Hey everyone!! So yeah Day 0. “Why Day 0?” one might ask. To which I would say, “I was just getting to that. Jeesh. Patience.”

So tonight was not really part of the plan. Tonight is supposed to be the night before the trip but now it’s like the first night OF the trip. I know right?

We just decided it might be good to hit the road tonight and get a jump on things so we can be in Cooperstown nice and early. It’s how we roll.

So full transparency, I worked a full day today. Sorry. But this liefstyle doesn’t pay for itself. You think ballin grows on trees or something?

But before I started work, we did pick up the rental car. And then we picked up another rental car. Long story short – the first car we got? Didn’t have headrests.

Let that one soak in for a minute.

So I ended up having to take our first rental car to another location to get a second, much better, rental car.

Oh. Im sorry im SUCH A BOSS.

So yeah then I worked until 5.  And that’s pretty much all I wanna say about that.

Then we hooked up the Bluetooth, DVD players and packed up the car, ready to hit the road.

“honey? Have you seen the kids anywhere??”

Then we hit the road. Well, sort of. We first wanted to start our trip at the Atlantic ocean. Which meant we we’re heading to the beach. Specifically, Revere Beach. The oldest public beach in the country dont’cha know?

And my mom came to see us off.

Its ok Myles. I wouldnt smile either if I was wearing that hat.

We got some ice cream…

The legends are true.

And spent some time on the beach, taking some time to dip our feet in the Atlantic. Which was cold obvs.

Wow. We ARE attractive.
Oh these shirts? Theyre only amazing
Rex Ryan would love this picture

Then we hit the road. Whoop whoop. Wait…well. I realized I forgot my running clothes at home. So we drove back home and picked those up. And it enabled us to give our girl Daisy another goodbye. We are gonna miss that girl.

Then we hit the road. Whoop whoop. See ya Malden.

We didn’t know how far we would get so we just hit the Pike and drive until we got hungry. On the way, we started playing the license plate game. Saw some good ones already. Arizona. Alabama. Tennessee. Nebraska.

License plate game y’all.
Famree time.

When we got hungry, we pulled into the Ludlow rest area and got some D’Angelos.

“I’m so hungry, I could eat a sandwich from a gas station.”

We still didn’t have a room booked but luckily the rest stop had a hotel coupon book. I mean, of course we cross referenced with online reviews but it was kind of fun picking our hotel from a coupon book. We found a room close by for 100 bucks at the Hampton Inn. And it’s rather nice. And they have free breakfast. And the free breakfast had waffles. And waffles make me happy.

Knope knows what’s up.

We checked in and are now just chilling. Like Bob Dylan.

Hon..we should get another room. There’s pooh in our bed.


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