Hrm, still working on that title. It’s a working title.

Well, we have finally come to it. It’s finally here. The time is nigh.

Get. Excited.


It’s time for our pre-trip reports.


Yup. I know. It’s time for me to tell you what we might do when we go on our trip in November.

Meh, fine. I guess it’s not THAT exciting. These posts are super self-serving in that they get us excited for our trip. For you, I suppose there will be some pretty pictures. So you got that going for you. Which is nice.

There are a lot of cool things we are doing on this upcoming trip. We are driving. We are flying. We are staying at six different hotels. We have Thanksgiving. We have a birthday. We have our Christmas kickoff. Rides. Shows. Food obviously. New stuff as well as the old tried-and-true.

Hm, wait. How are you not excited? The heck is wrong with you?

On with the trip…

The basics

So yeah, for the first time ever – we are driving to Walt Disney World! What?? But yeah, seriously. We are driving down and flying home. I won’t get into the reasons here. If you want to know what led to this crazytown decision, click here,

And while I won’t re-post the details, I will re-post the shirt. Because it’s awesome:

cropped tee

Also though, special treat. The backside of a t-shirt.


Because of the drive, this trip is now totaling a full 15 days! A two-week trip. We are leaving mid-November and will be there right up against the beginning of December. Pretty nuts.

And as I mentioned in that previous post, we are also NOT DOING THE DINING PLAN THIS TRIP.


Sorry. I am seriously ok with it. But yeah, new challenges abound.

OK, so let’s get on with the trip….

Oh, wait…One other thing.

I have decided to not live blog from this trip (which I usually have been doing with our Disney trips) and will instead do a day-by-day recap when we get back, as I did with my Turks and Caicos posts. I think it’s beneficial for both you and me. For me, I get to actually go to bed at a decent time on vacation. For you, I get to actually put a little more thought behind each post.

I do SO put thought behind posts. Whatever, you guys.

This will honestly be hard for me to do. I am going to do my best to take notes so I can remember everything as Disney is pretty fast-paced.

If, however, you wanna follow along somewhat feel free to follow me on Instagram as I will be posting pics and vids on there from the trip,

My Insta-name is wgoody76. Maybe I will even learn how to do stories by then. One can dream.

We go nuts for donuts. Obvs.

OK, NOW onto the trip…

I am thinking I will post the first couple days here since the first day isn’t all that exciting. I mean, it’s the first day so it IS exciting. But I just don’t see the rest of you getting all jazzed up if I just wrote FIRST DAY OF VACATION over and over again like some sort of sugared-up Jack Torrance.


I will most likely do the same thing with Days 3 and 4 as they are a good deal of driving and what not until we get to Disney.

The Goody 2018 Christmas Vacation: Day 1 – Heading to CT

Day 1 will be more like a half-day honestly. I am going to most likely be working from home and the kids will be in school. So most likely, Day 1 will start sometime mid-to-late afternoon. Well, sort of. At some point in the day, I will have to pick up the rental car and get it loaded up for the big trip. And our house/Lilo sitter will most likely be showing up to go over plans for the coming couple weeks. Most likely.

But once work and school are all done and our house/Lilo sitter, Amanda, is all set we will be on our way. It will be tough saying goodbye to Lilo, I’m sure, as this will be the longest we have been away without her but she does love Amanda. And we will bring her back some goodies, I’m sure. But look at this face.

Aw Lilo.

I bet once you scroll down to the next paragraph, YOU’LL miss her. Imagine how we are gonna feel.

Anyways, we will hit the road that afternoon and have a pretty short drive ahead of us. The point of leaving on this day is to get a bit of a head start on our Day 2 drive. We aren’t really seeing much, but we will have some good quality time in the car. Myles has already made us a playlist and I am going to have some Disney-related podcasts on deck for the drive.

We have a 5 1/2-hour total drive from Boston to our home for the night at the Hilton Garden Inn Mount Holly/Westampton in Westampton, NJ. According to TripAdvisor, it’s the #1 hotel in Westampton. Out of 6. So. But yeah, it looks like a good clean place to rest for the night and it does have a pool if we want to take a quick swim. But for realsies, we will be probably rolling in at around 11PM so we will probably just head to our room. And watch the Hallmark Channel. Obvs.


Also, the spreadsheet says we will have dinner on the way. So, I mean. Fingers crossed for D’Angelo’s. It was our first night meal on our first road trip so I mean. D’Angelo’s.


So. Much. NOMZ.

And I mean, that’ll be it for Day 1. Imagine if that was the end of the blog post? Pfft.

The Goody 2018 Christmas Vacation: Day 2 – Heading to Virginia Beach

We will be waking up probably around 6ish on Day 2 as we have a 5 ½ hour drive again and want to have some time in Virginia Beach. Plus, there is a Cracker Barrel like right across the street from the hotel and getting in there shortly after opening will guarantee us some hashbrown casserole.


Now, we will mainly be driving straight through with minimal stops so the “road-trippin” will mainly be looking out the window and playing the license plate game. And moments of pure rage.

But on the way to Virginia Beach, we will be driving over the infamous Chesepeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel, which is a 23 mile bridge-tunnel crossing the Nile River. Drr…I mean, the Chesepeake Bay. This thing is gonna be nuts. I sort of have a bridge thing and this is the kind of bridge where people pay other people to drive them over. So. Demons are being faced, y’all.

It’s pretty AND terrifying. It’s pretty terrifying.

If that schedule stays true, we should roll into Virginia Beach early afternoon to check into our room at The Hilton Garden Inn Oceanfront. I know. Hilton Garden Inns are to 2018 what Hampton Inns were to 2017. On account of we stayed at a few Hampton Inns on our 2017 road trip. Oh forget it. I mean, if you have to explain a joke….

But, this place is like right on the ocean and every room has an ocean view balcony. And I have confirmed reports that if it’s cold out, the pool will be heated to 90 degrees. Which seems both unhealthy and relaxing. I think after we check in, we may take a swim and then hit the boardwalk to walk around and explore Virginia Beach.

Not sure where we are having dinner, but this looks promising – The Beach Cinema Alehouse. I love beaches, cinema, AND ale. So. I mean. Or maybe we will eat at the on-site restaurant, Lager Heads, which looks to have beer and burgers. Which, by chance, I also enjoy.

And then, sleep. Another long drive on Day 3 is coming up. Get excited!


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