Total miles driven – 630.

So hey. Remember yesterday? When we were like oh Canada? Meh. Remember that?

And we were wondering if today would save Canada for us? Well you will have to read on to find out.


It did.

So we woke up this morning bright and early (like 5:30 again!) On account of no casino last night, packed up and hit the road for Toronto.

We stopped at Tim Hortons for breakfast.

So. Much. NOMZ.

Which btw Myles has been like super waiting for. And we got these beautiez…

Mmmm…. doughnuts

Which I think were good. It’s all kind of a blur. I think I blacked out for a second…

Oh right. They were. Also this.

Would you look at the SIZE OF THAT COFF!!

After a little over an hour and a half of driving (shortest drive of the trip for the win) we rolled into downtown Toronto at about 9AM.

Ohey Toronto

We drove to the Hotel Victoria but it was of course to early to check in. So we left our bags and the really nice woman at check in told us about this lot down the street that would only be 6 bucks a day. Score.

So we parked the car and walked down to the Hockey Hall of Fame. Toronto is a really pretty city. The walk from the garage to the Hall was about ten minutes but we still got to see some of the city on the way.

Im assuming this place has the best everything.
And God said, “let there be hockey.”

The Hall wasn’t open yet so we hung out a little bit outside and these guys saw our shirts and started talking to us. They were from New Hampshire and were at the Sox game yesterday. I love telling people about this trip because they always tell us how lucky we are to be on such an awesome adventure.

Goodreaus comin off the bench.

The Hall opened at ten and we made our way in. This place was awesome. I mean I loved the baseball hall of fame for sure because of the history within. But this place was definitely more fun. Especially for the kids. There were a ton of interactive exhibits. The boys got to try and save shots from players like Ovechkin and Gaudreau (who we have of course been following) and take some shots on goalies like Price and Bernier.

Bobby Orr? In goal? In Toronto, anything is possible.
The Great One scored a hat trick on Bernier.
Legit always time for some bubble hockey.

The boys also got to sit in as anchors on SportsCenter…

I mean they are definitely both better than Stephen A. Smith

And there was so much to see here as well. This place was cool as puck.

Ugh. Want.
Together again
Ha. I would make this joke.

Now one might think this was the end of the awesomeness in Toronto. Pfft.

After the Hall of Fame, we walked like one block over to check and see if our room was ready. And it was…Like super early.

And look…it came with an Owen.

Ok…so full disclosure. Not sure if everything was “peaches and roses” as Nickie would say. Myles was starting to have some erm. Stomach issues. So you know…good thing we had a nice private bathroom ready. He powered through though. Poor kid.

After that though? We grabbed an Uber and headed over to the Rogers Centre to catch the third game in this Blue Jays-Red Sox series.

We met up with Nonnie and Papa and settled into our seats. What an AWESOME field.  And such a nice day for a ball game.

Heh. Weiner.

And awesome fans there. Seriously. The people we sat next to. The ushers. Everyone was great. Which is saying a lot seeing as the Sox kind of killed the Blue Jays 15-1. 

Oh and Nonnie and Papa got to the game earlier than us and got each of the boys a Canada Day baseball. Aw Nonnie and Papa. The best.

These things are sweet, hoser

It was such a cool experience watching our beloved Red Sox in not only another field. But another country? So cool.

After the game, we had to say goodbye to Nonnie and Papa. Which sucks obvs. We had so much fun with them. I know I joked about always wanting to send you guys on your way throughout the trip but I hope you know I was kidding. It was awesome getting to see so much with you guys. It was so much fun. And so many laughs. Say hi to the chikmunks for us.

And now…well we are all just waking up from a late afternoon nap. A nap!! Seriously best day ever. 

Now we are going to figure out dinner and have kind of a chill night in Toronto before we head back to the States tomorrow.

Had a really great day today in Toronto. What a cool town. Even though our Uber driver Abul said everyone here were garbage people. Abul, you’re the best man. 

Happy 150th Canada! You’ve got a fan in me.

See you guys tomorrow.

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