So I know technically yesterday was like the first day. And today is technically the second day. But yesterday wasn’t planned and was therefore day 0 and today was planned so is technically day 1. Even though today is the second day. And yesterday was the first day.



So we woke up at the Hampton Inn this morning and got free breakfast. Free breakfast. Are there any words more beautiful in the English language?

And then the boys got their first road trip bag. This one had a pair of binoculars for each boy, two strings games, and some M&M’s. I know what you’re wondering. And no we can’t adopt you.

Then we hit the road. Jack.

Oh this drive? It was pretty.

We drove through the Berkshires and officially left Massachusetts. I don’t think I realized how exciting that would be but at that point it felt like we were legit on the road. Out of Massachusetts and into New York.

Oh we’ll be back soon. If by ‘soon’ you mean in a long time.
Concrete jungle where dreams are made of.

It was about a four hour drive but we made it into Cooperstown around 10:30. We parked over by Doubleday field and of course took some fun pics.

Whats better than a single day? A double day of course.
Myles is actually now trying to do whatever the opposite is of smiling.

Then we headed into Cooperstown’s downtown area. Man. What a nice place. Seriously.

Ugh with this dog.

And then it was time to hit the baseball hall of fame. And woof did this place NOT disappoint. Seriously this was a bucket list place. I can’t believe this is only the first day.

Well, the second.


Put me in coach. I’m ready to play. Today.

And of course the boys and I got some new hats. Though I would like to note I was the only one that got a Red Sox hat.

Annnnnnd. And. Nonnie and Papa meet us there!! I know. Excitement.

Baseball + family = love

And they are with us through Toronto. Which is awesome. Because family.

After the hall, we grabbed lunch at the Cooperstown Back Alley Grille. It was lovely. Had an Ommegang IPA and a buffalo chicken wrap with cowboy corn. So good.

Nickie had the grilled chicken sandwich and the boys got burgers.

After lunch we took the grandparents to see the field and we got stuck in a hella rainstorm. So we checked the field out…

So gangster

…and then headed to our hotel….the Lake View Motel. Such a cool place. Our cottage is right on the lake. On account of we are awesome.

Cool if i stay here forever? Kthx.

And then Nickie, the boys and I checked out a fee spots on the Cooperstown Beverage Trail.

We hit the Cooperstown Distillery where I tried a few whiskey and bourbons. Including a white whiskey, which kind of has some tequila notes in addition to a whiskey finish. Cool.

Hi. Is this heaven?

Then we went to Pail Shop Vineyards for a wine tasting. Nickie and I tried some whites and reds and ended up walking away with a growler of sangria. GROWLLLL.

My wife is the prettiest.

And finally we hit Fly Creek Cider Mill got some cider tasting. And of course we bought some cider. And cheese. And doughnuts. And apple pie. We have a spending money problem.


After the beverage trail we came back and Nonnie and Papa had set the whole room up for a baseball night. Peanuts. Popcorn. Cracker Jacks. And we cooked up some burgers and dogs. Which were yummy. On account of meat.

And now? Well now I have my pajamas on, whiskey in hand and we have the Red Sox playing in the laptop. Man, if everyday is like this, I may die from fun on this trip.

Onto Niagara Falls tomorrow….

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