So Day 14…


Sorry. What I am trying to say is today…


Deep breath. Today is the final full day of the trip.


Yeah. But have no fear. We have a really awesome day planned for our last day. And since Day 15 is our takeoff day, I am also gonna hit on that whole process as well. So suck it up and let’s get on with it.


Also, I mean this isn’t actually the last day. We haven’t even left for the trip yet. So I still have 15 days of vacation ahead of me. And please be aware – when I write the actual trip posts, I plan on using crying Disney gifs as well.

See? We all have something to look forward to.

And I mean, as of when this post is published, we have like 3 days until we leave. 3. DAYS.


And for those interested, this is what 3 days before driving to Disney looks like in our living room.

Lilo ain’t havin it

Day 14 – It’s been real, Illuminations

Even though we do have a breakfast planned for Day 14, I still feel like I might wake up early to go grab coffees and hot chocolates with our refillable mugs. With the trip winding down, I feel like I will be holding onto all the Disney traditions I can.

But yes, we do have breakfast planned. We have a 7:30 reservation at Ale & Compass at the Yacht Club. This is cool for many reasons. For one, it’s like right next door. So I don’t have to wait too long. For the face-stuffing. And secondly, this breakfast is a Candlelight Processional dining package. More on the Candlelight Processional later, but this package gets us a meal and reserved seating at the Processional.  Which is cool because I like feeling special.

Also, this place is a brand-new place for us to try! We ate here on Thanksgiving a few years ago when it was Captain’s Grill, but since the changeover to Ale & Compass, we haven’t been there. And this place? You get an entrée AND a buffet. I don’t go much in for trends. But if this whole buffet + entrée thing is a new trend, consider me on board.

The buffet has some of my favorite words. Like artisanal cheese. And charcuterie. And gravy.

I always get disappointed when I someone asks me if I want free buffet tickets and it turns out they were for Jimmy Buffett

For an entrée, who knows? I mean blueberry bacon pancakes sound like some sort of dream I once had. But that eggs benedict with pork loin sounds pretty much like what I come back as if I was reincarnated as a breakfast dish.

And. AND. They have a Bloody Mary with a lobster claw. Which sounds pretty much like what I would come back if I was reincarnated as a breakfast cocktail.

Either you become the victim of a gruesome murder OR you get a delicious vodka-based breakfast cocktail? Worth the risk.

After breakfast, it’s off to EPCOT. We have two killer FastPasses early for Living With the Land and The Seas With Nemo and Friends. And I mean we don’t wanna lose out on those ones. It’s gonna be so sweet walking past all those people in line looking to learn about rutabagas or whatever. That is obviously dripping with sarcasm as neither of these rides will have anyone in line at this time of the day. Also at any time of the day.

But we have to use those at this point because we have a Tier 1 FastPass for Frozen Ever After at 11:40 AM.

So much living their best life here. I really don’t even know who to look at.

And after we hit Arendelle, the plan is to walk around World Showcase to check out some pavilions and once again hit some of the goings-on at the Festival of the Holidays. Being that it’s our last day, we will be looking to try some snacks on our list.  Like maybe that pastrami on rye at L’Chaim!

I tear up every time I look at this picture.

At some point in the early afternoon, we will leave the park and walk back to the Beach Club for our last bit of pool time at Stormalong Bay. Though with everything I will have eaten over the past two weeks, I feel like I will be in “t-shirt at the pool” mode. Good times.

We will find our way back to EPCOT probably around 4:00 as we have the Candlelight Processional at 5PM. While we do have our reserved seating from our package, it’s still a good idea to get in line as we want to have a good seat even within the reserved section.

OK, so the Candlelight Processional. LOVE this thing. It’s a full massed choir, orchestra, and celebrity narrator telling the Christmas story, accompanied by a bunch of Christmas songs. It’s full-on Christmas. And it’s such a perfect way to end our trip, as we come back in full Christmas swing. Our celebrity narrator was just announced – Robby Benson. He was the voice of the Beast in Beauty and the Beast, so I assume he will do a great job. But I mean…we just missed Joh n Stamos. Frakkin Uncle Jessie.

You think it looks beautiful now? Try it after a couple Tipsy Ducks in Love.

And after the Processional, we have a 6PM dinner at Chefs de France, which is one of my favorite restaurants in all of Walt Disney World. Due in large part to this –

“You would think that in a fancy restaurant at these prices you could keep the snails off the food!”

How are snails so delicious? I love the escargot here so very much.

For my entrée, I am thinking the steak frites . I mean, because steak frites.

I am envisioning a super long meal here. We always have insanely long meals here. And that is not a complaint.

After dinner, we will stroll out into the World Showcase, maybe grab a Grand Marnier slushie, and find a spot for our last Illuminations. Not just of the trip. But probably ever. Which is insanely sad, since this is my favorite nighttime show at WDW.

Pour out a little liquor for my Illuminations.


And then it’s time for the final walk back to the Beach Club. Womp. But I imagine it will be a walk where I will have at least one moment where I look around and look back on the amazing experience we just had and feel incredibly #blessed.

And my kids will probably be crying. So.

Day 15 – It’s been real, Walt Disney World

Not a whole heck of a lot to talk about on Day 15. We will wake up, get our stuff together, and then head out for a quick breakfast at the Boardwalk Bakery. I am sure we will hit some shops or something, but we won’t have a ton of time.

We have an 11:15 AM flight out of MCO so we will jump on the Magical Express rather early and head out. Probably better that way than have an entire day to sort of just stew in the tragedy of the end of a Disney vacation.

Yup. This will be the facial expression du jour.

Last days aren’t fun. But we know how lucky we are to be able to have this kind of vacation in the first place. And that will console us. That, and the fact that we have our big California Road Trip to plan, including a visit to Disneyland. Having another vacation on the horizon always helps.

Some final notes

Thanks for reading. Like I said before, I won’t be doing daily posts from Walt Disney World and will instead do a day-by-day recap once I get back. I really wanna try and be present for this trip. Live blogging was fun, but it had me writing a lot while in the World and had me up late a bunch of nights. So I am gonna give this a shot.

However, I will be posting to my Instagram (Insta-name: wgoody76) so feel free to follow me on there (it is on the front page of the blog as well.)


I guess that’s it for now. Talk to you when I get back!





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