Hello to all my readers.

Erm, all my reader.

Hello to myself.

I have some super exciting news. And it’s all kinds of Interwebz. So in addition to writing mediocre blog posts, I am also making mediocre YouTube videos. Which is impressive, considering how much time I spend being a mediocre husband, father and employee.

I know, I am like a super hero. A mediocre one.

But yeah, I have started creating videos of the cross-country trip I have been ramming down everyone’s throats lately. I figure if I keep this up, I can be chronicling this trip until we go on our next vacation.

Annnnnnyways. I’ve made two so far. I figure I can embed Parts 1 and 2 here and link to the playlist. But I will also try and post each installment here.

Here is the playlist. As each video is uploaded, you can see it here. Feel free to subscribe.

Part 1 is focused on us not even getting out of Massachusetts and eating at a D’Angelo’s. I know. Excitement. But then it does also take us all the way through Cooperstown. So. Baseball. Swing batter. The original posts about these days are here and here.

Part 2 takes us from Cooperstown through Niagara Falls. And then on through Toronto. So lots of Canada, eh? You can read about those days here and here.

Seriously, I hope you guys like them. Because I crave approval.


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