Welcome to another installment in our pre-trip report for our upcoming November 2020 trip to Walt Disney World.

And yes. We are still going.

And this post covers Day 9. In which we leave Walt Disney World.

But also….a day in which we go to a place we have never been before. So that’s kind of exciting, no?

Right. So…on with the post.

Day 9 – Leaving Walt Disney World, heading to Hilton Head, SC

On Day 9, the four of us will wake up to our last morning in Disney in our room at The Villas at Disney’s Grand Floridian. But don’t be sad, little buckaroo. There is still some vacation to be had.

So turn that frown upside-down.

Buck up, little camper.

Every cloud has a silver lining.

Whatever doesn’t kill us makes…

Right, ok.

So we will wake up. Most likely around 6ish or so. I doubt I will get a run in since it’s a departure day. With all the car packing and what not. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

After we get up, get ready, get the car packed, and head out I think the plan is to go for breakfast….

Wait for it…


Yup. The plan, based on a recommendation from our friends The Hills…

Ugh. You.

…but yes, based on our friends The Hills (who we hope may be able to join us!), we are heading to Briarpatch for breakfast.

And you guys? You guys. This menu. Pecan Brioche Stick Bun. Fried Green Tomatoes. Nutella Waffle. Breakfast Torta. Short Rib Benedict. Avocado Tssdsfgsagh;lk

Oh, sorry. I drooled a little.

But yeah. Based on how I feel RIGHT NOW, I am thinking the Short Rib Benedict.

But I mean, that’s right now. I am in a short rib mood right now. Also, I am always in a short rib mood. Like, this is often how a chance meeting goes with me:

Person: “Hi Wayne, been a while. How have you been?”

Me: “Eh, short rib.”

Person: “Um, well….how’s your day going?”

Me: “Short rib.”

Person: “Right. What’s up for today?”


Person: “Now, I know why I stopped hanging out with you.”

Yeah. I’m not popular.

And I know those who know where Walt Disney World and Briarpatch are may be wondering why we would make the trek over to Winter Park for breakfast. Well, because…

We are going to college!

We are heading to yet another potential college option for Myles – Rollins College!

Myles is really interested in Rollins because it offers a high-class education and multiple opportunities for enriching…


Pfft, he’s just interested in this college because it’s close to Walt Disney World. Well, also because it’s SUPER picturesque. Look at this place.

Rollins College. Aerial Photo overlooking Lake Virginia. Photo: Scott Cook.

We heard about Rollins first when we were vacationing on the Cape and the girl working the restaurant at our hotel noticed Nickie’s Disney-themed pocketbook. She said she was a Disney fan and that she was actually lucky enough to go to this college right near Walt Disney World.

And then she told us about Rollins.

OK fine. I guess that wasn’t like the best story told or anything. But it was still better than Atlas Shrugged.

So, we have a 9AM tour of Rollins and, I don’t know. I am kind of looking forward to it. It looks like a beautiful campus and would be a really nice way to walk off what I anticipate will be an incredible amount of breakfast in my belly. I hit breakfast HARD, y’all.

After our tour, it’s time to hit the road once again. On Day 9, we have a nearly 5 hour drive to our next destination. And with us leaving Rollins at maybe 10-10:30ish, we will most likely be grabbing lunch on the way.

I think if we drive for like 2 hours or so, we may end up in St. Augustine, Florida. Which is weirdly a place I have never visited. Odd, right? I mean, it seems like a nice place to visit.

Oh, whoops. Sorry. That’s St. Augustine, the Saint. St. Augustine was from Germany. He really enjoyed eating and once found a golden ticket in a chocolate bar. His dad ate a microphone and Augustine got stuck in a tube full of chocolate.

Oh wait. That’s Augustus Gloop from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Wait. So where was I? Oh right, St. Augustine the town.

So pretty. And why yes, they DO have food. I kind of like the look of this place for lunch – The Conch House.

It (A) is located right on the water…

…and (B) has Fresh Catch fish tacos.

So it’s like a win-win.

For me.

So more like a Wayne-Wayne.

After lunch, I know we will be anxious to get to our ultimate destination but it will be hard to resist checking out at least a little of St. Augustine. I mean, it looks like a lot of fun to walk around. I dunno though. We will have to make an in-the-moment decision based on our moods.

At some point, though, we will have to head out because we have still another 3 hour or so drive ahead of us to get to our home for the day – Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort!!

We are SOOOOO excited to finally get to experience Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort. Even before our awesome stay at Disney’s Vero Beach Resort, we have always wanted to check this place out.

Once we get to the resort, we will check in and then probably hit the pool right away.

Or maybe the beach.

Or maybe the pool AT THE BEACH.

A pool at the beach is like one of the most unnecessarily luxurious feeling things in the world. It makes you feel in some way that you have outsmarted the beach. Like, “look at me, you beach. I can get wet and take advantage of your sun and view without having to get sand in my butt.”

Mankind: 1. Nature: 0.

But honestly, I have no idea where the day will take us on Day 9. It’s probably gonna be a whole lot of relaxing. But maybe a game or two of basketball with the kids or if they are still doing any resort activities, maybe we can play some poolside Bingo or make some friendship bracelets. But relaxing in the sun also sounds pretty good.

Dinner is kind of up in the air as well. There are a ton of restaurants within walking distance of the resort. And I know – it’s like we should obviously go out for seafood but there is a French restaurant (Bistro 17) and a Mexican place (San Miguel’s) that both look pretty great – offering walkable distances, waterfront dining, and what looks to be pretty stellar food.

I guess it will just come down to escargot vs. chimichangas. Fight!

It’s sort of embarrassing how long it took me to make this.

After dinner, we will walk back to the resort and, I don’t know. Maybe there will be some nighttime activities going on. Or maybe we will hit the pool. Or maybe we will rent a DVD from the shop and hang in the room. Literally, ALL of those things sound awesome.

So yeah, that’s Day 9. Stay tuned for what should be the last post of this pre-trip series. Which is sad. But….it will cover two days. So….that’s less sad?

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