So I know with all these blog posts detailing a trip yet to happen, we are all kind of living in the pew-pew-pew future. But before I continue with Day 13, I’d like to note that at this point, as of posting this, I can say we are going to Walt Disney World NEXT WEEK.


I apologize to both my place of employment for the decrease in both quality and frequency of the whole “me working” thing over the next week or so. Disneybrain and all.

But yeah, exciting stuff. You know what else is exciting? Day 13. We have a bunch of fun stuff planned and more time with the Florida Goodys!


Yeah, the excitement levels are palpable.

Let’s go….

Day 13 –Goodys + Goodys + Magic Kingdom = AMAZEPANTZ

The spreadsheet says we are waking up at 6AM on Day 13. And while that may seem early, no one argues with the spreadsheet.

NO ONE.gif

After a quick shower, brush of the teeth, and likely brush with Grumpy Owen we are off to the bus stop to catch a 7AMish (ha, it really wanted to autocorrect to Amish there) bus to…



Yep, the Magic Kingdom! And while it’s not the last day of the trip yet, this will be our last day at the Magic Kingdom. Which is legit sadtown. But we plan on making the most of it. Like, for sure.

I think we will be meeting up with Jeff and Shannon (did I mention, EXCLAMATION POINTS?) before breakfast as we have an 8AM reservation at The Crystal Palace. Which is exciting for a few reasons. We have always liked those 8AM in-park breakfast reservations. The Magic Kingdom opens at 9AM on Day 13 so it is nice to get in a little early. It used to mean a lot more when the rope drop ceremony was out front of the park. Now that rope drop has moved in front of the castle, there is less of an advantage to being so far up Main St. But, it’s still nice to have a relatively empty Main St. when heading to breakfast. Makes for some nice pictures.

Like this one…

MAIN ST 1.jpg

Or I guess this one?

MAIN ST 2.jpg

We do also really like the food here. As you may have gathered, we aren’t doing a ton of table service breakfasts on this trip but we couldn’t pass up The Crystal Palace. I feel like this may be the only restaurant we have eaten at during every single Disney trip. We can’t end our streak now. But yeah, the food. Served buffet-style, they have the standards – eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, Mickey waffles – and they have some unique offerings as well such as breakfast lasagna and Pooh’s stuffed French Toast. Which is sort of the awesomest. They also have an omelet station.


Oh, and they have self-serve soft-serve ice cream. For breakfast. Yeah,  I am 100% serious.

And of course, we get to eat with Winnie-the-Pooh and friends.



After breakfast, it’s INTO THE PARK. Now, touringplans has the park crowd level at a 3 on Day 13 so it should be relatively low crowds in the morning for sure. We have some FastPasses but are hoping to hit much more, especially because we will be with Jeff and Shannon. So I don’t know, before our FastPasses kick in, maybeee we can jump on something like Space Mountain? Or the Mine Train? Who knows.

Our first FastPass though continues in the poo theme by….wait, sorry…the Pooh theme by having us trek over to Fantasyland to take a ride in a hunny pot on The Many Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh.  I doubt we will need a FastPass but it’s nice to know we have a guaranteed trip to the 100 Acre Wood.

I don’t have any pictures from previous rides, but instead here is a picture of Owen. At Walt Disney World.

Covered in Pooh.


We then have a 10AM FastPass for Enchanted Tales With Belle, which is  an attraction I have no business liking as much as I do. But I do love it. From the way the mirror extends  to the audience participation to Lumiere to obviously Belle on account of she is the best princess.

Me? Yeah, I am  a man in my 40’s. Your point being?


Like I said, park will be pretty dead so I see us maybe spending some more time in Fantasyland, hitting some attractions and I don’t know…probably eating. Like maybe getting one of these?


Yup, Tink’s Pixie Dusted Cone. The whole lime Dole Whip thing currently taking over Fantasyland? I am on board.

It’s time.

For lime.

And after eating a lime soft serve, what better activity is there than PLUMMETING TO YOUR DEATH. Yup, we have a FastPass for Splash Mountain. Well, most of us do. Nickie actually has a FastPass to meet Mickey Mouse. On account of she is not the biggest fan of Splash Mountain. And by “not the biggest fan,” I mean she once rode it and asked multiple times to be let off during the ride and scarred our children for life.

So yeah, she’s just gonna meet Mickey. 🙂

But around noon or so, the plan as of right now is to take a break. Maybe head back to the pool, grab some lunch at Hurricane Hanna’s but with this being our last day at the Magic Kingdom AND our last day with Jeff and Shannon, who really knows what’s going to happen? The only thing I DO know is that it will be magical. And probably delicious. But not magically delicious. Because that’s trademarked.


What’s not magical is that at some point during all this, we will have to already say goodbye to Jeff and Shannon. And that will be Sucktown, Population: Me. Womp to the domp. It will be a bummer, but I am sure we would have made some great memories with them. And had a magically delicio…uh, I mean a really fun…time.

Then, it’s back to just the four of us. Well the five of us. Me, Nickie, Myles, Owen, and….THE BEAST. Because we have dinner reservations at Be Our Guest, which is super exciting as this will be our first time eating there since they went all prix fixe on us. And while I don’t exactly know what prix fixe means (I could be wrong, but I believe it was an old wooden ship used during the Civil War era), I am excited nonetheless. Because fancy foodz, y’all.


And I am not sure what I am gonna eat here. I mean, for an app one would assume I ALWAYS go escargot. But (spoiler alert) I am having escargot literally the next night. Do I go way outside the box and go with the charred octopus? Or do I play It safe with the French Onion Soup. I have heard mixed reviews on the octopus so I think I am gonna probably end up with the French Onion Soup, but we shall see.

And for an entrée? I am probably between the filet and the pork tenderloin. On account of whenever anything says “pork belly” I start immediately salivating. Which I understand is gross. But I want to be completely open on this blog. I want you to know the real me. Pork makes me drool.

The good news is that I don’t have to make any sort of decision when it comes to dessert. Everyone gets this dessert trio thing  – an almond macaron, chocolate truffle, and the white chocolate “Chip” cup filled with the grey stuff.  I know that link I posted has the older desserts (a raspberry macaron and a chocolate dipped cherry) but it still has the Chip cup. And I must say, the new desserts are much better – truffles ALL DAY and an almond macaron>raspberry macaron. On account of I don’t understand the fascination with raspberry as a flavor in desserts. Blech.

But this Chip.


He’s so cute. I can’t wait to eat him.

I think even the paper on the dessert plate is edible. This dessert trio is like Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory without all the child abuse.

And AND we meet the Beast. Which Disney has successfully turned into an event. It’s funny because we used to meet the Beast in France at EPCOT. Then, Disney made it all uber-exclusive to meet him only at Be Our Guest. And I’m all, “well, what if I don’t wanna eat at Be Our Guest?”

And Beast is all…


But I am caught up in the hype so I fully expect to be excited to meet him and eat pork belly.


After dinner, I think the plan is to just sort of head back to the hotel for some rest as we get ready for our last full day at the parks. Bah. That’s no fun to think about. I am going back to pork bellies.

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