Total miles driven – 1147

So kind of an epic day today. We crossed the 1000 mile mark, ended what I kind of saw as the first leg of the trip AND got to see some Goody’s!!

But eh I’m getting ahead of myself.

We woke up at about 6:30, showered, packed up the car and took advantage of the free breakfast of course. On account of free. And breakfast.

Oh did I mention it’s HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA? cuz it is.

We had a four hour drive from Michigan to Chicago. On the way we passed through Indiana as well. So that was a state we did not expect to add to our list. Coolness.

We reached Chicago at around noon and drove right to my brother’s house. We wuz excited fo sho’ to see my brother Scott, my sister-in-law Carrie and my nieces Gwen and Matilda.

Oh the kewtness.

We got a house tour (such a nice place) and then headed to lunch at Summer House down the street.

Super good lunch. I mean. Drinks.

That one on the right is called a Ricky Bobby. Shake and bake.

Ok we had some food too…

So good.

But the best part was the company.

Say cheese. Burger.
Oh, brother.

After lunch, Scott and I took the kids to the zoo while Nickie took care of some laundry back at the house with Carrie. I don’t know who made out better in that deal. It was rather hot out there.

But I mean. Animals.

Noooo. I mean yes they are all animals too. But I more meant the furry kind.

Noooo. That’s Gertie. And while Gertie is awesome, I meant zoo animals.

“Hey monkey. Want a peanut?”
Whats black and white and red all over? A newspaper. I realize this has nothing to do with this picture but a zebra with a sunburn never made sense to me.


So…where ya from?


Then after the zoo, we headed back to their place, grabbed the car and checked in to our room at the downtown. And we had this situation. 

Yep, a rooftop pool. So Scott, Carrie and the girls came over for a swim. And of course cocktails. Because of course.

And the Chicago Goodys also brought some crackers, cheese and other good stuff. They also bought the boys some Chicago t-shirts and road snacks. Because they’re awesome. Thanks guys!

As we started noticing it was nearly 8:00, we figured we should find somewhere to eat. We walked down the street to the Riverwalk area…

But everywhere was either booked or almost closing so we called it and headed back to the hotel. But the boys are now waiting for some room service. So I mean. That’s exciting.

All in all, a really nice day in Chicago. Thanks so much to the Chicago Goodys for everything. It was so great seeing them and I’m so glad we could make them a part of this trip. Aw, family.  

And yes. Of course I know it’s the fourth but we decided to forego the crowds and watch the fireworks on TV in our room. No YOURE lame.

Happy fourth of July everyone!

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