  What happened to the guy in the chair on the end? Is he ok? Gosh I hope nothing untowardly happened. Should I call someone? AHHHH..oh wait. That was me.
We’re in a car, watching Cars. So meta.

It was super fun. The movie was great for sure. Much much MUCH better than Cars 2. Though to be fair, low bar there. Still though. Good. Plus such an awesome movie to see on a road trip….especially one that involves Route 66 AND Disneyland

But more than that, it was so cool to think about how far we were from home. Seriously. It got dark at like 9:30  here. How far we have come and here we are doing what we love – watching Disney movies. Makes the world seem so small sometimes.

And meeting up with friends across the country makes just enforces this even more. So cool. Such a great day. Onto the next adventure tomorrow.


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